Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 91: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth 9
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 91: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth 9

Chapter 91: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth (9)
Translator: Flying Lines
“You ...” Hearing that, Qingyun Taoist became sullen. He looked gloomy completely, but could not retort.

“Don't worry, Chief Master Immortal. Just now this person has boasted about what he can do, and if then a disciple of Luoyun Valley can beat him, the agreement before is still valid! I have no capability, but will absolutely not let Sister Ji marry him. I will fight him to death!” While talking, in Luoyun Valley, a twenty-year-odd-old young man, who looked upright and furious, fell on the Immortal-welcoming Arena with a flash of light.

“Let me teach you a lesson, brat!” Suddenly, the disciple smacked his forehead, brought out a piece of spiritual weapon from inside his body. Then he pointed at Mingxiao Chenzhan, towards whom the spiritual weapon fell immediately.

“Reckless!” Mingxiao Chenzhan laughed and also there was a sneer on his face, “Even if I have lost some magic power, you’re not my rival!”

In the sneer, he waved his hand and clapped casually, and then a big black hand converged in the air. Like flies being swatted, that disciple of Luoyun Valley and his spiritual weapon were both struck down on the ground.

“Get lost!” Mingxiao Chenzhan shouted in a low voice, and kicked the disciple who was vomiting blood out of Immortal-welcoming Arena. With a sudden flick of the sleeves, Mingxiao Chenzhan shouted to all the disciples of Luoyun Valley, "I am right here. If anyone has any objection, come up at once! I’ll fight with you all! You crap!”

Mingxiao Chenzhan was extremely arrogant to say so. But the cultivators around Immortal-welcoming Arena all kept silent. After all, what had just been revealed was obvious to all of them. He was near the Middle-stage of Foundation Establishment and his cultivation was enough to defeat the younger generation of cultivators of Luoyun Valley!

The cultivators of Luoyun Valley, from Chief Master Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist to disciples outside the sect, all wore a gloomy face, and it was possible that they wished to devour Mingxiao Chenzhan alive.

“Mingxiao Chenzhan, don’t be insolent! Do you think there’s no one to fight against you in our Luoyun Valley? Although I’m less powerful, I still want to fight with you!”

Another disciple from Luoyun Valley, with cultivation of the seventh level of Qi Refining, shouted angrily. With a flash of light, he went straight to the stage.


The disciple let out a low cry, and raised his hand, then a Jade Hair Clasp turned into about a foot in size, and fell down quickly.

“Crap!” Mingxiao Chenzhan sneered. When he made a casual clap, a hand appeared in the air. Then the Jade Hair Clasp let out a wail, and it was directly shot into two sections, along with which, the disciple squirted blood and fell down the stage.

“Mingxiao Chenzhan, take my Xuanyin Hand!”

. . .

“The Flaming Sect brat, catch my magic weapon!”

. . .

“Even if I can’t beat you, I will make you suffer!”

. . .




Within a short while, more than a dozen disciples of Luoyun Valley rushed to the stage, but their strengths had a large discrepancy with Mingxiao Chenzhan. They all ended up with vomiting blood and being defeated with just a wave of Mingxiao Chenzhan.

“Losers, a bunch of losers! Has Luoyun Valley only cultivated these garbage after so many years?! None of you is my rival! Chief Master Qingyun Taoist, if no disciple in Luoyun Valley is capable enough to fight with me, how about admitting defeat automatically? Or you’ll end up insulting yourself.”

Mingxiao Chenzhan laughed crazily, and in the depths of his pupils, it sparkled. He looked at the people of Luoyun Valley, with full contempt.

Qingyun Taoist’s face became ashen and stiff. Glancing at his disciples, he felt helpless in the heart. About a dozen of disciples standing on the stage were all outstanding ones of Luoyun Valley. Now that they were defeated by the opponent at will, what was the use of having more incapable disciples left?

“Are we really going to lose this time? Originally I thought since Alchemy Taoist has got to Gold Core successfully, Luoyun Valley’s resurgence can be expected. Unexpectedly, in the end we’ll become a stepping stone to others. How unfair it was! I won’t reconcile to it! I won’t reconcile to it!”

With cold eyes, Qingyun Taoist said in an unwilling voice, “Are there anyone willing to fight on the stage? No matter who, as long as you win, you can automatically become Luoyun Valley’s core disciple. You’ll be granted the earth level power and rewarded the position of the Elder!”

Since great reward having been promised, the disciples of Luoyun Valley looked at each other, speechless. After all, although the reward was rich, disciples with lower cultivation still didn’t dare to answer. The arrogance of Mingxiao Chenzhan just now had made them frightened.

Seeing that there was still no response, instantly, with eyes dimmer, Qingyun Taoist seemed to have aged a lot. But when his eyes fell on the black robe of a disciple, with a sudden inexplicable feeling, he could not help but ask, “Shiao Chen, will you go?”

Shiao Chen, will you go?

Although the voice was not loud, it was enough to let all the people in Immortal-welcoming Arena hear clearly.

“What? Is it that Qingyun Taoist was so angry that he got muddle-headed? Unexpectedly, he intended to send this guy to battle!”

"Although this guy is good at alchemy, which is enough to earn the title of alchemy master, his cultivation was only the second level of Qi Refining. If he fights against Mingxiao Chenzhan, will he immediately be killed?”

“Qingyun Taoist must have been out of his mind at the fit of anger. This disciple of his is clearly talented in alchemy, but if he was sent to the stage now, even if the other one doesn’t kill him, he will get down the stage with insanity at least. It will add another big loss to Luoyun Valley.”

“You’re right. If I were him, I might admit defeat directly. Wouldn't it be humiliating to be knocked off the stage one by one? Now incredibly, they are so muddleheaded to send this alchemy master to fight. If they really don't want him, our Fengshui Sect will greet him warmly.”

Having finished the words, Qingyun Taoist came to himself. Hearing the whisper around, he felt a bit embarrassed, but could not go back on the words he uttered. He had to pretend to be deaf and wait for Shiao Chen’s answer.

At the moment, all eyes fell on Shiao Chen. On the Immortal-welcoming Arena, Ji Yuewu, pale on her face, whose eyes, with a bit of complexity, fell on Shiao Chen, was waiting for his answer.

Mingxiao Chenzhan caught that, and with some coldness flashed by in his eyes, his willingness to kill Shiao increased instantly.

At the foot of Immortal-welcoming Arena, under the public’s attention, Shiao Chen frowned slightly, paused for a little while, and he said, “Chief Master, I...”

Before Shiao Chen finished his words, he was interrupted by a guffaw. Mingxiao Chenzhan pointed at Shiao Chen from afar and sneered, "I do not know what relation between you and younger sister Yuewu was before, and whether you two have affection or not. Today I’ll tell you, she is my woman from now on. If you don’t give it up, just go ahead and fight with me. If you want to be a coward, you can leave as far as you can. Never show up in front of Yuewu again. Otherwise, I will certainly not forgive you!”
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