Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 110: Kill Them All
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 110: Kill Them All

Translator: Flying Lines
“No! I can do this!” Just one more minute and the Blood Shield would be finished, and he would be very certain that he could escape from today’s trap unless there was a Gold Core cultivator. However, seeing that two fingers falling, Cheng Sanjin turned really pale as his eyes were filled with despair.


As the two fingers fell down, the blood mist was broken by them immediately so did Cheng Sanjin’s body, following by a shower of blood.

“Hmm?” Shiao Chen frowned a little bit and landed on the ground with his light shield. He held a piece of strange-shaped iron in his hands and put it right into his pocket, looking complicated.

“Shiao Chen’s cultivation is so profound that he could easily kill any cultivator in the early stage of Foundation Establishment with just one strike. But this is definitely not his ace shot, and probably my life would be under threat if I try to compete with him.” Master Sun looked really nervous as he stared at the man in the blue shirt with respect and fear, saying secretly, “I think I should just try to be friends with Shiao Chen instead of his enemy. He is definitely not a random person and he will become someone in the future!”

“Luckily there was no bad feelings between us and so far it seems to be the most correct decision I have ever made in my life.” Seeing Cheng Sanjin got killed immediately, Senior Brother Ma felt both grateful and fearful at the same time, “I need to keep a good relationship with the Shiao Family since I am here with them. And it would be really helpful for me if he could promote me in the future.”

The two cultivators from Luoyun Valley were busying figuring out the situation, while those disciples in the Qi Refining stage were all shocked when seeing this.

“This man must be a Foundation Establishment cultivator! And since he could escape from the two masters, his cultivation cannot be too inferior. Yet he was torn apart by only one strike of Master Shiao!”

“Master Shiao has reached such profound cultivation at such a young age. He will definitely make incredible achievements in the future. Our master told me before I came here that I have to keep a good relationship with Master Shiao, so that I will have unexpected rewards in the future. He was absolutely true about it!”

“Master Shiao Chen is such a genius. He will definitely become the leader in the cultivation world of our Beihua State in the next century!”

Shiao Lin sat on the flying sword of a disciple from Luoyun Valley with his legs crossed. Staring at the man in the blue shirt, he had a complicated feeling and couldn’t help sighing a little bit.

“The leading one shall stay and all the others please leave right now. From now on, the Wu Family shall leave forever from Shiao City, or you will be killed no matter what!” Shiao Chen came at a low pace. Although his voice was calm, his eyes were filled with killing intentions which were cold enough to freeze those from the Wu Family.

Hearing that, those people from the Wu Family looked at each other and then started to run away all of a sudden, leaving Wu Sansheng alone standing there with fear.

“Please let me go, master, please. I am such a fool and I didn’t mean to do all of this. As long as you let me go, I promise I will never go back to Shiao City ever again!”

Shiao Chen was not moved at all as he looked at Wu Sansheng with his cold eyes and formed several fireballs in the air with a wave of hand. He then threw the fireballs at the man begging him. The man’s eyes were filled with fear and then he turned into ashes.

Since this man could be admitted as a nominal disciple of the Goldwater Sect, he must have a spiritual root in his body. If he didn’t remove it today, he could be a threat to the Shiao Family in the future, so Shiao Chen had to prevent that from happening.

As Shiao Chen had killed Wu Sansheng brutally, the entire Shiao Family felt really shocked and they looked at them with respect and fear.

“Masters, please tell me the real power of that Goldwater Sect.” Shiao Chen asked coldly with his slightly blinking eyes.

Hearing that, Master Sun was stunned a bit as he knew Shiao Chen was thinking about killing them all when he saw his calm but gloomy face. He couldn’t help but feel so respectful to him.

Master Ma hesitated for a moment as if he did not act quickly enough, he could have let Cheng Sanjin escaped from the encirclement. Although this man had already been killed, he still felt guilty about that. Hearing that, he said slowly, “The Goldwater Sect is not that powerful, but their master, the Goldwater Taoist has quite good cultivation and he has reached the complete-stage of Foundation Establishment already. There is another master who reached the middle-stage Foundation Establishment, plus some disciples of Qi Refining stage. So in total slightly more than 100 members including those lay disciples.”

Shiao Chen squinted his eyes as some cold lights were shining inside. As long as there was no Gold Core cultivator, today would be the day that Goldwater Sect got wiped out from the cultivation world of the Beihua State. Shiao Chen had already made up his mind to set an example to warn everyone and show the entire cultivation world his attitude. And that meant if someone tried to hurt Shiao Family, he would kill the entire family of that one.

“Please calm down, Master Shiao. The Goldwater Taoist has reached the Fake Core stage, I’m afraid we can’t compete with him at all. Please don’t hurry and let me report this to our sect master, then we can wait for the sect to send us some cultivators.” Master Sun hesitated a bit and persuaded.

“Never mind, I will deal with the Goldwater Taoist. Masters, please kill that master of Goldwater Sect who’s reached the middle-stage Foundation Establishment as soon as possible, and no need to worry about the other disciples.”

Shiao Chen waved his hand abruptly to show his determination. Today the Shiao Family and the Goldwater Sect had become dead enemies. So if any piece of information leaked out to them, they would easily escape with all of their sect members, and that would be a huge threat to the Shiao Family. That’s why he had to kill the entire Goldwater Sect today!

“He is dealing with the Goldwater Taoist. Does it mean that the cultivation of this kid is strong enough to kill a Fake Core cultivator easily?” Master Sun and Master Ma looked at each other as they knew both were shocked by him. After thinking for a while, the two nodded because they had realized it was just like a piece of cake for Shiao Chen to destroy the entire Goldwater Sect today with his cultivation.

“Let’s go!” Shiao Chen yelled in a low voice and rushed to the sky in his light shield. Master Sun and Master Ma followed him closely, and they were followed by ten direct disciples from Luoyun Valley aside from Shiao Lin. They disappeared from people’s eyes just in a short moment.

Although it was just a short period of time, ever since they had met Shiao Chen, all the members of Shiao Family felt really dizzy as if they were in a dream.

“So Shiao Chen could easily kill a master of Goldwater Sect?”

“According to these masters, it seems that Shiao Chen has become the master of Luoyun Valley!”

“Killing the entire Goldwater Sect? Well... since when does Shiao Chen become so powerful that he could decide the life and death of a sect?”

Shiao Wenting looked confused yet quite excited as he had a strong feeling that it was time for the Shiao Family to rise!

“Shiao Lin, come here quickly! Tell me what has happened during the past year. We want to hear the whole story.”

The mountain where the Goldwater Sect located was more than three thousand miles away from Shiao City. There was a small branch of the spiritual vines, and that was where the Goldwater Sect located.

Goldwater Taoist frowned and sat on the cushion with his legs crossed, and he couldn’t figure out why he felt so anxious that he couldn’t stay calm for a long while.

“Maybe I have been really hurried in refining lately, that my heart is unstable now?” Goldwater Taoist tried to calm down and finally came into refining status after a long while.
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