Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 94: One Finger Devourer, Shoot!
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 94: One Finger Devourer, Shoot!

Translator: Flying Lines
“Spirit Lock, unlock the first layer!” After saying that, he tore off a white talisman on his forehead with great force, and at the same time, his spiritual power suddenly soared up and reached the late-stage of the Foundation Establishment level in a short time.

“Wow! It seems that Mingxiao Chenzhan has sealed a strong spiritual power inside himself, and he just let it out now, which is pretty much the same as upgrading an entire stage.”

“What a strong spiritual power! Although he leveled it up solely with his power, he is almost able to fight with a cultivator in the late-stage of the Foundation Establishment.”

“I’m afraid Shiao Chen of the Luoyun Valley is going to suffer this time, no matter how talented he is. A cultivator in the middle-stage of the Foundation Establishment shall never beat up one in the late-stage.”

“If I were him, I would give up immediately, otherwise the consequences could be really ugly.”

The Flaming Sect was very nervous as the Mingxiao Master’s face went gloomy immediately when Mingxiao Chenzhan unsealed the talisman. He looked at Shiao Chen with his fierce eyes and condemned, “Damn, this lad has really got something that Zhanchen had no choice but to unseal his talisman!”

This talisman was used to cooperate with the secret skill of Spirit Lock and seal the power of those cultivators who had passed away inside him for further refining. It wouldn’t do any harm to the cultivator and could accelerate the speed of refining. However, Mingxiao Chenzhan unsealed it early, so there could be a hidden danger inside of him even though his power had been improved in a short time by force. He could probably gain nothing in his cultivation within the next two years.

Tianji Taoist looked terrible now as well. He felt a bit of unrest when Shiao Chen appeared all of a sudden.

“Maybe I’m thinking too much. Although this lad is quite powerful, Zhanchen is still able to beat him as he is as powerful as a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator after unsealing the talisman.” Yet he still felt more and more worried as he couldn’t figure out anything about Shiao Chen.

The Luoyun Valley was even more nervous as Shiao Chen was their very last hope. If he failed as well, then Luoyun Valley would not only lose the contest, but also give out one of their most promising disciples.

Therefore, the reputation of the sect would be severely harmed. And even if they had two Gold Core cultivators, they would still be ranked under the Flaming Sect and could barely regain a higher status. Hence, the contest between Shiao Chen and Mingxiao Chenzhan at the moment was tightly connected to the rise and fall of their sects respectively.

A cold light flashed through Shiao Chen’s eyes. Although Mingxiao Chenzhan’s power had rocketed up high after he unsealed the talisman, Shiao Chen still looked very calm and not panic at all.

“Mingxiao Chenzhan, you are so arrogant today that you have humiliated the entire sect of Luoyun Valley. Our respected two masters will never fight with you, so I am taking responsibility. Now I’m going to fight for my fellow brothers who had been hurt by you today!”

“I will definitely let you taste the same bitterness of the pain you have caused to my brothers. Please watch it carefully!”

“Reckless brat. Haven’t you figured out the situation here? Do you really think you can beat me now?” Mingxiao Chenzhan sneered as his hair was dancing in the wind with his frightening power.

Shiao Chen looked at this man coldly and reached out his hand with four fingers bent down to point it up.

“One Finger Devourer!”

After the strike, the whole sky changed drastically!

With the cultivation of the 7th stage of Qi Refining, Shiao Chen could already send out a strike as powerful as a cultivator in the early-stage of the Foundation Establishment.

His current cultivation had reached the 16th stage of Qi Refining which made him as powerful as a cultivator in the middle-stage of the Foundation Establishment. And his divine sense was almost as strong as a cultivator in the late-stage. His power was indeed very fatal as he displayed One Finger Devourer when his power had increased so much. Maybe it was almost as strong as a strike of a Fake Core cultivator. Moreover, the One Finger Devourer could absorb the spiritual power from the outside to make itself stronger, so as long as it was within the limit of Shiao Chen’s control, it could keep growing.

Suddenly, a huge finger was formed purely by spiritual power, and the spiritual power from the outside went into it crazily as if they were guided by some force. The finger itself was becoming more and more clear with the merging of those spiritual power, and there were even lines of a human fingerprint on it. The spiritual power of it had also become more fatal and imposing.




Many cultivators were shocked as the One Finger Devourer caused a big crack when it was absorbing spiritual power by force.

“Shiao Chen has such a fatal strike that it could absorb spiritual power to grow itself. That’s weird!” Xuanqing was really shocked that he couldn’t believe Shiao Chen could be so strong and impress him so many times.

“How come we don’t have such a wonderful disciple in our Black Evil Sect?” Mingsha Master looked quite gloomy and his eyes blinked while he stared at the arena, “The two of them are both very talented, and they could probably both forging Gold Core in the future if their power keep growing . Since we don’t have this kind of young disciples in our sect, maybe we could by chance...”


As everyone was shocked, the One Finger Devourer had already fallen on the yellow scale shield covering Mingxiao Chenzhan.


Those layers of yellow light outside the scale shield which could survive that giant blue palm were now completely smashed all of a sudden. There were also several cracks on the shield. It was already totally destroyed and it fell down on the ground with a cry. Obviously, it was jout of use now.


Without the protection of the shield, Mingxiao Chenzhan suddenly turned really pale and spat out a mouthful of blood as he was struck by the One Finger Devourer.

The cultivation of the late-stage of the Foundation Establishment was so vulnerable that it got severely damaged by this strike just in a moment.

“Shoot!” Shiao Chen yelled in a low voice again and grabbed in the air. The giant blue hand appeared again and locked Mingxiao Chenzhan within. Although he looked really fierce, he couldn’t get rid of it.

“Senior Brother Heishi, how is his injury?”

Shiao Chen’s black hair was dancing by his strong spiritual power, so was his blue rope. He was now covered with extremely fatal power.

“Senior Brother Heishi has got 13 bones broken and 21 vessels damaged!” Under the arena, the disciple who was taking care of Heishi was really excited that he shouted it out while the others were all looking at him.

“Got it!” Shiao Chen yelled and grasped that giant blue hand tighter. Then people heard the constant sound of Mingxiao Chenzhan’sbones cracklings , and his mouth and nose and ears were all bleeding. However, this man didn’t speak a word but only snorted a little bit, and he stared at Shiao Chen with his terrifying eyes.

“What about Senior Brother Heita?”

Hearing that, another long-waited disciple yelled loudly, “19 bones smashed and 27 vessels damaged!”

Another cold light flashed through Shiao Chen’s eyes and he grasped his hand even tighter in calm. Then the giant blue hand was tighter as more cracklings coming out of Mingxiao Chenzhan’s body.
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