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The group didn't waste much time going back to the city and to where Xavious was staying.



"Who is it?"

Xavious asked while walking to the door, he wasn't really expecting a response so asking was just a subconscious response since he was already at the door.


When he opened the door and saw Azreal's and the other two his face instantly sunk, even more so when they pushed past him and came into the room.

"We need you to help us with something"

Xavious observed all there faces before saying anything, what could they want? If they really needed something with these markings on his chest couldn't they just force him? Why come and pretend to be nice? Could it be that there were some restrictions?


He asked in a voice that made it sound like he was talking to the scum of the earth.

"We'd like your help getting back the sword you stole, we tracked down Mr. Narley and he agreed to give us the sword if we got something back for him that was stolen, you're going to help us get it back"

As Nala spoke it surprised Xavious because he expected some anger to be in her voice but there wasn't any so it disappointed him, but on the other hand his confidence in his previous thoughts was boosted since she was asking.

"Why should I help you do anything? According to your rules if I had a key I could just take the sword"

Xavious' voice was completely smug.

"Where is your key? Because we got a key from Azreal while you sold the sword, and according to the story he told us it was his key"

Nala spoke with a smile that wasn't really a smile, her response surprised him but so what?

Azreal who was standing to the side could already see where this conversation was going and he wasn't up for it.

"Just because we came here and asked doesn't mean I can't force you, Nala just has a problem with forced labor"

When Xavious heard that it felt like a bucket of ice cold water was thrown on his head, he could even subconsciously feel the runes on his chest starting to burn slightly.

"What do you want?" He asked through gritted gum.

"Cannon folder"

Azreal spoke as he walked out of the room, Nala didn't look all too happy with how things played out.

"Come along now"

Azreal's teasing voice came from down the hallway, Xavious started digging his nails into his palm so hard that they'd started bleeding.

Moving stiffly he picked up his glaive and locked his door, meeting Azreal and the others downstairs.

"Where are we going?"

"Just keep up"

Azreal's response caused Xavious want to risk it all and just rip him apart right then and there but the markings on his chest and that stomp he got in the ally made him think twice.

Keeping his cool Xavious followed them but after about two hours of running through the forest his face began to change, the direction they were going in just started to feel familiar.

Taking a deep breath he pushed the thought aside, but once again after another hour, they started taking some out of the way paths.

'Why the fuck are these idiots going there?! Do they think I'm going to fucking die with them?!!'

Subconsciously he began slowing down, just when he wanted to speak up and say something Azreal's words cut him off.

"Keep up cannon folder"

When Xavious heard that his mood instantly turned sour.

'Fine! I'll let the three of you fuckers die! Let's see how well this shit on my chest works when you're fucking dead!'

Despite his inner thoughts Xavious did as he was told and sped up, for the rest of the journey he didn't try to speak or even fall behind, in fact, the entire time he gave off a dark vibe but because of the runes in his chest, Azreal paid him no mind.

Almost an hour later they stop, quite a distance ahead was a huge clearing with a small village.

"This should still work with the plan"

Nala spoke while looking at Azreal and the Wolf.

'What fucking plan?...'

Unfortunately for Xavious, he was about to find out.

"Alright folder go up and do your job"

Azreal patted him on the back, slightly pushing him forward.

'Do these fuckers intend to use me as a distraction?!?...'

The few times Azreal called him cannon folder he just thought he meant it in a belittling way not for him to literally go up there and die!

Seeing him being so reluctant Azreal went in front of him and smiled while patting his should.

"Don't worry all you need to do is go up there and distract all if not most of them, then once you do that we'll sneak into that little center hunt where they're supposed to keep all their loot steal what we came for then leave, easy peasy"

While patting his should Azreal spoke like he was talking to a friend that was afraid to try something new.

Xavious looked at Azreal like an idiot.

"Are you fucking stupid?! Do you know who's hideout this is??! Those are the black spiders! What kinda bandits do you know that would keep their loot in such an obvious place if they didn't have the power to defend it?!"

As he spoke through gritted gum, making him sound like a typical snake, he looked at Azreal from head to toes.

"Tsk, you think you're strong?! There are at least four spiders that can take you on at a time there, fuck you all I'd rather die here than be skinned alive there!"

Contrary to his belief Azreal didn't say anything he just looked over at Nala who gritted her teeth and furrowed her brows.

"Looks like you were right"

Azreal spoke with a smile on his face.

From the very beginning Nala thought it was strange that Damian didn't just send people to retrieve what he'd lost, or higher outsiders if he was afraid his people would get recognized, it could only mean it involved a risk he didn't want to take or he was in the process of getting ready but based on how quickly he gave them the mission it was unlikely.

"That only makes things more annoying"