Darkside Of Danger
1 Prologue
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Darkside Of Danger
Author :Morpheus
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1 Prologue

"Go go go go go! He's coming for his highness"! " Pop pop pop " Aaaaah"! Crawling up towards his throne king Gail Bloodgood gasped. " Ahahha Wyman so g....o....o....d to see you. What brings you to my neck of the woods"? ". ........Stalling won't help you Bloodgood. None of your special super immortal guards will save you. I've dealt with all of them except one hahaha"! Bloodgood started shaking with fright. He thought "That's impossible my guardsmen are all prodigies of the highest standards. How can one man get rid of them all without me even noticing"! " What are you going to do to me? I've treated you so kindly like you were my own son"! " You know exactly what you did Bloodgood. Point number one: you killed my parents. Point number two: you tried to conquer the Knif'etha systems. No matter how much you tried it was unsuccessful. Your price was the enormous count in body bags for your people. Time to die Bloodgood and don't worry your whole family is waiting for you in the shade.
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