Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 90: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth 8
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 90: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth 8

Chapter 90: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth (8)
Translator: Flying Lines
Ji Yuewu looked a bit confused yet she didn’t have the time to think about it, as the talisman in her hand had already been activated that she had to shoot it out.

“Watch out, Mingxiao Taoist! I got this incomplete secret weapon accidentally in a market and it is too powerful that I can’t even fully control it. Shoot!”

The talisman started to swell immediately when it left her hand and it grew as big as half feet within a short moment. It had the light of blood shining all over and tons of fierce power coming from it.

“What kind of secret weapon is this talisman? How come it can produce such a strong killing power?”

“According to its natural and majestic texture, it is probably a weapon from ancient cultivators.”

“Alas, it’s a pity that this weapon is incomplete, so even it looks quite powerful now, its actual power might not be so strong. And I’m afraid it cannot be strong enough to break the Jade Ruyi on the head of that lad from Flaming Sect.”

“What? So that is the Jade Ruyi they got from the cave of an ancient cultivator? I heard that it is super powerful, able to compete with every ordinary defense weapon. No wonder this lad is so confident and takes a mid-earth level spell as the wager, maybe he already knew that he would win!”

“Haha, then I am so curious about your talisman. Take it!” Mingxiao Chenzhan looked really confident. He waved his two hands and two giant palms appeared in the air all of a sudden, smashing down to the bloody talisman.

Both of the two palms were as big as three or four feet and were totally black. The power coming out of them was almost as strong as the cultivator in mid-level Foundation Establishment stage.



Two palms struck down, yet the bloody talisman just stopped for a bit and then torn it apart immediately. It then went directly to Mingxiao Chenzhan without even one bit of slowing down.

“Hum!” Mingxiao Chenzhan scoffed as his two palms were smashed in a flash. He was shocked for a moment as the power of this bloody talisman was way beyond his expectation.

“Jade Ruyi, form the plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum to protect me!” Mingxiao Chenzhan shouted in a low voice and his spiritual power started to operate. He then pointed upward suddenly, and the power was rolling out to insert into the Jade ruyi.


Along with the help of the spiritual power, the Jade Ruyi shined bright immediately as four shades of plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum were appearing around it. There was also a strong natural power of heaven and earth coming out of it.

It was quite complicated to describe the scene, but it all happened in a flash. Before Mingxiao Chenzhan could activate the actual power of his Jade Ruyi, the bloody talisman already fell onto him immediately.


A massive noise burst out in the air all of a sudden when the two collided, and the shock wave of the strong spiritual power even made those cultivators around the Immortal-welcoming Arena pale and trembling. All creatures alive in the forest of the whole Luoyun Valley were now shivering and paralyzed.

Meanwhile, the four shades of plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum were whirling in a fast speed on that Jade Ruyi, sending out spiritual lights in four colors of red, purple, green, and yellow. They were tangled with the bloody talisman.

Seeing that the talisman was trapped, Ji Yuewu looked even paler. She took a few moves and yelled with her tiny mouth, “Bloody talisman, form up! Call the true spirit and strike!”

After her yelling, the bloody talisman which had been struggling with the four-color lights on the Jade Ruyi trembled all of a sudden and explode right away, turning into a whirling blood mist. While it was breathing, the bloody mist turned into a whirlpool as big as a few feet. There was a bloody palm formed out of it and reached out to the four-color spiritual light.

Crack! Crack!

The whirling shades of plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum stopped all of a sudden and broke into pieces after a second of trembling. The Jade Ruyi was also covered with cracks as its spiritual power disappeared immediately. It was totally useless now and fell on the ground with a tragic cry.

“Eh?” Before the bloody palm was about to be withdrawn, a voice of someone questioning was coming from somewhere. But the whirlpool started to shrink before he acted. So even if the palm was not willing, it could do nothing but shrink back fast.

“In such an emergency, she used her secret talisman and broke the space to call the master to save a life!”

“What kind of secret talisman does she have anyway? How come she could break the space by force and call a helper?”

“She could easily break that Jade Ruyi which is as strong as a defense weapon, so she is way more powerful than imagination. Maybe she is the lengendary Nascent Soul?”

“What a pity. If she added more power, she could have a bigger hit on that lad from Flaming Sect. But then the result would be completely different from now.”

Most of the cultivators on the hall were shaking their heads secretly. Although the last life-saving strike of Ji Yuewu was very impressive, it costed her massive power. However, it only took Mingxiao Chenzhan a little spiritual power as he was protected by his Jade Ruyi. So it was quite clear who won this contest.

“Well, it seems that I won this time. Junior Sister Ji, I will definitely come here to take you as my wife in two weeks. Please take care of yourself during this time.” Mingxiao Chenzhan’s face changed drastically for a while, and he looked a bit shocked and thought, “When I get her finally, I will get her life-saving skill at any cost. It is pretty much as powerful as a life-saving weapon!”

Hearing that, Ji Yuewu went pale and sighed when she looked at a man in black clothes with her lips bit up, “Although he is really good at refining, this man is as powerful as a cultivator in mid-level Foundation Establishment stage, so he can do nothing to help me even if he steps out. He will just be humiliated. I thought I could beat this man with my talisman and got that earth level spell. Who would have thought this... maybe this is my fate.” Thinking of this, she looked even paler like a tender white flower in winter that won people’s sympathy easily.

Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist looked really upset as there might hardly be any changes with so many cultivators in the Beihua State as witnesses.

While the Tianji Taoist and Mingxiao Master were very delighted as probably there would be another Gold Core cultivator in their sect in the next century if they took this girl. How could they restrain their joy?

“Tianji Taoist, our disciples are not allowed to bring any weapons above the magic weapon for this contest between our two sects. But the Jade Ruyi that Mingxiao Chenzhan used this time is as powerful as a magic weapon, so I’m afraid our Luoyun Valley will not accept the result.” Qingyun Taoist looked quite gloomy and said in a cold voice.

"Where does that come from, Qingyun master?” Mingxiao Master rolled his eyes and sneered, “This Jade Ruyi is an ancient weapon, and it is just one of the top spiritual weapons. Even if it is as powerful as a magic weapon, it is literally not a magic weapon, so we didn’t violate the agreement. Or, Qingyun master wants to break your promise in front of all those cultivators of Beihua State?"
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