Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 109: Double Fingers Devourer
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 109: Double Fingers Devourer

Translator: Flying Lines
“A thousand years’ protection for Shiao family! How does Shiao Chen make Luoyun Valley value him so much? No! I have to escape for my life.” With what they two said, Cheng Sanjin’s face turned pale. If he knew earlier that Luoyun Valley had promised a thousand years’ protection to Shiao family, he absolutely dare not come here to behave so recklessly. He regretted that he had indulged himself in pleasure at the Wu’s with the door closed these days that he knew nothing about it. But it was too late to regret now. Looking at the murderous look in the eyes of them three, Cheng Sanjin just wanted to escape from here, change his name to live as a nobody, and never return to Goldwater Sect. Otherwise, with the power and influence of Luoyun Valley, a sect with two Gold Core cultivators, Goldwater Sect would absolutely hand him over to soothe their anger.

“No one gets in my way!” Running for his life wholeheartedly now, Cheng Sanjin felt that his inner power was churning violently like boiling water. Now his eyes were red, and with a strange black iron on the top of his head, and a glistering spiritual weapon in his hand, which was at least top grade at the first glance, he escaped crazily far ahead, with a flash of light.

“Stop there!” With a cold look in the eyes, Elder Sun patted his forehead and offered a spirit weapon nourished by his mind and soul quickly. The weapon was shaped like a harpoon, which was green all over. When it was brandished, the fishy smell revealed that it was obviously a highly toxic treasure. Now he put his magic power into it and threw it forward gently. The harpoon suddenly turned into a mass of green and fell to Cheng Sanjin’s head.

Cheng Sanjin’s eyes were full of fear, but in the depth of which there was a kind of madness. When the harpoon hit him, his eyes flashed with harshness and cruelty. Unexpectedly, he patted his forehead and instantly, the spirit weapon came out, which went to meet the harpoon after magic power was injected into it.

When the distance between the two was less than a few meters, suddenly, Cheng Sanjin shouted, “Explode!”

Hearing that, Elder Sun suddenly turned sullen, and instantly, the power of middle stage Foundation Establishment was released. The harpoon was slightly slowing down, and on which layers of green lights appeared, enveloping it all around. At this moment, the weapon threw out by Cheng Sanjin suddenly burst out a violent magic power, and then with the sound of explosion, it instantly broke apart.

The harpoon was quite close to the center of the blast. Although the green shield was highly defensive, it shattered into pieces after a moment of defense, by the attack of the Foundation Establishment cultivator’s self-destruction of the spiritual weapon. The harpoon, struck by the aftermath of the self-destruction, shuddered all over. With green light on it flashing now and then, it was evident that it had been destroyed seriously.

Elder Sun turned pale instantly. He stretched his hand to catch the harpoon, and threw an eye on it, immediately, he could not help but felt heartache. The harpoon was so powerful that it was counted to be a top-grade spiritual weapon. In particular, having been nourished for these years, it was extremely psychic. Moreover, it was also highly poisonous, which made him able to hold out for a while even if he was fighting with the cultivators in the later period of Foundation Establishment.

But at the moment the harpoon was badly damaged, and it would be hard to recover without months of nourishment.

The self-destruction forced Elder Sun’s harpoon away, but Cheng Sanjin also suffered a lot. When the spirit weapon broke apart, his face turned pale instantly, and at the same time, spurts of blood were spitted from his mouth, and his breath also was weakened rapidly. But now, he had even stronger imposing manner. His bloodshot eyes were glinting, which seemed that he would fight to death with the others.

Elder Ma saw that Elder Sun’s spirit weapon had been damaged, and that Cheng Sanjin was so crazy in order to escape, he could not help but become irresolute. Stared by Cheng Sanjin, who was murderous now, he behaved slightly hesitant. It provided a chance for Cheng Sanjin to flee away from his side, running wildly towards the sky.

“I’ve made it! I’ve made it!” Cheng Sanjin could not help but feel so ecstatic that he even wanted to laugh crazily, “I have learned the occult technique of blood shield, and though it causes great loss to my energy every time I use it, that’s nothing compared with my life!”

“Shiao family in Shiao town, you’re on my list. Wait for me, and I’ll come back one day to kill all of you!” With a vicious roar, Cheng Sanjin felt more comfortable, and when he was about to display the occult technique of blood shield, he raised his head and saw a juvenile’s black eyes in front of him, which were as bright as stars, and as cold as water.

“You want to extinguish the Shiao family? But we’ll see if you’re lucky to survive today!”

“Index Finger Devourer! Middle Finger Devourer! Double Fingers Fusion! Double Fingers Devourer! Devour him!”

Shiao Chen was stern in his eyes. Since Cheng Sanjin had already had the idea of destroying Shiao family, he would never let Cheng get away. So he fought with the Double Fingers Devourer that had never been used, without a second thought!

One Finger Devourer was from the first round of All-embracing Palm Attacks, in which there were five levels --One Finger Devourer, Double Fingers Devourer, Three Fingers Kill, Four Fingers Inferno and Fiver Fingers Extirpation!

Each extra finger doubled the cost of magic power, and the power also soared. With Shiao Chen’s present cultivation of the sixteenth level of Qi Refining, which was comparable to the Middle-stage of Foundation Establishment, he could use Three Fingers Kill at best. After that, his magic power and divine sense would instantly run out, but the strength of his power would be not far from, even if not as good as, that of a Gold Core cultivator!

According to Shiao Chen, if he could use Fiver Fingers Extirpation, the attack would be powerful enough to match that of the cultivators in the Middle-stage of Gold Core!

With Shiao Chen’s current practice, Double Fingers Devourer, which was enough to match the power of a cultivator in Fake Core, would consume 40% of his magic power.

Forefinger and middle finger were put together like a sword, which fell instantly at Cheng Sanjin.

Shiao Chen’s face turned a little pale, and two glittering and translucent fingers instantly condensed out from his magic power, shooting from the fingertips. Although separated, at the root, two fingers were linked by a faint white line. A violent suction burst forth from between the two fingers, and suffering from which, reiki of the world, churning like boiling water, rushed wildly into the between. As the reiki poured in, the two fingers grew clearer and firmer, on which even tiny fingerprints appeared, like human fingers. With the appearance of fingerprints, the breath of the fingers grew stronger and stronger. On the way of their rumbling ahead, the power was extremely terrible.

“What magic power is this? It was so powerful!” With fear filled in his eyes, Cheng Sanjin screamed, hit in the chest with his clenched fists, and immediately spitted several mouthfuls of essence blood. The essence blood did not drift away after leaving him, instead, it sent out bursts of weird light of blood, floating in front of his body. After that, Cheng Sanjin grew weaker in his feeble breath.

“All-embracing Blood Shield!” Cheng let out a low cry, and in an instant, he made a number of spells, with the direction of which, in a “poof”, that cloud of essence blood turned into a mist of blood, whose diameter was about ten feet. It wrapped him in from the head to toes, and from which came a dazzling light of blood.

But at this moment, those two fingers had already fallen beyond the mist of blood.
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