Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 105: Everything Comes to Ligh
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 105: Everything Comes to Ligh

Translator: Flying Lines
“Chief Master, here’s the whole thing.” Being composed, Shiao Chen repeated what happened that day after a short consideration. As for the plot about Chu Kuang, he inadvertently omitted, which did not attract any attention.

“Nonsense! You’ve killed my grandson, and you can’t ruin his reputation here!” Although in his heart, Mo Li knew that Shiao Chen was telling the truth, he did not give the slightest concession in front of the public. “Besides, all this is only your side of the story, which must be made up by yourself. It can’t be true!”

Hearing that, Shiao Chen slightly knitted his eyebrows, and he took out an Image Stone, “There is record of what happened that day, in which, it is easy to know who is right.” After he finished speaking, he hit a stream of magic power in the stone.

With the infusion of magic power, the Image Stone suddenly gave out a burst of fluorescence. Then a screen of light was projected, on which was the scene of the day when Shiao was at the back of the mountain in Luoyun Valley and killed Mo Tiancheng. All the facts were included, from that Mo Tiancheng secretly harmed the fellow disciple and tried to hurt Shiao Chen, to that he was finally killed.

“Mo Li, do you have anything else to say at the moment?” Now Qingyun Taoist felt relieved. Looking at Mo Li unkindly, he said with indifference.

Mo Li looked pale. With a fine layer of sweat on his head, he argued irrationally, “It’s common in the earthly market that craftsmen can make the fake Image Stone, and it can’t prove anything with just a stone.”

Hearing that, Qingyun Taoist knitted his eyebrows again. Although Mo Li argued irrationally, there was a possibility that someone made a fake Image Stone. So he had to turn to ask Shiao Chen, “Elder Shiao Chen, do you have any other way to prove it? Or else you have to stay outside the sect until the matter is clear and then return home.”

A shade of gloom flashed across Shiao Chen’s face, for a moment, he kept silent. But at this point, a weak voice suddenly came from the disciples of Luoyun Valley present.

“Chief Master Immortal, I’m disciple Ling Qiaoer, I can testify that the fact is as what Uncle Master Shiao Chen said indeed.” A female disciple in emerald dress stepped out and knelt on the ground respectfully.

“Well, you mean you bore witness for Elder Shiao?” With a bit of pleasure flashing in Qingyun Taoist’s eyes, he waved and said, “Stand up first and tell the story from the beginning to the end. If you dare to lie, I won’t let you off!”

“Yes, I will tell the truth!” With her shoulders trembling slightly and being slightly reserved, She rose, paused for a little while, and told the story that when she participated in the Sect Fair, after which she was chased by someone who intended to kill her and saved by Shiao Chen. Although being not identical to the former plots, it was exactly consistent with what Shiao Chen said and the Image Stone demonstrated.

“I didn’t know that the person who saved me on that day was Uncle Master Shiao Chen until just now when I saw the Image Stone. I swear with the oath of Internal Demons that everything I said is true, if not, I will not make progress in my cultivation and my soul will fall into the samsara forever!”

“Ok, you back off.” With a chill coming over his face, Qingyun Taoist looked at Mo Li and scolded harshly, “You have a good grandson, and at first you requested me to spend no effort to find the murderer for you! He is such a scum that cruelly injured sect disciples and he deserved to be killed! You have not been strict with disciples in your sect, and today your actions are even more indiscriminate and outrageous. From today on, you will be deprived of the title of Elder and be grounded to have meditation for a year! You can’t step out your room without my permission!”

Hearing that, Mo Li was convulsed at the corners of his lips. Instantly, his imposing manner weakened, and the wrinkles on his old face seemed to grow denser for a moment.

“Chief Master, I obey your order!” He looked at Shiao Chen resentfully, and with a flash of the light shield, he went straight outside Lingxian Arena.

“Chief Master Immortal, thank you for giving me justice.” Shiao Chen saluted respectfully, when his eyes fell on Alchemy Taoist, being delighted.

“I don't say anything about what happened today just to avoid suspicion. After all, you are my disciple. If I step in, others will make carping comments on you. But as long as you have a clear conscience, I will give you justice at all costs.”

“I understand that Master was doing everything for the sake of me.” Hearing what Alchemy Taoist said, Shiao Chen responded respectfully.

Alchemy Taoist nodded,with more pleasant look on his face, and said, “I’m very gratified that you can understand the reason. You can choose the guardians and go home today. Chief Master Immortal and I still need to continue to find the methods, presumably it should also have some prospect of the solution when you return.”

“Bowing farewell to Chief Master Immortal! Bowing farewell to Master!”

“Bowing farewell to Chief Master Immortal! Bowing farewell to Grand master Alchemy Taoist!”

With the farewell paid by Shiao Chen and other disciples, they left and quickly disappeared out of the public’s sight with the light of flash.


“Don't be proud of yourself, damned little bastard. If I succeed in reaching Gold Core in the future, I will avenge my grandson’s death! Then you will be crushed to ashes!” When he went on the way, Mo Li was extremely gloomy, gnashing his teeth. He had secretly hated Shiao Chen to the bone, and would like to scale his skin, pull out the cramps and extracted and melted the soul of Shiao Chen, to make him unable to go into the cycle of death and rebirth forever!

At this moment, suddenly, a flash of light came from the rear, Mo Li stopped talking, ready to continue his way.

“Duan Huaming pay respects to Elder Mo Li.” At this moment, with that light disappearing, a figure was revealed, and saluted respectfully to the former.

Mo Li snorted coldly and turned slowly. With a sneer on his face, he said, “Then? I’m in such a difficult position, and are you, the junior, also here to laugh at me?”

When he was speaking, a violent surge of strong force broke out from him. At that moment, Duan Huaming turned pale, stepped back several meters and waved to explain, “Elder Mo Li, you misunderstand me. I have no such intention. You must have heard that I have also been at deep enmity with Shiao Chen, so I come here today to discuss with you about how to deal with this man!”

“Ah?” Hearing that, Mo Li calmed down slightly. Hesitating for a while, he still shook his head and said, “My grandson misbehaved in an attempt to harm the fellow disciple, even if he was not killed by Elder Shiao Chen, I will absolutely punish him in the cause of justice. At the moment, I have no complaint to Elder Shiao in my heart at all. So you'd better find someone else for scheming against him. I will leave now!” When he finished speaking, with a flash of light, he was ready to leave.

“Elder Mo Li, please think twice. I have embarrassed Shiao Chen for many times before, and if he gains power, I will certainly be suppressed by him in the future. That's why I come to consult with you and there’s no second thought in my heart!” Seeing him ready to leave, Duan Huaming immediately became flurried, and said urgently, “There’s an excellent opportunity at present, we only need to take a little means, without any effort, to make Shiao Chen die a tragic death. Elder Mo Li, please reconsider it.”

Hearing that, Mo Li looked angry and turned around, yelling at him harshly, “It is really abominable to collude with one another to scheme against fellow disciples in private! Even if I am culpable now, I will still give you a slight punishment!” While talking, he waved to hit a magic piece scouring, and flied far without looking back after Duan Huaming avoided it.
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