Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 100: Hard to Find the Method for Foundation Establishmen
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 100: Hard to Find the Method for Foundation Establishmen

Translator: Flying Lines
A few days later, there was a shadow of blue shirt flashing by the stone wall. It was Shiao Chen who walked out of it with his eyebrows knitted. He then turned his back to the wall and shot out several spells to it, with bitter smile on his face.

“I’m in trouble this time. I never thought that I would totally destroy this place by accident.”

Thinking about this, Shiao Chen felt even more upset. He had been busy refining the Beasty Poison Pill lately and got the first one successfully for only one day by chance. So Shiao Chen was very surprised despite it had cost him a lot of effort. After an entire day of meditating, he started his second time of refining when his spiritual power and divine sense had fully recovered. However, he had never thought that he would fail when the beast was about to form. And since the poison kept spreading, Shiao Chen could only leave immediately with all of those refined spiritual pills in the herb garden.

“Under the protection of the restriction spell, the poison shouldn’t spread out.” Shiao Chen didn’t get relieved until he shot out the last spell.

“Finally, with all of our efforts, we have refined one Beasty Poison Pill.” Shiao Chen took out a jade bottle from his bag and it was almost totally sealed by 17 or 18 sealed talismans. Inside this jade bottle quietly lay a dark pearl which was as big as a thumb.

Shiao Chen looked at it carefully for a while and took it back with sa delightful look on his face.

Shiao Chen was a bit hesitant and he then walked out of the valley. He broke the restriction spell and went directly to the back of the main mountain of Luoyun Valley with his light shield.

“You really have a bright future ahead of you, my junior brother. You are such a genius that your cultivation can achieve the seventh level of the Qi refining stage with only three years. And now you have been admitted by Master Wang as the direct disciple of our Luoyun Valley, so I’m sure you will have great achievements in the future. Please do help me in the future.” There were two disciples of Luoyun Valley standing in front of the path. One of them was around 27 or 28 years old and he was talking in a low voice with the other young man in yellow clothes.

“Don’t joke about me, senior brother. I am not that good. If there is a genius, I’d say Master Shiao is indeed the most outstanding one of all time in our Luoyun Valley, and I really respect him.” The disciple in yellow clothes was a little bit disappointing when saying so, “But I just joined the sect yesterday, so I didn’t get to witness his performance in the Core Formation Ceremony. That was absolutely a pity.”

Hearing that, the elder disciple suddenly became very serious, “Definitely. If Master Shiao didn’t win on that day, our Luoyu Valley would have lost the contest in the Sect Tournament, and Senior Sister Ji would have been taken by Mingxiao Chenzhan from the Flaming Sect. But he should have known himself better and not have craved for the woman of Master Shiao! He totally deserved to get his Dantian destroyed by Master Shiao.”

“I heard that Mingxiao Chenzhan’s grandfather was the direct great-grandson of Mingxiao Master, one of the two Gold Core cultivators in Flaming Sect. Didn’t Mingxiao Master try to stop Master Shiao that day from hurting him?” The young cultivator looked quite confused and he begged, “Please tell me more about the details of that day, senior brother. Let me enjoy the excitement.”

Hearing that, the elder disciple was quite flattered as if it was a great honor to had been a witness that day. He cleared his throat and said, “Alright, since you admire Master Shiao so much, I’ll tell you about it. I will never tell anyone else if they ask me me about it.”

“On that day, of course, the Mingxiao Master stepped into the fight to stop him. But our Master Shiao had some greater power and he attacked him so fast like a lightning. Before that old dude could come to the spot, he had already destroyed Mingxiao Chenzhan. At that time, Mingxiao Master was so furious that he said he would kill Master Shiao right there. Our master, the Alchemy Taoist worried so much and he went up to stop him. I thought we were about to have a severe fight with the Flaming Sect for sure. However, out of everyone’s expectation, Master Shiao didn’t show any fear in front of the Gold Core cultivator, and he refuted the evil behavior of Mingxiao Chenzhan completely as if he was nothing but a bastard that deserved to die. Mingxiao Master was so angry yet he couldn’t hurt him at all. In the cultivation world of the entire Beihua State, our Master Shiao is the only one who could beat up a Gold Core cultivator by words like that.”

The young disciple enjoyed listening to the story so much that his eyes were filled with excitement. It seemed that he could not admire Shiao Chen more.

Right at that time, a blue shadow flashed by, and the two disciples stopped their talking immediately. The elder one frowned a bit and yelled, “Stop there. This is the place for our sect masters’ meditation. Which sect are you from? How come you are ignoring all the rules and barge in like that? Aren’t you afraid of being punished?”

The young man in blue clothes looked up. Before he started to talk, the elder disciple who was speaking blushed all over his face as if he was choked, and he pointed at Shiao Chen as he couldn’t speak for a long while.

“What, I am not allowed to go in?” Shiao Chen was a bit surprised and said after looking at these two people.

“No, not at all!” Finally, the elder disciple put himself together and took a bow with the young disciple to him and said with respect, “Please forgive us, Master Shiao. I didn’t notice that it was you, or I would never stop you. Our master has told us for a long time that you can come here no matter when.”

Hearing that, Shiao Chen smiled a bit and nodded to him as he didn’t care about it at all. He then walked by them and disappeared after a few steps along the path.

“Did I just meet Master Shiao...” The young disciple murmured to himself as his eyes were filled with excitement.


“How come there is nothing? There is no record that the hidden spiritual root cannot establish a foundation in the notes of all the past masters!”

“I have no idea either. The Fragrant Mountain note is said to be the most detailed note in the cultivation world, and it includes all kinds of anecdotes and funny stories. And it has nothing in there as well!”

“Go check the note of the second generation master. He loved traveling a lot; probably he wrote something to solve this problem in his note.”

Shiao Chen held the jade chip and went into the cave by breaking through the restriction. Before he saw anyone, he could hear the anxious voices of the two old men which made him feel quite warm, so he walked even faster.

“Masters, disciple Shiao Chen is here to visit you.” Shiao Chen took a bow to them and he saw two shadows buried in a giant pile of jade slips, looking around in this giant cave which was light up by many night pearls as big as a bowl.

“Hmm, just wait there for a while. We will finish reading these jade slips soon.” Qingyun Taoist didn’t even look up but waved his hand to him.

“Yes.” Shiao Chen stood aside with respect. After an hour, both of the two old men raised up their heads and then looked at each other with disappointment.
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