Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 106: Going Back to Shiao City
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 106: Going Back to Shiao City

Translator: Flying Lines
Looking at his back, Duan Huaming turned quite pale and spat with hatred, leaving in the opposite direction.

A short while after, only until he flew back to the herb garden and broke the restrictions around did he appear to be pleased. He opened his hand and saw a jade slip showing up.

“Midnight tonight, inside the yellow flower woods.” Reading it with his divine sense, he was suddenly poured with joy even though he only saw a few words.

“Shiao Chen, I will watch you die this time.” Duan Huaming crushed the jade slip slightly with his spiritual power. He looked really cold and the smile on his lips finally turned into a scary grin.

Meanwhile, a group of cultivators of Luoyun Valley was leaving as many disciples guarding the mountain were looking at them with respect and envy.

Shiao Chen felt a bit excited as he could wait no more to meet his parents that he had not seen for a year. If not because of the slow speed of those disciples in the Qi Refining stage, he would have gone faster toward Shiao City.

There were two men following him, one of them was Senior Brother Ma who appointed him to go to the abandoned herb garden in the Spirit Resources Loft. This man had already established his foundation and was serving as a sect master now. He was very nice to Shiao Chen and didn’t treat him badly even though he was just a nominal disciple. That was why Shiao Chen chose him to guard the Shiao Family only after a slight hesitation, as he was really good at handling every kind of situation. While the other one was an old man with a long beard who looked malnutritional and skinny. Yet he had already reached the top level of the middle-stage Foundation Establish and his spiritual power was indeed genuine.

Behind them were 11 disciples of Luoyun Valley in their Qi Refining stage, and Shiao Lin was among them. However, his cultivation was way too inferior, so even though they had already reported to Qingyun Taoist that Shiao Lin would go back home with Shiao Chen as an extra disciple, he still needed to go back to the sect with him in 10 days.

At that moment, Shiao Lin was quite anxious as he stared at the one in a blue robe ahead of him with mixed feelings.

“You are very lucky, Senior Brother Shiao Lin, that you have this special relationship with Master Shiao. You will definitely have a bright future.”

“Exactly. Now Master Shiao is so influential in our sect, and he also has an amazing talent in alchemy, so it must be really easy for him to get a Gold Core in the future. With his caring, it must be really hard for Senior Shiao Lin to stay low.”

“Since our Luoyun Valley is protecting them, the Shiao Family from Shiao City will definitely enjoy a prosperous and care-free future at least for the next 1000 years. And all of this is because of Master Shiao, so we are really jealous of you, Senior Brother Shiao Lin. You have such a great brother.”

“Please help us in the future, Senior Brother Shiao Lin. And it would be really grateful for us if you get the chance to praise us in front of him.”

Shiao Lin felt a bit dizzy because he used to be humiliated as a nominal disciple by the others, and now they were all trying so hard to please him and calling him “senior brother”. Somehow he felt he was getting closer to the man in the blue robe as he looked at him with his warmer eyes.

Except for Shiao Lin, the most inferior disciples in the group had reached the sixth level of Qi Refining stage, so there was no burden for them as they were way faster than Shiao Chen going back home before. Although Shiao City was about 5000 miles away from Luoyun Valley, they were almost there after 6 hours’ flying. However, the closer they got, the less embarrassed he felt, instead, Shiao Chen became more and more excited that he wished to move immediately like the legend and show up right in front of his parents.

“It’s been a year, are you doing all well at home?” Sighing secretly, Shiao Chen looked even more anxious as he didn’t want to wait.

Right at that moment, Senior Brother Ma behind him stepped out and smiled, “Master Shiao, it is totally understandable that you’re missing your family a lot. Since we are not very far from Shiao City, maybe you can go ahead of us and arrange our accommodation first. Or we might be a bit clumsy and make a fool of ourselves later.”

“That would be nice!” Shiao Chen looked really surprised and kept nodding, “Then please lead those disciples as I will leave now, masters.”

After that, Shiao Chen’s light shield blinked and his speed went all the way up. He then disappeared as a tiny light spot just in a blink.

“Wow, Master Shiao has been really modest. I’m afraid no one in the Foundation Establishment stage could match such a fast speed, except the Gold Core cultivators.” Senior Brother Ma was shocked and he said after a while with a bitter smile.

“This speed is really shocking.” That skinny old man nodded when he finally calmed down a little bit, saying, “But he is still a bit impatient that he failed to control himself, which was too inferior to us.”

“Did you forget that Master Shiao is still only in his 20s? He has just been admitted to our sect for one year.” Master Ma looked really sad as he said so while shaking his head slowly.

Hearing that, Master Sun was a bit shocked as he finally remembered that Shiao Chen had an unbelievably fast refining speed. So he threw out a bitter smile too as he was really impressed by him.

“I am back now, Shiao City!” A blue light halted above the Shiao City. After the light shield was gone, a handsome young man showed up and looked at the house of Shiao Family emotionally. Right at that moment, his face suddenly turned gloomy as a cold and deadly power burst out of his body. Then he rushed down immediately with his light shield.

In the grand hall of the Shiao Family, two groups of people were confronting each other. Members of the Shiao Family all looked very furious yet some traces of fear in their eyes were hard to hide.

“Wu Sansheng! How dare you Wu Family pick on us here! You will have to pay for this when Shiao Lin and Shiao Chen brothers come back!” Shiao Wenting was panting heavily as he looked really pale. Some blood was in the corner of his mouth which showed that he was deeply hurt.

Hearing that, a young man in his 20s who got a mole by his mouth smiled coldly.

“They’re just two nominal disciples. Although the Luoyun Valley is quite powerful, I bet they don’t care for the two nominal disciples. For your information, I have already been admitted by the Goldwater Sect as a direct disciple. And I will be on the career of infinite alchemy which is way more superior to the two studs from your Shiao Family. What a joke that you are trying to intimidate me with them!”

“What? You are admitted to an alchemy sect as a direct disciple?” Hearing that, Shiao Wenting was really shocked as he looked quite frightened by him.

Hearing that, Wu Sansheng smiled satisfactorily and presented an old man behind him with respect, sneering, “This is Master Cheng from our Goldwater Sect. So, if you behave well and give us the trade markets in the north and south areas, we would like to let you go and spare your lives. Otherwise, you guys will all be killed by Master Cheng within a blink.

That Master Cheng looked extremely ugly as he had a goat mustache and yellow teeth, plus his shifty eyes. Hearing that, he looked really satisfied and sent out a strong spiritual power which was almost at the early stage of Foundation Establishment, so he probably had just reached this stage.
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