Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 104: Make Them All Frightened
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 104: Make Them All Frightened

Translator: Flying Lines
“Go to hell, you brat!” Mo Li smiled ferociously as it made him really excited that he could kill Shiao Chen by himself. “You and your master shall never shine brighter than me. Go to hell! Damn you!” Mo Li shouted fiercely inside himself. He didn’t even stop when all those masters were screaming. Instead, he kept inserting his spiritual power into it, so the black jade ruler had grown aggressively and then it fell down in the wuthering wind.

It was indeed hard to escape from Mo Li’s sudden attack if it had not been Shiao Chen at that moment. But Shiao Chen had always kept his eye on him, so every move of Mo Li was captured and that’s why he could move along at the moment when Mo Li attacked.


Shiao Chen sneered secretly and sent out a spell immediately.

He was really young. Although he was already a third-grade alchemy master with cultivation as good as a mid-level Foundation Establishment cultivator, those masters in Luoyun Valley still didn’t really respect him. So today was the perfect time to let them know how powerful he actually was.

All the people felt dizzy all of a sudden. As Shiao Chen was falling down, it seemed that he was accompanied by a small light that disappeared right away.


When all of others were quite confused about it, Mo Li looked really scared as he spat out a lot of blood. His face turned super pale and his breaths withered immediately. As for the black jade ruler he had been kept inside his body for a long time, it let out a sad scream and fell on the ground with some shivering. The light of it vanished immediately and then remained quiet as it was already totally destroyed.


Those masters looked really shocked when they came closer quickly and they couldn’t help but all hold their breath, looking at Shiao Chen with fear and respect. While there was a tiny hole appearing right in the middle of that black jade ruler as the body of this weapon was pierced through.

“Master Mo Li’s black jade ruler was refined with the thousand years old black jade hidden thousands of meters deep in the north sea as its basis, plus Geng gold, steel essence, and others, and it is extremely solid and hard. Although it is a top-level spirit tool, its hardness can compete with a low-level magic weapon. Yet it was destroyed just in a blink, I am afraid that Master Shiao has been hiding that he has a magic weapon with him.”

“The attack was absolutely terrible. If we were facing this kind of weapon, we would be killed for sure.”

“Having this kind of weapon with him, there will be no enemy for Master Shiao under the Gold Core cultivators.”

“Oh no. I didn’t know that this lad would have such a weapon with him. If he kill me now by accident, the sect will never accuse him given that the power and talent he has shown them.” Mo Li changed his mind immediately and he looked really nervous and helpless right now. “I have no other choice right now but to bring the Sect Master and Alchemy Taoist here, or I will die for sure!”

Mo Li was definitely a decisive person, so he took out a jade slip without hesitation and crushed it completely with a tiny light flashing through his hand.

At the next moment, all the others felt a strike on the back as there were two strings of aggressive spiritual power soaring up at a lightning speed toward this place.

Shiao Chen looked slightly surprised and sneered a bit. He then gave up the idea of killing Mo Li after a short hesitation. After all, Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist had already noticed this, and if he insisted on killing this man, they would definitely be unhappy even if they wouldn’t really do anything.

Both of them showed up in the air above the Immortal-welcoming Arena right away. Their breaths were rolling around them like the wild sea tides which also tore the clouds up there into pieces.

Realizing what was happening in the site, Qingyun Taoist couldn’t help frowning, “What has happened? How come Master Mo Li crushed the Signaling Jade Slip we only use for emergencies?”

“Sect Master, please bring justice to me!” Seeing the two of them coming, Mo Li finally felt relieved for a bit. He kneeled down directly and yelled, “Shiao Chen was the one who killed my grandson Tiancheng! I tried to kill this devil but he’s got the powerful weapon that destroyed my black jade ruler easily. And he also tried to killed me, so I crushed the jade slip out of emergency and wished you could help me in this.”

Hearing his story, Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist frowned and looked at each other as they all knew how worried they were. It would be alright if Mo Li was lying, but what if he was telling the truth...There were the strict regulations of the sect and the presence of so many masters and disciples, so it was pretty much impossible for them to protect Shiao Chen. Otherwise, how would they keep their reputation and how would the sect regulations work?

“Mo Li, you are certain that Shiao Chen was the one who killed Mo Tiancheng, do you have any evidence? How about you two just come with me to the secret room in the back of the mountain and let’s have a profound investigation about this matter, so as to avoid any misunderstanding?” After a short while of hesitation, Qingyun Taoist suggested that.

Hearing that, Mo Li was clear that Qingyun Taoist would protect Shiao Chen and he would never reveal this thing in public. So if he agreed at the moment, Shiao Chen would get away with this forever. Although he figured out what Qingyun Taoist meant, he became really firm that he would never step back. Because if he failed to kill Shiao Chen today, he would never enjoy peace in the future.

“Sect Master, since I have said so, I am very sure that Shiao Chen is the murderer. As for the evidence, I can show you right now so everybody can see it clearly!” Before Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist could react, Mo Li sent out several spells and yelled in a low voice, “Bloody Killing Seal, now!”

Shiao Chen frowned a little bit as within his soul, he saw a weird black talisman running out of his body, and thousands of bloody lights coming out which formed a scary ghost threatening Shiao Chen with its claws and teeth. It disappeared slowly after a long while.

“The dead breath turned into a black talisman and then formed this ghost that only goes around the murderer. So, this is really the Bloody Killing Seal, and Mo Tiancheng was really killed by Master Shiao!”

“It is really getting ugly now. Obviously, Sect Master and Alchemy Taoist are trying to save Master Shiao, but Master Mo Li won’t give it up and showed this Bloody Killing Seal. I’m afraid our Sect Master cannot keep protecting Shiao Chen when there is solid evidence like this.”

“Master Mo Li insists on revealing this that he even doesn’t care about the Sect Master, so it seems that he won’t let go of Master Shiao until he is dead. I wonder how Sect Master will handle this. People will never accept it if he doesn’t treat them equally.”

Those masters were whispering secretly as they looked at Shiao Chen with complicated feelings. Some of them were worried about him, yet some were expecting the worst result for him.

“Shiao Chen, please explain this.” After a while, Qingyun Taoist asked him in a gloomy face and a cold voice.
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