Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 103: Being Uncovered
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 103: Being Uncovered

Translator: Flying Lines
“Shiao Chen, I have been in cultivation for more than 90 years, but now I am dwarfed by you. Both of you, the master and apprentice, ride roughshod over me. I can't teach either of you a lesson, but can't I vent out my hate on the one who are close to you?! Shiao Lin, you are unlucky today!” There was a flash of resentment in Mo Li's eyes. With a wave of his hand, a huge palm appeared and slapped it down towards Shiao Lin.

It was one of the primary magical powers of Luoyun Valley-- Xiao Qinna Shou (a kind of movement in martial arts, meaning catching). But at the point, Mo Li, who was at the later stage of Foundation Establishment, displayed it and its power was not to be underestimated. If being slapped, with the second level cultivation of Qi Refining, Shiao Lin would be lying in bed for at least a month or two to recuperate.

Fear flashed in Shiao Lin’s eyes. When Shiao Lin closed his eyes and waited for the hand to fall, he suddenly heard a blare, and then he saw the billowing smoke and dust rising into the sky. When he opened his eyes, he saw clearly that a tall figure walking slowly out of the smoke and dust. With a pair of black and deep eyes fixed on him and then on Mo Li, that figure said slightly, “Elder Mo Li, are you overreacted?”

It was Shiao Chen who suddenly appeared and broke Mo Li’s Xiao Qinna Shou. At the moment, with a stern face, he was at a stalemate with Mo Li, making many people present seized with fear.

One was Elder Mo Li, an experienced powerhouse, with the cultivation of the later stage of Foundation Establishment, who was promising to reach Gold Core. The other was Shiao Chen, an up-rising star, not only a superior third grade Alchemist, whose cultivation was more comparable to cultivators at the Middle-stage of Foundation Establishment. If these two had a fight, there would be a great storm in Luoyun Valley!

Standing several meters apart from Shiao Chen, face to face, Mo Li slightly narrowed his eyes, with some coldness flashing by from time to time and his thin lips pressed together tightly. It was a long time before he suddenly smiled and said, “It turned out to be Elder Shiao. This man used your name to threaten several of my disciples before, so I taught him a lesson, which is for your sake. Lest the disciples think that you indulge relatives, runing your reputation.”

“Well, if so, I, should thank you for that!” With eyes flickering, Shiao Chen put his hands in front of his chest, and being expressionless, he said, “Now that I have arrived, I will deal with it. If not, I’m afraid that Shiao Lin will be injured seriously, and can’t go home with me.”

“All right, but Elder Shiao needs to teach him more, lest this guy do that again in the future. Or if he fell in my hands again, I will not forgive him easily.”

“Elder Mo Li, I dare not ask for a lot of care from you. Strictly speaking, this is the affair of our Shiao family. After all, we’d better deal with it by ourselves.” Shiao Chen looked slightly angry. For some reason, he disliked Mo Li at the first glance, so he was unkind in his words.

“Humph!” Hearing that, Mo Li turned grim. He could not help but humph coldly, and turned to take a few disciples to go out.

Shiao Chen kept poker-faced. But just as Mo Li passed him, his face suddenly became cloudy, in a moment, completely dark.

Meanwhile, Mo Li also stopped suddenly, slowly raised his head, and with a murderous look in his eyes he stared at Shiao Chen, and said coldly, “Unexpectedly, it was you who has killed my grandson!”

Shiao Chen looked puzzled. Being expressionless, he sneered after hearing that, and said, “What’s do you mean, Elder Mo Li?”

“My grandson, Mo Tiancheng, was murdered half a year ago at the back of the sect’s mountain, which has been known to everyone in the sect.” With veins standing out on his face, and bloodshot in his eyes, Mo Li said, “I wonder if Elder Shiao Chen can explain clearly why the Blood Mark I inserted in my grandson appears in your body?”

Blood Mark was a kind of strange spell restriction, laid out by senior cultivator who had a deep cultivation to the junior who had close paternal relations with the former ones. When the junior was killed, it would instantly penetrate into the killer’s body, as a marker to find the murderer.

“How come? The affair cried from the housetop at the beginning, unexpectedly, was done by Uncle Master Shiao Chen!”

“I don't believe it has anything to do with Uncle Master Shiao Chen.”

“Since Elder Mo Li has sensed the presence of Blood Mark, how could it be wrong? It must have something to do with Uncle Master Shiao Chen.”

“Well, that Mo Tiancheng has always been arrogant and domineering, and nobody knows how many killings and treasure hunts he has done privately. I just heard that a lay disciple accidentally got a Huang Ling of 300 years old, which was taken away by him in secret. It's just because Elder Mo Li is his grandfather that no one dares to say anything.”

“I have heard of something about it, too. Uncle Master Shiao Chen is open and aboveboard, who is indeed a gentleman. He must have a point to do the killing, or perhaps he just bumped into that Mo Tiancheng doing the wicked thing.”

“You shut up!” Mo Li roared, and his eyes, shining brightly with fierce flicker, swept around, and for a moment, everyone was quiet. He continued to say, “Shiao Chen, it is clear in the inexorable law of Luoyun Valley that the one murdering his fellows will be abolished in cultivation, and that his soul will be extracted and melted! He will never have the chance of being alive! Even if you are Elder of Elixir Pavilion, who is esteemed, as long as you are guilty, you should be equally punished. Today I will punish you, the wicked and merciless one, who is harboring ill intent.”

“Shiao Chen not only was a superior third grade master of alchemy, but a cultivator whose cultivation is comparable to those at the Middle-stage of Foundation Establishment in one year. So Chief Master and Alchemy Taoist mustn’t know this affair, otherwise I’m afraid my grandson Tiancheng’s death will be worthless!” With some mercilessness flashing in Mo Li’s eyes, he thought, “What happened today has left a gap between the two of us. If I don’t take this opportunity to kill him, with his gift, his future will be promising, and if he has a grudge against me, I shall die! And today’s matter is Shiao Chen's fault at first. Even if I kill him, with the inexorable law of the sect, presumably Chief Master Immortal and Alchemy Taoist can’t do anything to me even though they are discontent with me!”

Between the breath, countless ideas went through Mo Li’s mind. He let out a cold smile in his heart, and waved his hand to offer a spiritual weapon, with which he hit Shiao Chen on the head.


Mo Li knew that Shiao Chen had a powerful posture, which had easily injured Mingxiao Chenzhan seriously in the Sect Contest the other day. So at the moment, he acted as fiercely as possible, offered his spiritual weapon directly to kill Shiao Chen here before Shiao had an opportunity to move.

“Brother Mo Li, be lenient!”

“Brother Mo Li, stop quickly! Everything can be explained, for goodness' sake, don’t kill him!”

“My God! Brother Mo Li has already reached the later stage of Foundation Establishment. The Black Jade Ruler in his hand is a spiritual weapon of the highest grade, and Elder Shiao Chen is in danger!”

“Elder Shiao Chen, escape quickly! You can’t take that movement.”

Mo Li acted outrageously to Shiao Chen, and the whole Lingxian Arena was in an instant uproar. Before the young disciples realized what happened, the guarding elders had all lost their countenances. If Shiao Chen really had something wrong today, none of them would distance himself from the affair.
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