Darkside Of Danger
2 Darkest Night Shade
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Darkside Of Danger
Author :Morpheus
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2 Darkest Night Shade

@@"Congratulations your Majesty! You have a strong healthy son"! The midwife handed the baby boy to king Dimond. As soon as the baby was safely in his hands. Dimond turned around and walked up to his wife Emerald, who lay on the bed. As Dimond walked a dagger came hurtling towards him. Dimond turned unhurried and with a swipe of his gloved hand caught the dagger. Swiftly Dimond threw the dagger straight into the head of the assassin. Splitting her head into four pieces. " Ahhh". " I can't believe I missed that. Almost slipped my mind that she was an assassin soldier hahaha". Samantha wispered " it's starting already Dimond". "I know my love. Trust me that I'll do my absolute best to protect my family. Come love let's go to the place we prepared for this day". Domain pulled his wife off the bed and placed her gently on his left arm. He was also holding his son on his right arm. " Now everyone comfy"? " Oh yes as comfortable as we'll ever get". Samantha said sarcastically "Hahaha" Dimond laughed as he ran towards the innermost chambers of the Royal birthing Temple. After Dimond left forty minutes later "sir numbers forty to three have been eliminated". " I hand to credit Dimond for this slap in my face! Low animals that I trained can't even do a simple job"! " Hahaha your species couldn't even kill a pod warrior of ours. What makes you think your so called Elite Zun could kill the king"? A deep voice of an aristocrat was heard. Red the second born and older brother to Dimond walked out of the shadows. " I don't see you helping you out! Instead you're hiding from your younger brother Ahahha"! " Gidhdh"! " My brother is the most dangerous man in the universe. He could kill me before the time it takes a filthy creature like you to blink". Dropping the filth creature who was gasping for air, Red facial expression went back to being calm. " I will be waiting for the good news Wyandotte". Red just stepped into a shadow and like magic disappeared.



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