Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 95: Threatening
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 95: Threatening

Translator: Flying Lines
“How dare you!” At this moment, a furious voice, coming from the direction of Flaming Sect, followed by the thunderous waves of momentum, depressed Shiao Chen crazily.

Alchemy Taoist snorted coldly. With a flash, he stopped in front of Shiao Chen and protected him from being hurt. He said sullenly to Mingxiao Master, “What do you mean by doing this? Are you going to bully my junior disciple as a senior?” When he spoke, his eyes sparkled with cold light. His cultivation of Gold Core could not be hidden from his body, which showed no signs of weakness. It seemed that any disagreement would cause a fight.

At this point, Shiao Chen had already been a definite inheritor in Alchemy Taoist’s heart. He would absolutely risk his life with the one who had any bit of bad thoughts to this disciple, even if he was Mingxiao Master!

Mingxiao Master clouded his face. His eyes went across Shiao Chen's face like a sharp knife, which seemed that he could not remove the hate from his heart if he did not kill Shiao directly!

“If you dare to hurt him again, I swore that you will definitely pay the price in the future!”

Mingxiao Master, whose eyes were filled with coldness and ruthlessness, had already had the intention to kill Shiao Chen now.

Alchemy Taoist sneered with a cloudy face, “If anything goes wrong with Shiao Chen, I can assure you that your disciple will never be able to leave Luoyun Valley safe and sound.”

The two faced each other uncompromisingly and the situation suddenly got intense. Under the terrible breath of the two Gold Core cultivators, all the cultivators around Immortal-welcoming Arena felt the tense atmosphere and retreated. After all, the power between the Gold Core cultivators was so overwhelming when they fought that any bit of aftermath was enough to kill them.

“Grand master, please leave the affairs to me.” In the blue hands, suddenly, Mingxiao Chenzhan opened his mouth, whose voice was calm enough to tremble people’s heart. “There will be one day when I get all that I have suffered back from this guy with interest.”

From the voice, the confidence and cruelty made everyone present couldn’t help but feel coldness in the heart.

“My kid...” Mingxiao Master felt sad. Before he spoke, he was stopped by someone else.

“Younger brother Mingxiao, please come back. Mingxiao Chenzhan has his own reason for choosing this way.” Tianji Taoist’s face clouded now. Mingxiao Chenzhan was defeated and it was sure that Flaming Sect would lost the Sect Tournament. The matter they had planed had to be delayed... At this thought, his face became gloomy and he murmured, “It will also be a spur to his future cultivation to suffer more today.”

“Humph!” Mingxiao Master’s heart was filled with mixed feelings. Half a day later, he just flicked robe sleeves, hummed coldly and flashed back and sat down beside Tianji Taoist, wearing a long face without a word.

Seeing that, Alchemy Taoist felt a slight sense of relief, and he told Shiao Chen, “Shiao Chen, Mingxiao Chenzhan was the lineal descendant of Mingxiao the alter sack. He’s a genius in cultivation. You can teach him a lesson, but do not take his life, otherwise the alter sack would became crazy and the consequence will be unimaginable.” After that, he also turned to sit down beside Qingyun Taoist.

Hearing what Alchemy Taoist said, Shiao Chen cried with a flicker in his eyes. “Which brother has also been injured? Report to me quickly!”

“Brother Xiong Boming, thirteen broken bones, nine damaged meridians, and the viscera were shocked to shift. ”

“Brother Huang Tianming, fifteen broken bones and eight damaged meridians!”

“Younger brother Liu Yun, nine broken bones and seventeen damaged meridians!”

. . .

Every time a disciple under the stage reported his injury, Shiao Chen, whose eyes were sparkled with cold light, would clench hard, and under whose big hand, a "crackling" sound of broken bones would come from Mingxiao Chenzhan’s body. At this point, in Luoyun Valley, there had already been seventeen disciples who had reported being wounded, and most of the bone meridians Mingxiao Chenzhan’s body had been broken and torn by Shiao Chen. But this person was a malicious one. Although his face was sallow with pain, and on his forehead, sweat was rolling down like beads, he kept his mouth tight. The bloodshot redness in his eyes grew more intense, as if it could condense into blood, which locked Shiao Chen like grim death.

From such eyes, it could be seen that Mingxiao Chenzhan had hated Shiao Chen to the core, which had already been the consensus of many cultivators, because that was enough to give them the willies.

However, Shiao Chen looked calm. Under the gaze of Mingxiao Chenzhan’s red eyes, there was no sign to show that Shiao Chen was timid. Gazing at Mingxiao Chenzhan fearlessly, he asked his brothers in Luoyun Valley, “Anyone else?”

“The last one... Brother Peng Feng, nine broken bones and twelve damaged meridians.” With that, besides worship, in that disciple’s eyes casted to Shiao Chen, a bit of awe was added.

“Ok!” Hearing that, Shiao Chen nodded. He clenched slightly, and then it was the cracking sound of bones.

“Mingxiao Chenzhan, you’ve hurt eighteenth cultivators of our Luoyun Valley, and I, on their behalf, ask you to pay them back today. If there is any objection, you can come to me for revenge in the future. I’ll be always ready for a fight!”

After that, Shiao Chen waved his hand, and with the blue hand disappearing in an instance, Mingxiao Chenzhan fell down on the ground immediately. At the moment, he had almost been completely destroyed by Shiao Chen. His limbs were all twisted, hanging on the body softly. Besides, with the blood that came out of the seven holes on his head, he looked extremely miserable.

A mortal would have died by this wound, but for cultivators, these wounds could be completely healed with only a few elixirs, as long as the inner power existed. At the moment, when Mingxiao Chenzhan ran the magic power in his body, he could barely fly up in the air. With the pair of bloodshot eyes looking at Shiao Chen, he laughed as if being mad.

"Ha ha, come on! Why don't you go on? Go on! You can crush my bones and tear my meridians as many as you can, but I dare you to crush my throat! Do you dare to break my Tianling Cover? Hey, hey, you dare not. You can't kill me. Then it only needs some elixirs and rest for some time for me to recover fully.”

“Shiao Chen! Shiao Chen! Well done. I have never been so humiliated since I started my cultivation. I remember you. Hey hey, in the long run, I believe that one day I will see you again, and I will repay you a thousand times what I have suffered today.”

Ready to go, Shiao Chen lifted his leg slightly, flicked his blue robe with a finger and smiled calmly, “Come again and I can still beat you like this.”

“You!” Mingxiao Chenzhan, whose eyes were glistening with bloodshot, became calm a moment later, sneered at the corners of his mouth and said in a low voice, “Shiao Chen of the Shiao family in the Shiao town. Well, even if I can't get it back from you now, it's also an easy thing to get some interest back.”

Hearing that, Shiao Chen darkened his face in a moment. With a flash of cold light in his eyes, an intention of killing rose in his heart, and he squinted at Mingxiao coldly, “What did you say?”

"Hey hey, why? Are you afraid? Ha ha ha ha ha!” Seeing Shiao Chen touched by his words, unexpectedly, Mingxiao Chenzhan felt some pleasure in his heart and he couldn't help laughing hysterically. “You may rest assured that you have got Luoyun Valley’s promise of a thousand years of protection for Shiao family, and I will definitely wait until I'm fully recovered so as not to leave any weakness to you, ha ha ha ha!”
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