Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 114: A Slim Chance of Survival
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 114: A Slim Chance of Survival

Translator: Flying Lines
On the disk, though his eyebrows were drawn together and his face looked grave, his eyes remained calm, as if they were a pitch-dark pool below an abyss, serene, cold and without ripples. Faced with a matter of life and death, Shiao Chen turned out to be quite calm. While he got the disk to dash forward like crazy to buy himself some time, his brain also started to operate quickly.

“That old fart is a Gold Core Cultivator. He could move way faster than this, but he is going after me at a moderate pace. Clearly he’s playing a game of cat and mouse with me. And he intends to subject me to all kinds of sufferings before he kills me, but what he overlooks here is that by doing so, he’s given me a slim chance of survival!”

In Shiao Chen’s eyes, a sharp flash came and went, but he sounded panicked. He begged, “Mingxiao Master, that day I accidentally injured Senior Brother Mingxiao and I’ve been feeling bad about it ever since. Late at night when I recall it, I toss and turn. Given that I’m already so regretful, please just show me some mercy!”

Hearing that, Mingxiao Master felt quite pleased, but he just sneered. This was far from enough. He’d make Shiao Chen suffer, and then he’d crush him into ashes and extract and melt his soul. Only by doing all these would he have his catharsis.

“You brat, you should’ve seen this coming when you destroyed my great-grandson’s Dantian. Haha, but don’t you worry. I won’t let you die a quick death. I’ll capture you and torture you for forty-nine days until your soul are separated from your body for good!”

“Mingxiao, you old fart, if you kill me today, Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist won’t let you get away with it. Just wait and see. They’ll surely avenge me by killing you!” Shiao Chen shrieked, but he sounded even more panicked, as if he were faking courage in a hysterical way.

“Humph, what if they find it out? It’s not like that my Flaming Sect is afraid of Luoyun Valley.” Hearing what he said, Mingxiao Master’s complexion changed a bit, and then he sneered, “Qingyun Taoist and I are evenly matched. If we fight against each other, the one who will benefit the most will be Xuanqing. Qingyun is too shrewd to do such a foolish thing. So even if I kill you today, Luoyun Valley won’t make a fuss about it. Instead they’ll just let the matter drop quietly.”

“Nonsense!” Shiao Chen’s spoke in fury, which pleased Mingxiao Master even more. The more Shiao Chen was suffering now, the happier he felt.

After a while, the distance between them was shortened to only dozens of meters. Shiao Chen kept actuating his spiritual power. The green light on the disk radiated but the distance wasn’t lengthened at all.

“Ah, go to hell! Go to hell!” Shiao Chen just had a meltdown, with his voice filled with insanity. The green light suddenly stopped and numerous high-level talismans kept flying out and smashing against his back.




For a while the booming sound was deafening. Shiao Chen had cast out over 100 talismans in a row before he slowly stopped. A moment later, when the effects of the disorderly incantations gradually died away, Mingxiao Master strolled out with sneers written all over his face, “I’m afraid that, with a small trick like this, you won’t be able to do me any harm.”

Shiao Chen froze and pretty soon his eyes were filled with fear. He immediately cast several spells.


With this shout, a bright spot suddenly flashed by. Looking serious, Mingxiao Master patted his forehead with his hand and a magic weapon appeared. This item was square and earthy yellow. With spiritual power poured into it, it enlarged rapidly. Within seconds, its size was multiplied thousands of hundreds of times. And now it looked like a small hill.


As Mingxiao Master waved his sleeve abruptly, that square weapon started to circle and emit layers of yellow light as it was thrown out with great force.


It seemed that it was smashed against thin air, but that giant square magic weapon shook violently and then a large boom was heard.

The complexion on Mingxiao Master’s face changed. He waved his hand and that square weapon shrunk fast and fell upon his hand. On one side, there was a hole of the size of an embroidery needle which was three centimeters deep. This magic weapon was quite precious. Pity could be seen in Mingxiao Master’s eyes before he put it into his pouch.

The flying needle that Shiao Chen cast out was shaking violently. Its illusory shape burst like a bubble before it vanished completely.

Shiao Chen also felt sorry for his loss, but soon enough he was filled with fear again. The green light on the disk glared as he went on escaping.

“What a strong Diantian treasure! It caused heavy damage to my Sky Covering Seal by just giving play to part of its magic power. Magic weapons from ancient cultivators are indeed impressive.” Shocked, Mingxiao Master watched Shiao Chen fleeing. And cruelty was shown on his lips, “Now that your Diantian treasure was destroyed, let’s end this game already!”

Having said that, his intense murderous intent that had been hidden at the bottom of his heart started to show itself completely. Just like an invisible sharp blade, it threw the surrounding space into chaos in a flash. Within hundreds of meters above his head, the air became turbulent.

“Ah, I don’t wanna die! I don’t wanna die!” Shiao Chen roared in panic. Dozens of high-level of talismans were thrown out from the green light.

“Humph! You little bastard, it seems that you’re at your wits’ end. I might as well stop toying with you!” Mingxiao Master sneered and neglected the talismans heading towards his way. With his light shield flashing, he charged forward!

Just then, Shiao Chen’s green light, which had been dashing away like crazy, suddenly stopped. Right now nothing but cold-heartedness was there in his eyes and all the panic was gone.


As he growled, a pitch-black pill, which was of the size of a thumb and which was hidden among the talismans, exploded suddenly. Strong and dense black gas was given out and it dispersed like mad. Within seconds, it spread over hundreds of meters, but what was weird was that it didn’t continue to spread farther.

“Damn it, the black gas is poisonous!” Mingxiao Master’s sounded shocked and angry. He just inhaled a little black gas, but even if he was holding his breath, he felt that the circulation of the spiritual power within his body was obstructed. And his head hurt like it were pricked by pins.

“What is it? It’s so strong!” Frightened, Mingxiao Master suppressed the pain. As his light shield flashed, he dashed like crazy, intending to run away from the black gas.

“You brat, how evil you are! Wait when I get out, I’ll make you beg for your death!” He swore relentlessly and silently. Suddenly it became bright, but even before his feeling of joy sunk in, he saw Shiao Chen stretching out his hand and slashing ruthlessly at him as he shouted, “Get back there!”

A small sword enlarged rapidly into a giant one and was wielded towards Mingxiao Master.

“You little bastard, even if I’m poisoned, in no way are you a match against me. Go to hell!” As he roared, Mingxiao Master waved his hand forcibly and several swords formed by his spiritual power darted crazily in Shiao Chen’s direction.
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