Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 92: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth 10
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 92: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth 10

Chapter 92: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth (10)
Translator: Flying Lines
“Mingxiao Chenzhan, what are you talking about? There is absolutely nothing between me and Junior Brother Shiao Chen.” Ji Yuewu looked a bit panic as it drove her anxious once she heard that, “Junior Brother Shiao Chen, don’t be tricked by him. This man has really profound cultivation, and you must not accept his condition, in case you face a fatal consequence.”

However, her persuasion was obviously just in vain and those cultivators were even more suspicious, since if there was really nothing between them, then she didn’t need to be so worried. Her behavior just made her look like she was hiding something.

As time passed by, those cultivators looked at Shiao Chen with despise and they wondered why he kept being a coward even when Ji Yuewu tried so hard to take care of him, which really pissed them off.

Ji Yuewu finally realized why they looked so different after she said so, but she couldn’t speak anything else when thinking about the bitter situation right now.

Facing those eyes that despised him, Shiao Chen didn’t change a bit but turned around to look at the Immortal-welcoming Arena. He said slightly, “I never said that I wouldn’t agree with this. I know, Mingxiao Chenzhan, that you have profound cultivation, but does that mean you can predict the unknown as well?”

“You... Hum, I cannot do that, but...” Hearing that, Mingxiao Chenzhan looked a bit gloomy as he had never expected that he would be interrupted by Shiao Chen forcibly.

“Then if you cannot do that, you better just shut up and stop making noises.” Shiao Chen threw a glimpse at him and stared at Ji Yuewu for a second, and then he turned to talk to Qingyun Taoist with respect, “Master, I would like to fight with this man and bring honor to our Luoyun Valley with my efforts.”

Shiao Chen’s move was indeed coming out of his full consideration.

Ji Yuewu had always taken care of him before, and she tried many times to protect him. He could definitely tell her heart by what happened today. Shiao Chen was not a saint who cared nothing about the wordly affairs, so he was very grateful for what she had done for him, and he would definitely not let her go with Mingxiao Chenzhan and live a miserable life. That was one thing. And the other thing was, there must have been some connections between the bloody talisman that Ji Yuewu just used and the strange change of the gold stamp. Shiao Chen was determined to figure it out sometime, and this was one of the reasons he would like to fight.

“Master, I would like to fight with this man and bring honor to our Luoyun Valley with my efforts.”

His voice might not be loud, but it sounded like thunder to all those cultivators present.

“Is he crazy? How dare he agree to fight with Mingxiao Chenzhan, given his poor cultivation!”

“Maybe it is just because that his affair with Ji Yuewu got exposed that he tries so hard to fight, so as to ease the humiliation.”

“Well, he is still too young. It is no big deal getting despised by other people, compared with being humiliated in public. And he just pissed off Mingxiao Chenzhan, so I’m afraid he will really get kicked in the ass later on the stage.”

“As far as I see, Flaming Sect is probably taking this chance to smash Shiao Chen. Because this kid could become a big threat to them as he has got fantastic talent in alchemy, and he could probably become a fourth-grade cultivator in the future.”

“Maybe Qingyun Taoist was just unconscious. But since this kid has agreed to fight, let’s see how he ends it up later.”

At the Flaming Sect side, Tianji Taoist suddenly concentrated his eyes and exchanged looks with Mingxiao Master, and his eyes turned evil all of a sudden.

“This kid has got great talent in alchemy that we are not able to make him one of us. So we’d better take this chance to destroy him completely!” The two of them already understood each other without even speaking out.

“Haha, you are never too young to get the fame. I didn’t expect that Shiao Chen, my friend could be so brave and outstanding at alchemy . However, Zhan is way more advanced than you in cultivation, so this fight of you two is too unfair for you. Zhan, you are only allowed to use half of your power later when you fight with Shiao Chen, hold your force and don’t hurt him.” Mingxiao Master stood up and laughed. Although he was praising him, he looked at Shiao Chen with his cold eyes which were full of sarcasm.

“Yes, master. I will definitelycontrol myself later.” Mingxiao Chenzhan looked really fierce and answered with a sneer.

“Shiao Chen, make the decision when you think it through, and never act with temper. This fight is not as simple as you expect.” Alchemy Taoist looked quite anxious as Luoyun Valley had already lost a talented disciple. If Shiao Chen was destroyed then they would never be able to accept it.

Hearing that, Shiao Chen felt really warm in his heart as he knew exactly how deeply Alchemy Taoist cared about him.

“Don’t worry about me, master. I know what to do. I’ll explain everything to you when I humiliate this guy and earn back our dignity for all the disciples in Luoyun Valley.”

Later, Shiao Chen turned around and said loudly, “Thank you so much for your justice, Senior Mingxiao.”

After saying that, he flew to the Immortal-welcoming Arena with his spiritual shield.

“You... you shouldn’t have agreed.” Ji Yuewu looked really anxious. She took out a spiritual weapon that looked like a lady scarf and put it into Shiao Chen’s hand, saying, “Well, it is too late now. This is my weapon to protect myself and it is almost as powerful as a high-grade weapon. You take this and in case something bad happens, just admit that you’re losing. It could protect you after all.”

“No worries, Senior Sister Ji. I am quite confident in dealing with this man.” Shiao Chen looked at this lady carefully and took her scarf in his pocket without further explaining, “Please go back and have a rest to restore your spiritual power. I will come back soon after I nail this man.”

“Then take care. I will leave now.” Being stared at by Shiao Chen, Ji Yuewu suddenly felt quite embarrassed and blushed for a bit, then she walked out with her spiritual shield right away.

“I am gonna make you suffer a lot, brat.” Mingxiao Chenzhan looked really calm as their intimate talking had driven him crazy. He wished he could tear Shiao Chen into pieces.

Coldness flashed across the eyes of Shiao Chen as he sneered, “Don’t be so arrogant, we will see the result after we fight.”

“Alright, take my attack!” Hearing that, Mingxiao Chenzhan was super furious that a strong spiritual power burst out of him like a storm.

“Wait!” Right at that moment, Shiao Chen waved his hand and yelled calmly.

Mingxiao Chenzhan cooled down and scoffed with a gloomy face, “So what? You’re afraid now? It’s too late. Let me tell you, no matter how hard you beg, I will never show any mercy.”

Hearing that, Shiao Chen stared at him weirdly and sneered again, “Well, I just want to remind you that Mingxiao Master said you should only use half of your cultivation. Are you trying to break your promise now?”
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