Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 96: Destroy the Dantian
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 96: Destroy the Dantian

Translator: Flying Lines
Mingxiao Chenzhan’s reckless speech had really infuriated those cultivators as they now looked at the Flaming Sect in despise. Although the cultivators stayed away from the ordinary world for their cultivation, all of them still had connections with their families except for Gold Core cultivators who could live hundreds of years. Therefore, it was an unwritten law in the cultivation world that no family members in the ordinary world should be involved in a contest of cultivators.

And that was why Mingxiao Chenzhan’s speech at this moment upset all of them, yet they just didn’t dare to express their anger due to the great power of the Flaming Sect.

“Chenzhan, that was very improper!” Tianji Taoist’s face turned gloomy at the moment and said in a low voice, “Even if you really think like that, you are not supposed to speak it out in such a situation. How is our Flaming Sect going to find our way in the Beihua State!”

“Don’t be mad, senior brother. I think Chenzhan was too worried that he made such a mistake.” Mingxiao Master’s face changed a bit as he knew this conflict could be easily intensified, and it would definitely harm the Flaming Sect if those cultivators were really upset. “We end up like this all because of that brat from Luoyun Valley, Shiao Chen! Or we would have won the contest! I would kill that brat to ease my anger for sure if it wasn’t in today’s situation.”

Shiao Chen’s breath suddenly calmed down as he looked down a little bit, breathing out some coldness from his body.

“What, you’re scared? Infuriated? Haha, that is exactly what I want. Just wait for a while. I think you will hear from me after some time.” Mingxiao Chenzhan sneered a bit and maybe he felt it was already enough, so he pushed himself up to return to where cultivators of Flaming Sect were sitting.

However, right at that moment, Shiao Chen looked up as an extremely freezing air burst out all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, many people reacted totally differently.

“Shiao Chen, don’t be too impulsive!” Alchemy Taoist said.

“Shiao Chen, don’t kill anyone!” Qingyun Taoist said.

“How dare you! You little brat!” Mingxiao Master said.

“You really think we Flaming Sect dare not to kill anyone?” Tianji Taoist said.

“This kid is crazy!” Xuanqing said.

“Haha, come on! You better kill this brat!” Mingsha said.

Nearly all of Mingxiao Chenzhan’s bones and vessels were destroyed. He suddenly heard some people screaming as he was a little bit slow to react. And then he realized there was something that poked his Dantian fiercely, and the acute pain made his eyes roll up, and the spiritual power inside of him disappeared immediately as he fell onto the ground like a piece of rotten flesh.

His Dantian was destroyed and his cultivation was all eliminated.

Although Shiao Chen didn’t kill Mingxiao Chenzhan, he destroyed the possibility of his future cultivation. He could only live an ordinary life and there was no chance for him to be an alchemist ever.

Although the speed of the Gold Core cultivator was way faster than Shiao Chen, Mingxiao Master didn’t react fast enough and he could only watch Mingxiao Chenzhan fall on the Immortal-welcoming Arena as his Dantian was destroyed when he finally got there.

Mingxiao Chenzhan was completely destroyed?

The entire Immortal-welcoming Arena went into silence all of a sudden as everyone’s eyes blinked. They knew clearly that if there was anything handled differently, these two big sects could start a war inevitably.

“I’m gonna kill you son of a bitch!”

Mingxiao Master looked up suddenly as he turned insanely brutal and violent. It felt that as if the temperature of the universe had dropped immediately and some tiny strings of ice were forming around him.

When the Gold Core Cultivator was in a rage, he should flood the earth with the blood of countless dead bodies!

And Shiao Chen was his first target as his heart was struck directly by his fierce anger that he suddenly turned pale and took a few steps back.

“Stop it, Mingxiao!” Suddenly, after a flash of a shield light, the Alchemy Taoist dragged Shiao Chen behind himself to protect him. He looked really cold and said, “Dare you to hurt my disciple, I will never sit about and do nothing!”

“Alchemy Taoist! If you let me deal with this little bastard today, we can still talk.” Mingxiao Master sounded quite calm yet the anger in his eyes was almost condensed as frozen ice, “Otherwise, I will not let Luoyun Valley leave this place easily today!”

While at the same time, Mingxiao Chenzhan was lying on the floor like a piece of rotten flesh. Although he was suffering from acute pain, he still looked quite confused and murmured, “How come? How could he do that to me? How come...”

“You destroyed the Dantian of my great-grandson and eliminated all his cultivation. Now he is just an ordinary person. How could you be so cruel, you little bastard! Today, I am going to take your life for the revenge of my great-grandson!” Seeing that, Mingxiao Master became even more fierce as the spiritual power inside of him was surging and making the sound of coursing rivers.

“Shiao Chen, you were too impulsive. Come down from the arena right now. If this old man goes crazy today, I’ll have to fight with him!” As he was saying so, Alchemy Taoist looked really gloomy. After all, Luoyun Valley and Flaming sect had almost the same level of power that if the two of them started a war, only other sects would get the benefits. However, Shiao Chen was indeed the most outstanding disciple of Luoyun Valley for thousands of years, they would never just stand there and watch.

“Master, I started it today, so just let me fight with this old geezer.” Coldness sparkled in the eyes of Shiao Chen. Although he looked very pale due to the dreadful pressure of that Gold Core cultivator, his eyes still looked firm, saying, “To all the Taoist friends in the Beihua State, I have only one question today. Do we have a strict law in our cultivation world, that no ordinary people shall get involved in a fight of cultivators?”

“Right, we do have this law.”

“Indeed. Otherwise, I would just kill your family members when I couldn’t beat you. If that happened, the entire cultivation world would fall into chaos.”

“This law can date back to the ancient time, any cultivator who violates this law will be hunted down by the entire cultivation world.”

Hearing that, Shiao Chen’s eyes blinked and he asked again, “Then allow me to ask one more thing. If there is an evil person who tries to hurt your family members in the ordinary world, what will you do to him?”

“No need to ask. Whoever tries to hurt my family, I will kill him directly!”

“If I meet this kind of people, I will definitely fight with him till death!”

“We not only cultivate for gaining great spiritual power and long life, but also for improving the lives of our family. If we cannot protect them, then how can we be so confident to go further on the road of cultivation?”

“In order to protect my family, whoever wants to do that please stand up. Although I am not very good at cultivation, I will serve my life to make him pay for his evil intention.”

“All of you are absolutely right!” Shiao Chen’s eyes were sparkling as he pointed to Mingxiao Chenzhan and scoffed, “This man hurt more than 10 people of our Luoyun Valley with his strong cultivation and power. Besides, he was more than evil that he even tried to get Senior Sister Ji by setting a trap. I did this only to bring justice back to my brothers, and I didn’t take his life or humiliate him!”

“However, right on the Immortal-welcoming Arena, with the presence of all the Taoist friends, this man was so narrow-minded that he threatened me with the lives of the Shiao Family in Shiao City. I know I am not that kind of cold-blooded person and I cherish my family so much. Anyone who tried to hurt them shall first walk across my dead body! Why would I destroyed the Dantian and cultivation of Mingxiao Chenzhan if I wasn’t left with no choice?”
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