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Defiant Martial God


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Updates:Chapter 69: A Bad Premonition

The ancient continent of Wu is a place where cultivation is law and the strong reign supreme. Thousands fall to their knees when the strong appear, and rivers of blood flow when they’re angered. A peak expert known as Xie Di fell and was reborn in a young man beaten into idiocy. He lost all of his memories and his cultivation was crippled, causing him to be d...
《Defiant Martial God》 Text
Chapter 1: The Crippled Father and Son
Chapter 2: Recovering His Memories
Chapter 3: Restoring his Crippled Meridians
Chapter 4: Invitation to the Martial Exam
Chapter 4: The Powerful “Cripple”
Chapter 6: The Master”s Forced Apology to Qin Yu
Chapter 7: Weapon Refining
Chapter 8: The Refinement of the Blood Saber.
Chapter 9:Ten Thousand Beast Mountain
Chapter 10: The Fight in the Valley
Chapter 11: Face Slapping
Chapter 12: Ruthless Attack Aimed to Kill
Chapter 13: The Showdown Between Geniuses
Chapter 14: Conquer the World Through Men
Chapter 15: A Surefire Method to Kill Qin Yu
Chapter 16:The Young Lady’s Malicious Scheme
Chapter 17: The Ruthless Father and Daughter
Chapter 18: Sinking into a Hopeless Situation
Chapter 19: Blood Shadow’s Elusion
Chapter 20: The Forbidden Area of the Yin Demon
Chapter 21: The Murderous Terracotta Soliders
Chapter 22: Swallowing the Spirit of the Yin Demon
Chapter 23: The Princess Suddenly Reveals her Identity
Chapter 24: Winning Over Qin Yu
Chapter 25: Mu Rongyue’s Disappearance.
Chapter 26: Falling Down into the Abyss
Chapter 27: Underground
Chapter 28: The Ji Family’s Pursuers
Chapter 29: Encircled.
Chapter 30: The Monstrous Madam
Chapter 31: The Most Poisonous Woman
Chapter 32: A Sword Vanishing the Skies
Chapter 33: Ye Siyu
Chapter 34- I’ll fall into becoming a demon and kill everyone.
Chapter 35: Exploitation
Chapter 36: The Immortal Realm Cultivator’s Inheritance
Chapter 37: Fighting Lu Wubao.
Chapter 38: The Commencement of the Martial Arts Competition
Chapter 39: Qin Yu was the murderer
Chapter 40: Geniuses coming forth in great numbers
Chapter 41
Chapter 42: Generous bounty for killing Qin Yu
Chapter 43: The Hunters’ Plot
Chapter 44: Hunter, Die.
Chapter 45: Not Leaving A Single Survivor
Chapter 46: Defiant Martial God
Chapter 47: Killing three in one battle
Chapter 48: Hunting and Retribution
Chapter 49: Slu
Chapter 50: Unending Chain of Attacks
Chapter 51: Punishing Qin Fang
Chapter 52: Trying to be smart, only to be foolish
Chapter 53: The Demon Kills All
Chapter 54; Double Breakthrough
Chapter 55: Buried Alive
Chapter 56: Crazy Massacre
Chapter 57: Fighting For Tokens
Chapter 58: Blood Shadow Definite Kill
Chapter 59: Who Killed the Gatekeeper?
Chapter 60: The Price of Underestimating your Opponents.
Chapter 61: Blood Demon Descends
Chapter 62: Qin Yu’s Madness
Chapter 63: The Blood Demon’s Frantic Pursui
Chapter 64: The Blood Demon Dies.
Chapter 65: When Souls Figh
Chapter 66: Killing the Demonic Spiri
Chapter 67: Betrayal
Chapter 68: The Power of a Spirit Weapon
Chapter 69: A Bad Premonition