Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 115: Eliminating the Gold Core Cultivator
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 115: Eliminating the Gold Core Cultivator

Translator: Flying Lines

To Mingxiao Master’s surprise, the sword energy condensed from his spiritual power was chopped by the giant sword in an instant. If he hadn’t taken out a defense magic weapon in time, he would have been hurt by the giant sword.

“High-stage Dantian Treasure.” As he roared, his body was smacked into the black gas by the giant sword like a ball.

A lot of blood gushed out of Shiao Chen’s mouth in an instant. Soon afterwards, his breath became weak, but he had a cold, heartless expression, and his desire to fight rose. This desire for victory made him seem to be full of infinite power again.

‘Today, I will destroy this gold core cultivator.’

“Son of a bitch, I’m going to kill you.”

The roar of Mingxiao Master came from the black gas. He was beaten back by Shiao Chen, which gave him endless anger and shame. ‘As a gold core cultivator, I am beaten so badly by a younger cultivator who have never built a foundation. If this matter is spread out, I will be ridiculed and my reputation will be ruined.’

When Mingxiao Master roared, he was like a raging lion. Under the influence of strong intention to kill, he actually congealed out pieces of ice without ground, floating around him.

He rushed out of the black gas, and before he could breathe a breath of air, Shiao Chen applied the spiritual sword to drive him back into the black gas again.

“Damn you.” This time, Mingxiao Master had already made preparations to counterattack Shiao Chen. At the moment of Shiao Chen’s attack, he inspired his defense magic weapon. After that, he was ready to use his spiritual power to rush out the black gas.

“Go back.” Shiao Chen showed a calm and indifferent expression. After he roared in a low voice, the volume of the high-stage gold core was enlarged again, reaching twelve meters in length, and its formidable force was better than before.


After a loud sound, Shiao Chen hummed, and the blood gushed out of his nostrils and mouth. His face turned pale, and there was a muffled sound coming from his body. The blue gown he was wearing was instantly soaked with blood. Although the formidable force of the high-stage gold core was great, the spiritual stage of Shiao Chen was far from that of Mingxiao Master. Therefore, the spiritual power rebounded back was enough to make Shiao Chen seriously injured instantly.

“Shiao Chen, I will kill you.”

Mingxiao Master suddenly had a little panic, and his body was thrown back out of control, and was smashed into the black gas again.

The black gas produced after the explosion of Beasty Poison Pill was extremely strange. Although he held his breath, the black air was clinging to his external spiritual shield, and madly penetrated into it. A short while ago, he inhaled a little black gas again without noticing, and then the spiritual power output in his body became more sluggish, which finally gave him a sense of panic.

At that moment, under the influence of Beasty Poison Pill, he could only give play to about 40% of the skills of his initial gold core cultivation.

If he continued to inhale the black gas, the consequences would be disastrous.

‘I need to get out of this black gas quickly, or the consequences will be disastrous.’ There was a flash of madness in the eyes of Mingxiao Master. As a gold core cultivator, his power of understanding must be extremely high. As a result, he had a solution in an instant.

He took the defense magic weapon in his hand, and he seemed reluctant to sacrifice it. So he hesitated for a moment and then threw it out of the black gas.

“Liuyan Shield, explode!”

As soon as the shield broke away from the black air, a violent force fluctuation suddenly broke out in the air. Soon afterwards, the shield exploded with a loud crash.

The formidable force generated by the self explosion of this magic weapon was enough to easily kill any cultivator in the gold core period and below. Shiao Chen’s pupil shrunk violently, and then he poured his spiritual power into Dantian Treasure without hesitation. Subsequently, the force fluctuation threw him out for a long distance.



After a loud sound, the violent force fluctuation even spread out hundreds of miles away. In the east, more than 200 miles away from here, a thin old man in the air with a young girl behind him was hurrying on with their journey. But all of a sudden, the old man raised his head in an instant, and his eyes were full of horror. He took hold of the girl, and before the girl could make any response, he ran away madly to the distance with the girl.

At the same time, he felt very afraid and murmured, “The two gold core cultivators tries their best to defeat each other in the daytime. The level of cultivation in Beihua State has always been extremely low. Why are the gold core cultivators so common now?”

As he cursed, he quickly fled to the distance.




Shiao Chen’s body was thrown up instantly, and several blood swords appeared on his body. The breath in his body dropped to a low point in an instant, as if he would dissipate completely in the next moment.

On the edge of black gas, the face of Mingxiao Master became pale. There was also a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth. The magic weapon connected with his mind and spirit was forced to explode, and his divine sense was also greatly injured.

“You’re proud to be able to hurt me so badly, son of a bitch.” There was a sense of cruelty in Mingxiao Master’s eyes, and he laughed coldly, “Now I decide not to kill you. I will take your soul out and seal it in the treasure. I will burn you day and night with Dantian fire, so that you will live in pain forever.”

The hatred of Mingxiao Master broke out in an instant. Looking at the seriously injured Shiao Chen, he raised his hand and hit Shiao Chen’s head, and was ready to take out Shiao Chen’s spirit directly.

At the moment of Mingxiao Master’s hitting, Shiao Chen, who was full of despair, flashed a light in his eyes. Then Shiao Chen clenched his fist and hit the Mingxiao Master’s chest hard. At the same time, a sharp Gengjin sword energy burst out of the ring in his hand. The Mingxiao Master had a somewhat mocking expression, ‘Since I dare to come and hit you, I’m naturally fully prepared.’

“Humph! You still want to hurt me. Go to hell.” Mingxiao suddenly changed his moves and threw a magic weapon having the shape of a real square to Shiao Chen.

According to the speed of both sides, Shiao Chen’s head would be smashed into pieces before his fist hit Mingxiao Master. Mingxiao Master sneered and seemed to have seen Shiao Chen almost swooning with fright.


Mingxiao Master’s eyes became a little dull. He looked incredulously at the inch-sized hole in his chest. He spat out a lot of blood foam from his mouth, and the energy in his eyes quickly dissipated.

At that moment, Shiao Chen’s pitch-black shield slowly broke. At the same time, the jade pendant on his waist also turned into powder.

At that time, a slightly illusory shadow about a foot long floated out of the head of Mingxiao Master, which was Mingxiao Master’s soul. The soul looked at Shiao Chen in a panic, screamed bitterly and fled to the distance.

There was a flash of cold light in Shiao Chen’s eyes, ‘I tried my best and sacrificed all my treasures to kill this master. I’m not going to give him any chance of rebirth.’ He patted the storage bag on his waist, and a black light flashed by, directly shooting at Mingxiao Master’s soul.

“Devour his soul!”

Shiao Chen continued to recite the pithy formula, then the body of the black light appeared, which was the Asura Skeleton obtained in the seal land. As the pithy formula was read out, the Asura Skeleton, which was only a few inches in size, became the size of an adult in a moment. Its speed was extremely fast, and in an instant it caught up with Mingxiao Master’s soul. Its bone palms glowed with layers of black light, and firmly grasped the soul.

The black light seemed to have great harm to the soul. Therefore, Mingxiao Master’s soul kept wailing, and his breath was rapidly withering. After a command flashed in Shiao Chen’s heart, Asura Skeleton came back to him in an instant.
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