Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 108: Never Let It Go
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 108: Never Let It Go

Translator: Flying Lines
Seeing that his father was alright, Shiao Chen finally relieved for a bit. Yet he then saw many of the Shiao Family members panting, which meant they were all severely hurt, so he couldn’t help but feel more furious.

“Father, please don’t worry. I will take care of them!” As he was speaking, his eyes turned extremely cold and stared at Cheng Sanjin and those from Wu Family, saying, “Whoever picks up on our Shiao Family deserves to die!”

After that, a fiercely powerful spiritual power burst out of his body and struck Cheng Sanjin and the others overwhelmingly.

“Damn!” Feeling the imposing power coming out of Shiao Chen, Cheng Sanjin’s face suddenly turned pale as he looked obviously frightened, “Isn’t this stud just a nominal disciple who joined Luoyun Valley one year ago? How come his cultivation is so powerful now? He is almost as good as a cultivator in the middle stage of Foundation Establishment!”

“Run! He must be a really talented one if he can have such a good cultivation. And the Luoyun Valley must care so much about him, so probably he has got some magic weapons with him. We won’t be a match for him and we should just leave as soon as possible!” Cheng Sanjin came up with an idea after a short while of thinking.

“Don’t you dare to mess around with us, you brat! Take this magic weapon!” While he was speaking, this man threw out something and a golden light burst out of his hands all of a sudden which was too powerful to look at directly. It went directly to Shiao Chen after a short twirling in the air.

Shiao Chen frowned a bit and took out a shield-shaped spirit tool from his pocket. As the spiritual power went into it, the shield suddenly became a foot big and protected him behind. It was still unknown what was inside that golden light, but according to its power, it was almost like a strike from a cultivator in middle-stage Foundation Establishment, so Shiao Chen didn’t want to underestimate it.

However, right at the moment when the Wu Family was about to cheer for the great power of their master, a layer of shield light showed up around Cheng Sanjin, and he rushed out immediately and left the others confused.

“What?” When the golden light was still a few feet away from Shiao Chen, the gloss of it suddenly disappeared and showed up a talisman with special texture which started to burn right away.

“Illusion Talisman!” Shiao Chen realized it after thinking for a moment, yet during that moment Cheng Sanjin had already left the hall and running away crazily in his light shield.

Shiao Chen did nothing but sneer while looking at the direction of his escape.


As for those people from Shiao Family, it was really hard for them to believe what had just happened in front of them.

“Did... did Master Cheng just run away from here?” Shiao Wenting’s lips were slightly trembling as he looked at Shiao Chen will his eyes filled with shock.

“This dude has just run away from the fight, so I think it’s quite obvious that he knew exactly how incompetent he is to Shiao Chen. And he never thought Shiao Chen could surpass a sect master in cultivation within only one year!” Uncle Five of Shiao Family murmured as he looked at Shiao Chen’s father secretly and stepped back for a bit to stand behind them.

“It seems that Brother Shiao Chen has really experienced something for the past year in Luoyun Valley.” Those young members of Shiao Family looked at Shiao Chen with respect and fear, yet they also felt very close to him when recalling he once had said “Whoever picks up on our Shiao Family deserves to die!”

“Chen, now I know you have grown up a lot during the past year and it’s already beyond my expectation.” Noticing the cheers from the others, Shiao Chen’s father finally expressed his satisfaction, as it was really comforting him to have a son like this. However, right at that moment, his face suddenly changed as he yelled, “Wait, this man is the enemy of our Shiao Family now, Chen, you should go now and take him back. Otherwise he will hurt us secretly if he escapes from us, and then our family will be in danger.”

Hearing that, Shiao Wenting and the others were all shocked and looked really anxious as they realized how dangerous it could become.

Shiao Chen looked quite calm and looked at the edge of the sky, saying slightly, “Don’t worry too much, father. He will come back soon.”

Hearing that, everyone was very confused. Suddenly, three light shields showed up in the sky and they rushed towards them at a very fast speed with one leading the other two. While the light shields were still far away, they could already hear the panicked screaming of Cheng Sanjin, “There must be some misunderstandings between us! Please let me explain, my young friend! I will definitely compensate you a lot if you let me go!” As he was speaking, the light shield halted up in the air above the Shiao Family.

Cheng Sanjin was so regretful at that moment. That goddamned Wu Sansheng! He was barely trying to send him to death! They were not just two nominal disciples from Luoyun Valley. What kind of nominal disciple would have a cultivation of a middle-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator? What kind of nominal disciple would come home with so many masters around?

Shiao Chen still looked calm as he had already expected that. He had started the fight with Cheng Sanjin, and it could never have escaped from Master Ma and Master Sun’s sense. Cheng Sanjin would never have left when these two were at presence.

“If I did come back home today, you would have already killed our Shiao Family. How would you expect to keep your life with only one excuse of ‘misunderstanding’?”

Shiao Chen’s eyes turned extremely cold as he was scared as well. As a cultivator in the early stage of Foundation Establishment, if he didn’t show up in time, the entire Shiao Family would have been erased. Shiao Chen became extremely fierce when thinking of the dangerous situation his parents had been in. He didn’t want to let go any of these people today as he would never focus on his refining career if they never learn the lesson.

Hearing the aggressive answer of Shiao Chen, Cheng Sanjin’s eyes were filled with fear immediately and he yelled, “I am the third master of Goldwater Sect! I know you Luoyun Valley is more influential than us, but if you kill me here, our Goldwater Sect will not just let it go!”

Right at that moment, Master Ma and Master Sun withdrew their light shields and locked Cheng Sanjin firmly by standing in the front and back of him respectively.

Shiao Chen slightly frowned and asked them, “Master Ma, Master Sun, it has already been well-known in the whole cultivation world of Beihua State that our sect has promised to protect our entire Shiao Family. So if it was just about my humble family, we will just take this kind of insult, but isn’t he being offensive to Qingyun Taoist? Isn’t he despising our Luoyun Valley? Please make a decision on how to deal with this man, masters.”

Noticing that Shiao Chen’s words were quite unpleasant, the two masters were getting grumpy as well. Cheng Sanjin was so reckless that he tried to kill the entire Shiao Family right after Luoyun Valley had promised to protect them forever. If they failed to handle this properly, not only would Shiao Chen feel betrayed by the sect, but also the reputation of entire Luoyun Valley would be damaged a lot! Thinking of those, the two of them looked at Cheng Sanjin with their freezingly cold eyes and shouted together, “Undermining the eternal protection of our sect, you are now the enemy of our Luoyun Valley. Die!” After that shouting, both of them sent out a strong spiritual power which then merged into one and struck overwhelmingly on Cheng Sanjin.
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