Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 98: Hidden Spiritual Roo
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 98: Hidden Spiritual Roo

Translator: Flying Lines
“Our Luoyun Valley has really shown our power in the Beihua State, so every disciple will be rewarded! Those injured disciples can go to the Reward and Punishment Hall for a high-grade Xuan level scripture after the recovery, and other disciples can get 50 low-grade spiritual stones. You all shall keep practicing and bringing honor to our sect!”

“Yes, master!” Those disciples were very excited as they kneelt on the ground and answered loudly.

“Master Shiao Chen, please stay. The others can leave now.” Qingyun Taoist nodded with satisfaction and his eyes were filled with joy.

Every disciple took a deep bow to Shiao Chen when they passed him. Those young disciples were very excited as their eyes were filled with admiration, and many female disciples blushed as they seduced him with their lovely eyes. Shiao Chen was very embarrassed.

“Junior Brother Shiao Chen, you are really outstanding. Please don’t forget about me when you become more successful in the future.” Ji Yuewu held her dress and took a bow. As she was speaking, she blushed heavily and walked away quickly.

Hearing that, Shiao Chen was a little bit stunned as he felt quite weird. And he took a deep breath to calm himself down.

“Master Shiao Chen, there are no other people here, so I wonder if you can explain something to the two of us?” Inside the secret room of the backside of Luoyun Valley, Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist were sitting on the cushion with their eyes blinking. The former started to ask him like that.

Shiao Chen stood respectfully down below. Hearing that, he stopped for a minute and answered with respect, “I would tell you everything even if you didn’t ask me, masters.”

Hearing that, Alchemy Taoist blinked and stared at Shiao Chen, asking slowly, “I checked your body and found no spiritual root when I took you as my disciple. But your cultivation has become as good as a mid-level cultivator in the Foundation Establishment stage within one year. Is there a reason for that?”

“I really know nothing about it. When you gave me the Plants Growing Scripture that day, I tried so hard to practice it so that I wouldn’t bring shame to you. In the beginning, I progressed really slowly, and the speed of absorbing my spiritual power was also not satisfying. However, after a while of practicing, the speed of absorbing my spiritual power had somehow improved quite a lot. And the harder I tried, the faster the speed became. I was so confused and also very uncertain about it cause I was afraid I was having some problems with myself. That’s why I didn’t tell anyone about it but kept it to myself only.” At that moment, Shiao Chen felt very shameful and kneelt immediately on the ground, “And... if the situation was not so urgent today, I would still keep it a secret. Please forgive me, masters!”

While Shiao Chen was explaining, Qingyun and Alchemy Taoist were both shocked and now they looked at each other and said at the same time, “Hidden spiritual root!” Their voices were trembling as they were obviously getting violently emotional.

Hearing that, Shiao Chen pretended to look very confused yet his eyes could tell that he was quite relieved. He asked, “Hidden spiritual root? What is that?”

Qingyun Taoist looked at Shiao Chen for a long while as if he was a rare treasure, and then he held his long beard and smiled, “Thanks to our ancestors’ blessing, our Luoyun Valley shall become great again!”

Alchemy Taoist was also very excited and his face totally blushed that it took him quite some time to calm down, “Senior brother, you know this better than I do, please explain it to him.”

Qingyun Taoist didn’t resist, so he stopped for a minute and told him the whole story.

It turned out that there was a very tiny possibility for an ordinary man to have a spiritual root inside at birth. However, most of them were just mediocre. For a cultivator with a middle-grade spiritual root, if there was no miracle happening, he could only make it to the Foundation Establishment stage. While a cultivator with an upper-grade spiritual root could have the chance to refine the Gold Core. If you wanted to reach the Nascent Soul, you must have the heaven-grade spiritual root that only appeared one among thousands of people.

Low-grade, middle-grade, upper-grade, heaven-grade. These were the well-known classification of the spiritual roots of the cultivators. However, back in the ancient time, there had been another kind of spiritual root in the world, which was the hidden spiritual root. If a cultivator had this kind of spiritual root, there was no ordinary way to test the existence of it, so he looked just like an ordinary man. But once he stepped into the cultivation world, he would make great achievements if he worked hard enough. He would have an astonishing refining speed and could even get faster than the so-called heaven-grade spiritual root. Moreover, it was written on the ancient books that every cultivator with the hidden spiritual root would be blessed by God and would definitely have great success in the future.

That was why the two of them were so excited. They saw Shiao Chen as the cultivator with a hidden spiritual root.

“No wonder!” Shiao Chen was so surprised and looked very relieved.

“We can’t be very sure about it now, but we will be in a minute.” Alchemy Taoist couldn’t wait any longer, “Please show it up, senior brother. Just take that thing out and let’s try it.”

“Haha, alright.” Qingyun Taoist held his long beard and looked very satisfied, “I always knew that we would need this one day ever since I got this treasure from that cave of the ancient cultivator. I never thought that day would be today.”

Right at the moment, Qingyun Taoist held a totally transparent crystal ball which was as big as a human fist and he put it on the stone table.

“Shiao Chen, you can go up here and send your spiritual power all into this globe. And then we will know if you have the hidden spiritual root or not.” Qingyun Taoist’s eyes were filled with hope as he was speaking.

Hearing that, Shiao Chen was a little bit shocked but he covered it up immediately so that the two of them didn’t notice.

“Master, are you sure that this thing can tell if one is a cultivator with a hidden spiritual power? Isn’t it written on the book that the hidden spiritual root cannot be tested out?”

“Ho ho, so you know something about it as well.” Qingyun Taoist smiled and nodded as he was very satisfied with Shiao Chen’s vast knowledge, “We cannot test the hidden spiritual root with an ordinary method, but I got this testing globe from the cave of an ancient cultivator and I have been experimenting it for years. So I think we can use it to test if you have the hidden spiritual root or not.”

Hearing that, Shiao Chen nodded. He didn’t show it up although he felt really absurd. After all, he couldn’t do any tricks in front of these two Gold Core cultivators, so he chose to listen to them. Shiao Chen walked to the stone table slowly and pressed the globe, making up his mind and sending his spiritual power into it.

As his spiritual power was going into the globe, it insanely absorbed the spiritual power of Shiao Chen like a bottomless hole and slightly shook off Shiao Chen’s hand until his face was almost pale.

“The result is about to come out.” Qingyun and Alchemy Taoist were full of expectations as they stared at the globe.

Shiao Chen had a bitter smile secretly as he thought he was never a super cultivator with a hidden spiritual root and the two of them were probably going to be really upset.

Yet right at that moment, he heard their surprised voices nearby.

“No color appeared. Shiao Chen is a cultivator with a hidden spiritual root for sure!”

Shiao Chen, “...”
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