Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 93: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth 11
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 93: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth 11

Chapter 93: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth (11)
Translator: Flying Lines
“Humph! Half of my power is enough to defeat you!” Mingxiao Chenzhan scoffed, and he lowered his breath continually, keeping at the early stage of Foundation Establishment finally.

“Go to hell!” With that loud cry, Mingxiao Chenzhan, who had already reached the limit of endurance was so merciless that he gripped Shiao Chen hard by one hand, and then a big hand was out in the air, which was stretched far to Shiao Chen.

Judging from the power of this big hand, if Shiao Chen was caught by it, he would be dead or badly wounded.

There was a grim smile on Mingxiao Chenzhan’s face. Now he looked complacent as if he had already seen Shiao Chen falling to the ground in pain, crying, with all bones broken by him.

Around the Immortal-welcoming Arena, other cultivators secretly shook their heads and looked at Shiao Chen with pity.

But at that moment, a sudden shock was filled in their eyes. With eyes bulging, they seemed to have seen something incredible.

Mingxiao Chenzhan was stunned, and the grim smile on his face froze.

“Qianye Hand!”

With a deep voice, Shiao Chen stretched one of his hand forward and pulled hard downward. A huge blue palm with the size of more than three meters long instantly was formed, stretched out and went straight to Mingxiao Chenzhan’s Spirit Locking Hand.


Two huge palms collided in mid-air, sending out an overwhelming power wave.

Shiao Chen had a cultivation of the sixteenth level of Qi Refining, which was comparable to the Middle-stage of Foundation Establishment. It was coupled with the divine sense, almost the later stage of Foundation Establishment, so his move, the source of which was from the magical book Qianye Hand in his storing bag, was remarkable.

“Humph!” Mingxiao Chenzhan collected his power, and with his face paled slightly, he stepped back forwards to combat Shiao’s power. Looking at Shiao Chen, he was shocked.


The turn of situation made all people present open their mouth wide suddenly. They were all surprised and felt incredible.

“Unexpectedly, this disciple has such a practice. Given the fluctuation of his power, his cultivation must be not weaker than the cultivator of the Middle-stage of Foundation Establishment!”

"That’s impossible. It is said that he joined Luoyun Valley only a year ago. It is just one year that he has not only reached the superior third grade in alchemy, but also been comparable to cultivators of the Middle-stage of Foundation Establishment in cultivation!”

"Could it be that this Shiao Chen was the reincarnation of a powerful cultivator of Nascent Soul, who retained the memory of his previous life? Otherwise how could he have made such amazing achievements at such an age?”

“What an amazing power! Mingxiao Chenzhan fought by using the skill of Spirit Locking Hand, which is attached to the spell Spirit Lock, the medium-grade of the earth-level. Shiao Chen can make a counterattack, so we can see that the level of his practice is not low.”

“The path winds through high peaks. Unexpectedly, such a genius disciple is hidden in Luoyun Valley, and the final result of this contest between the two sects is not easy to tell.”

“Crack!” A crisp sound interrupted the chats. It turned out to be Qingyun Taoist, who was so excited that a magic overflowed from his body and in an instance shocked the jade cup in his hand into fine powder, falling slowly from its fingertips. Taking a deep breath, Qingyun Taoist said to Alchemy Taoist, full of ecstasy in his eyes. “My younger brother, this disciple of yours has brought me too much surprise!”

“I have also just know that Shiao Chen has hidden his strength so deep. I'm afraid that if it’s not the urgent situation today, he will still not reveal his power to us.” The shock in the eyes of Alchemy Taoist dissipated slowly at this point, then he said, “It seems that after the big contest, we need to have a good talk with him.”

“Well, you’re right.” Qingyun Taoist thought for a little while, then slowly nodded.

“Wow, unexpectedly, brother Shiao Chen is so powerful!”

“Worthy of being the disciple of Master Alchemy Taoist! Not only his alchemy has reached such an outstanding level, but his cultivation has advanced at a miraculous pace within just one year!”

“Our Luoyun Valley will flourish! In one hundred years, brother Shiao Chen and sister Ji will be successful in Core formation, then who dare to steal the thunder of our Luoyun Valley?!”

"No wonder that sister Ji treats brother Shiao Chen differently. I am afraid that she has already known he is extraordinary.”

“I'm afraid that only Shiao Chen is well matched with sister Ji. Both of them are genius in Luoyun Valley, and if possible, I sincerely wish them all the best to be together.”

“Elder brother, you are broad-minded to think this way, and I wish the same!”

“Come on! Brother Shiao Chen! Take down the Flaming Sect guy, and revenge for the brothers hurt by him!”

“Brother Shiao Chen! You’re powerful! Brother Shiao Chen, strikes him hard! Let him know our Luoyun Valley is the most powerful sect in Beihua State!”

At Luoyun Valley’s side, the morale was surging high. Shiao Chen gave a steady pressure on the other side when he gained an upper hand over Mingxiao the warrior at the first move, which encouraged Luoyun Valley.

“Damn, he has actually cultivated a way of hiding breath, which even we two did not feel out.” Tianji Taoist said, whose face turned as black as dark clouds, and his eyes flickered, “Can he be the ace in the hole that the old strange Qingyun Taoist deliberately hided, if so, things are a little tricky for us!”

Mingxiao Master’s face was livid now. This Shiao Chen had a cultivation clearly not weaker than Mingxiao Chenzhan, but just now he ordered the latter one to combat with only half cultivation. Thinking of that, he felt his face burning hot, and looked more gloomy in his eyes. He had hated Shiao Chen to the bones.

“Damn you! Son of a bitch! You've disgraced my grandmaster in public, and one day I'll crush you to the bone to vent out my hatred!”

The two big hands kept fighting for a while, and they were equally matched. Then Mingxiao Chenzhan changed his movement. With a flash of light, he flied backwards fast. The moment he patted his forehead, a shield came out, with the height of more than half a person and the color of earthy yellow all over, as if it was forged from the scale and shell of a monster, and protected Shiao Chen well behind itself.

When all was ready, with a cracking sound, Mingxiao Chenzhan found his Spirit Locking Hand had been deadly broken. But Shiao Chen’s blue hand, although the color was a bit dim, was dashing even faster and fell on the ground with a boom!

“Go!” the face of Mingxiao Chenzhan turned a bit ashen. He had to gave out all his magic power, and sent a wave of superior power into the scale and shell shield.

Driven by his magic power, that earthy yellow shield immediately sent out a rich yellow light, which was so dense that it seemed to form a thick soil barrier.


Instantly, the big blue hand fell on it. The earthy yellow shield crackled, and a number of cracks appeared on its surface, but under the crazy influx of yellow light, it healed rapidly. Even so, the shield still disappeared in a short moment.

Mingxiao Chenzhan’s face darkened, and there was still fear shown in the depths of his pupils. Shiao Chen’s Qianye Hand was so powerful that it was beyond his imagination. Had it not been for his superior reflex, he would have been badly hurt by it.

“Shiao Chen, I didn’t expect you hid your strength so well! But do you think you can defeat me by these tricks?” Mingxiao Chenzhan’s eyes were harsh and his words were cold. An undisguised intention of killing swept over him. “Even if I can't kill you today, I'll make you pay for it and know the distance between you and me! It’s far greater than you can imagine.”
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