Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 102: Being Difficult with Each Other
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 102: Being Difficult with Each Other

Translator: Flying Lines
Brother Huang looked quite envious of those who would be selected to protect the Shiao family. As for those nominal disciples, they all expressed their admiration when hearing that. Shiao Chen had already become the idol of those young cultivators in Luoyun Valley. He was definitely as good as those talented figures in the legend as he reached the high level of the third-grade alchemy master with only one year, and his cultivation was even better than cultivator in the middle-stage of Foundation Establishment.

“So today is really the day to pick up these guardians? No wonder all of those masters are here.”

“So all of these direct disciples are showing themselves to impress Master Shiao so that he might pick them?”

“Well, it’s sad that we are only nominal disciples and our cultivation is not that impressive, or we could have the chance to get closer to Master Shiao today.”

While many were sighing about their incompetence, there was one who looked extremely surprised.

That was Shiao Lin from the Shiao Family.

“Master Peng has only reached the Foundation Establishment stage for less than half a year, so I’m afraid that you are not capable enough. Maybe you should just leave.”

“Master Sun, that was not true. Although my cultivation is only at the early stage of Foundation Establishment, it is also my duty to stand up instead of stay behind.”

“Master Gong, you have quite many disciples, why don’t you stay and teach them? You can just let us do it for you.”

“Ho ho, that’s alright. Those kids really worship Master Shiao and they keep asking me to go. So I have no choice but to listen to them.”

“Well, Senior Brother Ma, you have already reached the top of the early-stage of the Foundation Establishment, and you can go for the middle-stage at any time soon. Why don’t you just stay in the sect and focus on your cultivation instead of participating in this and waiting at Master Shiao’s place?”

“Junior Brother Liu, that's not true. Since the Sect Master has promised to take the shelter forever, as a master of Luoyun Valley, I shall take the responsibility of the sect as well. Besides, I am not young anymore, so probably I will never formate my core. Therefore, maybe I should do this and you can stay to focus on your cultivation.”

“Well... hmm I also want to share the responsibility of the sect. But since you also think this way, let’s just wait for Master Shiao’s decision.”

Those masters in Luoyun Valley were trying so hard to kick others out of this competition so that there would be fewer people left to be chosen. But each of them was super crafty that they couldn’t get fooled by anyone but kept fooling each other.

“How dare you stand along with us! You are just a nominal disciple. Get out now.”

“Exactly. Master Shiao will definitely punish you if he later sees you acting so rude like this.”

“Who is your master? How can you be so rude? If you don’t leave right now, then we will kick you out of this Immortal Welcoming Arena right away!”

There were some noises far away, so those masters all frowned and looked carefully at the place.

“Looking at his clothes, he should be a nominal disciple. And how dare he imagine to be picked up by Master Shiao with the cultivation that only touches the second level of Qi Refining stage? What a dreamer!”

“He is such a joke and so rude. I wonder who his master is and how he has taught this disciple to be like that.”

“Emm, I think I have seen him before, and maybe it was at Master Hu’s place. Is he the nominal disciple of Master Hu?”

Master Hu looked really grim because the one who was speaking was his rival and they had long been not getting along with each other. Besides, what had happened today might become another excuse to mock him and he couldn’t stop being furious when thinking about this.

“Shiao Lin, just get the hell back now! You are not allowed to step out of the gate without my order!”

Hearing the voice from afar, Shiao Lin who was countering those direct disciples got immediately shocked. He looked quite unwilling but still didn’t want to disobey Master Hu, so he took a bow with respect and decided to leave.

“Shiao Lin? You mean the one from the Shiao Family in Shiao Town, who is also from the same family clan of Master Shiao?”

“Aha, so that is him. I’ve heard that his father is the head of the Shiao Family and he is not getting along with the clan of Master Shiao. But now Master Shiao is really successful with his career, they are now trying so hard to please him one after one.”

“I have also heard that the reason why he got admitted by Master Hu was that he bribed him with a chunk of genuine iron. Or he would never have joined our sect with such an inferior talent.”

“According to Senior Brother Liu who accompanied Master Shiao on his first time back home, Master Shiao really doesn’t have a good relationship with that family. And if it was not for the sake of his father, he would have killed this man’s father on his own. However, look at him now, begging for his attention like a dog.”

“Just get out of here and stop making a fool of yourself.”

Hearing that, Shiao Lin was indeed full of anger, so he stared at those people with his fierce eyes and yelled, “Shut up! Yes, my family used to have some misunderstandings with Master Shiao, but this is between us, you are in no position to interfere. And we are from the same family and we share the same blood, so Master Shiao will definitely take his revenge if you offend him by humiliating me like this.”

“You!” Although those direct disciples were really angry, they didn’t dare to take any actions because none of them could bear the anger of Shiao Chen if they really offended him.

“Humph!” Right at the moment, someone scoffed and an old man in black rope suddenly showed up on the Immortal-welcoming Arena with his light shield.

“Master!” Three of those direct disciples greeted and bowed to him with surprise.

The others were also surprised as they bowed and looked at Shiao Lin with their mockery eyes.

Mo Li hummed and didn’t speak to those disciples at all. Instead, he turned around and looked at Shiao Lin with his cold eyes, saying, “As a nominal disciple, you didn’t respect the elders and insulted them. I have to teach you a lesson today to make you understand.”

As he was speaking, the pressure of the spiritual power of the cultivator in the late-stage of Foundation Establishment burst out all of a sudden and struck Shiao Lin directly. The former guy suddenly turned very pale as he took a few steps back with his eyes filled with fear and shock.

“Senior Brother Mo Li, please forgive him. This kid has been quite obedient usually, but he made his mistakes today, so please let me teach him by myself.” It was Master Hu who appeared in front of Shiao Li with his light shield. Since he was his nominal disciple, it would bring shame to him if he got humiliated in public today. Therefore, even though he didn’t want to, he had to beg for Shiao Lin.

“You can just get away with this. Today I am going to teach a lesson to this lad on my own.” Mo Li stared at Master Hu as he spoke with a calm voice yet didn’t want to let go.

Hearing that, Master Hu’s face became quite gloomy all of a sudden and he tried so hard to make a smile after a few minutes, saying, “Since you insist, my senior brother, I will listen to you for sure.” He then looked down and stepped aside.
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