Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 99: Refining the Beasty Poison Pill
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 99: Refining the Beasty Poison Pill

Translator: Flying Lines
Shiao Chen sat cross-legged in the herbal garden of the mountainside in the valley. The other day, he refused Alchemy Taoist’s proposal to arrange him a top-grade herbal garden, and fled out from the two old fellows who were so pleasantly surprised, but now he still feared unceasingly in his heart. He did not imagine that Gold Core cultivators were so crazy when they were overjoyed.

“Sister, what's going on here? I'm not a cultivator with hidden spiritual root. Why do Chief Master Immortal and Master act like this?” Shiao Chen could not help but ask aloud with his divine sense.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, so hilarious! It's so funny!” Unexpectedly, Yu Ji had left Shiao Chen's body, laughing herself into convulsions, which was so charming that it made Shiao Chen not only a little bit stunned, but flush slightly. She continued, “These two old fellows have no sense of that. I have once used the test bead, which does detect the spiritual root aptitude of cultivators. But you have no spiritual root inside at all, even if more magic power was put in, that useless beads will not test anything at all. I didn't expect the two old fellows to take this as a sign that you were a hidden spiritual root cultivator. Ha, ha, ha, this is the funniest thing I've ever seen.”

Shiao Chen wanted to say something but he stopped…

With a forced smile, Shiao Chen shook his head, for he didn't expect this was the reason. However, he was relieved. After all, he had to be careful to kept his cultivation under wrap, but from now on, he could go out aboveboard in the name of the hidden spiritual root cultivator and not be afraid of attracting suspicion.

When Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist identified Shiao Chen as the hidden spiritual root cultivator, it was without doubt that he could reach the level of superior third grade in alchemy in just one year. After all, to them, the hidden spiritual root cultivator was a legendary being. It was also completely understandable that there was something against nature of this kind of person, and it would also save Shiao Chen’s explanation of feigning madness and acting like an idiot. As for Shiao Chen’s being unable to reach Foundation Establishment, they thought hard for about half a day, and made Shiao Chen try a string of miscellaneous tests. But they still did not draw any conclusion. Shiao Chen, though disappointed, did not have much hope at first, so he was calm. But the two old men were sullen and even gnashing their teeth. After all, in their eyes, Shiao Chen was the hope of Luoyun Valley’s future. Could they bear to see helplessly a hidden spiritual root cultivator, who was rarely encountered in ten thousand years, get stuck in Qi Refining period?! Absolutely not! Absolutely not!

When Shiao Chen escaped, he could still hear, in the rear, the two old fellows gnashing their teeth to look up the ancient codes and records with red eyes, from which, it seemed that they would not give up if they could not find the way to help Shiao Chen reach Foundation Establishment.

Thinking of this, Shiao Chen smiled slightly. It was not bad to find a way to reach Foundation Establishment with the power of the sect, which was better than his being alone at a loss.

“There’s only ten days left before I return to my hometown to visit my family. I haven't seen my parents for one year, and I wonder whether they are both well.” From his eyes, Shiao Chen was missing his hometown. But a moment later, he just sighed that he was doomed not to show filial obedience from the day setting foot on the cultivation road. Shiao Chen was not pedantic. His parents were able to live a good life just because he was a cultivator in Luoyun Valley. The higher in cultivation he was, a better life they would live.

“My father's legs are not well and often ached in rainy days. My mother is older, and grey hair crawl on her head. But now I am no longer the nominal disciple with no status, and I will help them recuperate when I’m back, so as to make them live longer.”

Shiao Chen's eyes flickered with anticipation. He took a jade bottle out of the storing bag when he calmed down. This jade bottle was about the size of a palm, with several sealing Talismans on it. Being cautious, he hit a spell towards the bottle and the Talismans on it were all peeled off. Suddenly, a current of black gas slowly wafted from the mouth of the bottle.

Shiao Chen was slightly afraid that when the poison of beasts was mixed, it would have acute toxicity. Even though it had not been refined into the Beasty Poison Pill, it was highly toxic to anyone who touched it. If he didn’t have Yu Ji’s spell of refining the Beasty Poison Pill, he wouldn't have the courage to reveal the Talisman directly.


Shiao Chen let out a low cry and pointed to the bottle with a finger. With that, the black gas instantly froze, and then billowed wildly, but it did not spread out, as if it was bounded firmly by an invisible force in that space.

Shiao Chen looked rigorous, tossed the jade bottle into the air and hit a magic sword to break it, and then, in front of him, a lump of beasts venom with the size of the baby’s fist, appeared. It was from this venom that the layers of black gas wafted. Shiao Chen dared not to be careless. He thought back the refining method and made sure that there was nothing missing. Then he turned over his hands up and down to hit spell of spiritual power into the venom.

The venom of beasts churned like boiling water, from which endless black gas wafted crazily and formed a dark cloud about the size of a circle, whose radius was ten feet, above Shiao Chen’s head.

With the penetration of the spell, the venom became smaller in volume, which turned into a black gas to the end. As the black gas churned, it gradually wafted apart into clumps of different sizes. But each little piece was connected by a black thread.

“Form the poisonous beast!” Shiao Chen shouted again, and suddenly he accelerated the speed of hitting spell.

Just then, at the edge of the gas, a cloud of black gas, only a few inches in size, suddenly billowed violently. Just in a moment, unexpectedly, it turned into a strange colorful bird, whose intellectual green eyes seemed malicious and cunning. It let out a strange cry and stretched wings to fly when it first appeared. But it seemed to be in some kind of prohibition, though struggling, it could not escape in any way.

With the first beast coagulating out, that clouds of black gas began to billow one after another, from which echoed the sounds of beasts’ roaring and birds’ chirping, which sounded tyrannical. Within a short while, dozens of poisonous beasts coagulated into beings.

Shiao Chen looked a little pale now. It was really not easy to refine this pill, and if it were not for his divine sense which was comparable to the cultivators in the later period of Foundation Establishment, he was still unable to bind these beasts firmly. He took some elixirs from the storing bag and swallowed them, and then looked better.

“What's left are big ones, and I hope everything goes well.” Shiao Chen muttered, took a deep breath and suddenly, he changed the spell, whose speed had been slowed down, but each consumed many times more magic power and divine sense than that in the past.

After the spell was hit, the black gases became one black Talisman after another, with the size of several inches, on which the glimmering of light made them very extraordinary. With the entry of the Talisman, that three huge black clouds, which had not changed at all from the beginning to the end, began to billow violently and from which came a stream of muffled growls.
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