Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 89: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth 7
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 89: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth 7

Chapter 89: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth (7)
Translator: Flying Lines
“Ah! Damnable Mingxiao Chenzhan! How sinister he is! He has deliberately hidden his cultivation, so despicable!”

“He is so mean, sly and nasty that sister Yuewu fell into his trap. This guy is just setting a trap deliberately. This is bad.”

“Come on, sister Yuewu. If you lose to this brat, I will not let him marry you.”

At Luoyun Valley’s side, when all the disciples saw the sudden outbreak of Mingxiao Chenzhan’s hidden power, their expressions changed greatly and they scolded him, when their eyes became bloodshot again.

Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist also had gloomy looks in their eyes. Mingxiao Chenzhan’s practice concealing method was quite extraordinary, so that unexpectedly, they did not see any slightest clue, either.

“This person is so calculated and cunning. I’m afraid he had already made a plan early before he came to the arena. With the cultivation he revealed before as camouflage, his ultimate goal was Yuewu.”

At the opposite pole of Luoyun Valley, the Flaming Sect were jubilant.

“Brother Mingxiao Chenzhan, go get her, marry this beauty of Luoyun Valley.”

“Brother Mingxiao Chenzhan is so powerful that he snatched off the first beauty of Luoyun Valley, which makes me envy.”

“The boys of Luoyun Valley, don't just keep clamoring at the bottom of Luoyun Valley. Anyone who wants to challenge me can go up onto the platform. I think brother Mingxiao Chenzhan will never mind combating with you.”

“Yes, yes, you’re right, my brother. Just now they dared not stand forward but sent out this delicate beauty, who will soon be won home by brother Mingxiao to cultivate as a couple, but now they made such noise that it was disgusting.”

Tianji Taoist and Mingxiao Master, the eyes of whom fell on the gloomy face of Qingyun Taoist, suddenly felt a burst of comfort in their hearts. With a smile that was hard to conceal, they had a great satisfaction at the thought of taking away the beautiful and highly qualified girl.

Ji Yuewu showed some worry on her face, and alarm flashed in her eyes, which was instantly suppressed by her.

“The Middle-stage of Foundation Establishment!” Ji Yuewu was caught in a dilemma. With her current cultivation of the ninth level in Qi Refining period, and some secret arts, she might still have a 50% chance of winning to contend against cultivators at the early stage of Foundation Establishment, but less than 20% against those at the early stage of Foundation Establishment. Ji Yuewu took a deep breath, and tried to relax herself a bit. With a gleam of determination in her eyes, which were as bright as the sea pearls, she said coldly, “We’ll know the result at the end of the fight. Although friend Mingxiao Chenzhan has a deep cultivation, I still won’t give in without having a fight with him!”

Between words, a spiritual power wafted from inside her body. It was much weaker than that of Mingxiao Chenzhan, but had barely reached the early stage of Foundation Establishment.


Ji Yuewu did not stop and took out an unsophisticated jade pendant, which was yellow all over and about the size of a palm, from the storage bag. She reached her hand out to input a stream of spiritual power and threw it on top of her head.

The jade pendant was sparkling with yellow rays of light, which enveloped her and about three meters around in.

Seeing the jade pendant successfully driven, Ji Yuewu showed a look of relief, which seemed that she had a great confidence in the defense of the treasure. With a slight hesitation flashing in her eyes, the lady paused. And then with eyebrows slightly knitted, she bit through her slender index finger without hesitation. Then hot blood gushed out on the fingertip; instead of dripping, it condensed into a red blood bead on her fingertip.

Ji Yuewu drew on the air, and the blood bead on her fingertip was like a cinnabar Talisman brush. With the movement of her hand, a Talisman Rune of a foot in size, which was made with blood streaks, complicated and mysterious, appeared slowly. Nobody knew what the Tailsman Rune was. It seemed that it had consumed all the magic power of Ji Yuewu to draw it, and now she was turning extremely pale, and her breath was also uneven.

The Talisman Rune was primitive and simple in style, with an implied magnanimous quality, which made people know at a glance that it was not an ordinary thing. Although it was only got by calligraphy and painting, a suffocating force was slowly wafting out from it.

Mingxiao Chenzhan felt the strong power that emanated from the Talisman Rune and finally his face grew grave. He was conceited, but not a fool. He did not dare to take no heed of the strong power of the Rune.


He patted his forehead, and for the first time he offered a magic weapon. Unexpectedly, it was a Jade Ruyi, a foot in size and green in color. It was full of heavy and complicated grains, and was circle on the head, on which the plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and other things were carved, with countless fine streaks running downstream.

The Jade Ruyi was indeed a different treasure, and driven by Mingxiao’s magic power, it grew out innumerable green silk threads, which hung low like slender willow branches, forming a curtain over Mingxiao Chenzhan.

At the same time, the red Talisman Rune standing in the air in front of Ji Yuewu suddenly burst out of golden light, and a strange force came instantly as if being called from the space broken afar, with this rune as a medium.

“Buzz!" At this moment, Shiao Chen suddenly became nervous, and his body became tight instantly and there was panic in his eyes. At the next moment, he looked calm, but he looked at Ji Yuewu with astonishment, feeling uncertain about what would ha. Just now, when the Talisman Rune was motivated by Ji Yuewu, the gold seal which had been merged in Shiao Chen’s soul, with no sign of movement before, suddenly quivered violently. At the same time, an ineffable breath exhaled from the gold seal. Although the gold seal breathed in quickly after it breathed out, what made Shiao Chen astonished was the breath that the gold seal sent out, and the acknowledge allegiance to Talisman Rune from its inside. It made him shiver all over, and he seemed to lose all his will instantly, with no resistance at all.

"What treasure is this gold seal on earth? How can it resonate with Ji Yuewu’s magic power?” Just now between the breaths, Shiao Chen felt obviously that the breath entered into Talisman Rune in front of Ji Yuewu. When it came back, not only had it not been consumed, but slightly doubled in volume.

The sudden change of situation made Shiao Chen gloomy suddenly. He had been able to be powerful like so because of the gold seal in the soul, and he would have been greatly disturbed if he had not been able to find out what it was.

Now Shiao Chen couldn’t stay calm anymore, but nobody noticed it, because on the Immortal-welcoming Arena, the strong breath suddenly emitted from the bloody Talisman in front of Ji Yuewu had attracted the attention of all people.

When that gold seal burst out golden light, Ji Yuewu was amazed at it for a second, then she felt overjoyed. Although she was very quick to hide her feelings, it did not escape Shiao Chen's eyes. People could only see this lady glance quickly at all around. Without finding anything unusual, she could not help but be disappointed.

“Can Sister Ji sense the breath of gold seal? And I think her rune formula is very similar to that used by Yu Ji and Corpse Rider in the sealed land, but the powers of the two differ so much. Is it because of the special blood in the body that Sister Ji could resonate with the gold seal? It seems that the origin of the gold seal has something to do with her, and I need a chance to find the truth out.” Shiao Chen’s eyes flickered. Seeing Ji Yuewu’s eyes lingering around him, he quickly looked down, and even his breath became smooth instantly.
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