Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 101: Shiao Lin
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 101: Shiao Lin

Translator: Flying Lines
Qingyun Taoist waved his hands with a spell out, which put away the messy jade sheets on the ground, and turned to sit down with Alchemy Taoist.

“As for the way to reach Foundation Establishment, we haven't found a clue yet, but you needn’t worry about it. We will surely help you make it.”

Shiao Chen raised his head, and found that the Gold Core cultivators’ eyes were slightly bloodshot and their breath was slightly withering. He guessed that, these days they must have been busy finding the way for him to get to Foundation Establishment. Thinking of that, he felt warm in the heart.

“Chief Master and Master, please take it easy and have more rest.”

Alchemy Taoist motioned him that nothing was wrong with them, had a sip of tea, and could not help but be delighted when his eyes fell on Shiao Chen.

“Boy, is there anything you come over for?”

Hearing that, Shiao Chen nodded and said, “In a few days, it will be the disciples’ annual vacation for family reunine. I want to leave for hometown today so as to stagger the day with the others.”

Hearing what Shiao said, Alchemy Taoist nodded with satisfaction, and said, “Good idea. The old fellow Mingxiao is not broad-minded. Since you crippled Mingxiao Chenzhan on that day, I’m afraid that old geezer will come up with some crooked ideas. It’s good for you to leave a few days ahead, in case of any danger on your way home.” He paused for a moment, took two jade bottles and a few yellow flags out of the bag and handed them to Shiao Chen. “There are a hundred Flower Pills and a hundred Tianlu Elixirs in it, which you can take back to your family and ask them to take. Although the pills can’t let them have magic power, it’s good for their body building and longevity. This flag is the flag of the Earth and Heaven Formation. After the array is arranged, the spar could be inserted to make it run. Even in face of Fake Core cultivators, who reached Foundation Establishment, it can fend against them for several hours, which is enough for both of us to arrive to rescue.”

“Thank you! Master!” Shiao Chen looked a little excited. Kneeling on the ground, he kowtowed respectfully, and then accepted the elixirs and flag.

“Well, you said all the good deeds and I'll say the rest.” With some dissatisfaction flickered in his eyes, Qingyun Taoist quickly took over the words, “In addition, we will send two guarding elders of Foundation Establishment and ten direct disciples of Qi Refining period to go home with you. They will stay at the Shiao’s and then rotate with others before they come back to the sect in three years. As for the candidates, you can go to Lingxian Arena with the elder's command to choose for yourself.”

Hearing that, Shiao Chen felt touched in his heart. He understood that it was to protect him from the revenge of Flaming Sect. Presumably, they would think twice and dared not act rashly, even if they really schemed to. Thinking so, Shiao Chen felt more grateful to them.

“I have nothing to repay for the sect’s great kindness. In the future, I will practice hard and live up to the expectations of Chief Master and Master!”

“All right. In case of any accident, you may go home as soon as possible, and come back soon.” Qingyun Taoist nodded with satisfaction, smiling.

Shiao Chen saluted respectfully and then he turned to leave.

“This boy is upright and faithful. As long as we are sincere to him, he will be honest and loyal to us.”

“As a cultivator with hidden spiritual root, it is inevitable for Shiao Chen to get to Gold Core, even to Nascent Soul, only if he can overcome the barrier of Foundation Establishment.”

The two old fellows looked at each other, showing some excitement in their eyes at the same time. Then, they took out a huge pile of jade sheets again, and went on burying their heads in search of the method of Foundation Establishment for hidden spiritual root cultivators.

Getting out of the cave, with a flash of light, Shiao Chen disappeared in a moment of breathing, leaving two disciples of Luoyun Valley adoring in awe.

On the Lingxian Arena of Purple Light Peak in Luoyun Valley.

“Today, 19 elders came together to explain the difficulty in spell practice for us. At usual time, it has been extremely difficult to have three or two here. Is there any secret?”

“You’re right, and I’m also very confused about it. Look at Uncle Master Hu on the arena, when he explained cultivation last month, he still looked cool and hurried away the moment we finished. Today, he came on his own initiative and was so kind. There must be something fishy going on here.”

“I wonder what makes more than half the guarding elders come here. What’s more, the direct disciples exerted spells to their utmost today, which is almost like a show. Will Chief Master or grand master Alchemy Taoist come over today?”

At the edge of Lingxian Arena, a few nominal disciples of Luoyun Valley, who were in charge of cleaning here, were whispering together. Although they were not real disciples of Luoyun Valley, their status was far higher than the disciples outside the sect. So they naturally had the opportunity to listen to the explaining of cultivation from the Foundation Establishment cultivators.

“Hey, hey, tell you what, the monthly lecture today is extraordinary.” Among one of them, a pudgy young cultivator could not help but show some pride and talked to them while wagging his head.

“Oh, brother Huang, it seems you know something about it. Brother Huang, please enlighten us.”

“Brother Huang, how could we forget you? You are the most well-informed person in Luoyun Valley. There's nothing that can be hidden from you.”

“Brother Huang, you’re the disciple of Uncle Master Ma of Spirit Resources Loft, who have always been thought highly of, and naturally we aren’t able to compare with you. Brother Huang, what's behind today's events? Please tell us more.”

Being flattered by them, Brother Huang felt more complacent. Instead of keeping a secret continually, he told them directly, “In fact, you had guessed more or less just now. Chief Master and grand master Alchemy Taoist won’t come today, but Uncle Master Shiao Chen will.”

“Why does Uncle Master Shiao Chen come? What does it have to do with all these elders?”

“Right. Look at those direct disciples, who are like peacocks, showing off unceasingly. What’s the connection between them with Uncle Master Shiao?”

“Brother Huang, don’t keep us in suspense. We are waiting to know the truth.”

“No rush! I won't tell you if you keep urging me. Guess by yourselves.” Huang showed some impatience on his face. He flicked the sleeves, ready to go.

“Don't be angry, brother. We’re really too curious about it.”

“Well, brother, please calm down. We won't urge you, and you can say it slowly.”

“Yes, if anyone urges you once more, he will be sent out and clean up the whole Lingxian Arena as the punishment.”

“That's more like it.” Brother Huang looked better and with a cold hum, he continued, “On the day of grand master Alchemy Taoist’s Core Formation Ceremony, Chief Master Immortal promised Uncle Master Shiao Chen a millennium protection of Shiao family. As long as Luoyun Valley does exist, we will certainly keep the Shiao’s clan prosperous for ten generations. I think you also know this, right?”

The nominal disciples nodded but nobody dared to speak to urge him. Brother Huang nodded with satisfaction, smirking, and went on speaking, “Since it is to protect the family of Uncle Master Shiao Chen for ten generations of prosperity, the sect will naturally send disciples to Shiao family as garrison. If it had been anyone else, I am afraid none of the Elder or disciples are willing to go. After all, the earthly world is lack of spirit, so the improvement of cultivation will be limited and slow, and it is less comfortable than practicing in the sect. But it is Uncle Master Shiao Chen. It’s sure that these elders will exert all their energies to be one of them. Just think about it, they are defending at Shiao's, which virtually make Uncle Master Shiao Chen owe them a favor. If Uncle Master Shiao Chen wants to return the favor, they will get all kinds of elixirs from him. Don’t forget that Uncle Master Shiao Chen is the superior third grade Alchemist, who is also the Elder of Elixir Pavilion, controlling all the elixirs of the sect.”
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