Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 88: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and Earth 6
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 88: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and Earth 6

Chapter 88: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and Earth (6)
Translator: Flying Lines
“Then what will you do if I lose?” Ji Yuewu blinked her beautiful eyes and asked with caution.

“If you lose, Luoyun Valley can ask other disciples to fight with me. And if they win, it will also be counted as your winning. Same for all of my other offers.” Mingxiao Chenzhan admired her courage and added, “But if I win in the end, I will send someone from Flaming Sect to propose for our marriage in half a month. Please don’t reject me at that time. How does that sound to you?”


Hearing that, all the others were shocked, especially those young disciples from Luoyun Valley. Their eyes were burning and they really wished they could skin this Mingxiao Chenzhan alive right on the arena.

“I dare you say that again! I am no match for you but I will fight with you till my last breath!”

“Hey! You bastard from Flaming Sect, go find some chicks in your own sect! Our finest beauty of Luoyun Valley will never end up with you!”

“Senior Sister Ji, please don’t say yes to him! It is just a mid-earth level spell, and I would love to sacrifice all I have to find it for you.I promise!”

“We don’t have anyone else in our Luoyun Valley so that we have to let Senior Sister Ji deal with this guy? Please step out if you have the ability, any senior brother?”

Those young cultivators from Luoyun Valley were really furious as it would be really a shame for them if the most beautiful lady in Luoyun Valley was taken by someone from other sect directly. They would rather just kill themselves.

“If we can get the mid-earth level spell, there will be a group of elite disciples among the young generation in a few years in our Luoyun Valley.” Qingyun Taoist was really excited that he knew how important this mid-earth level spell could be, as the Qingyun Scripture he was refining was only a low-earth level spell.

“A mid-earth level spell is indeed hard to get, but this Mingxiao Chenzhan must be really certain about it, so he proposed at this moment. It will be alright if Yuewu wins, otherwise, our disciple who can definitely refine a core in the next century will be taken by Flaming Sect!” Alchemy Taoist looked really worried as he was uncertain about the situation.

“Well, maybe Yuewu should make her own decision on this. If she is not confident about herself, then she won’t agree with that proposal.” The two Gold Core cultivators looked at each other and then stared at those from the Flaming Sect.

“Nonsense! Chenzhan shouldn’t havebet with others recklessly. How could he be responsible for that if he really loses ?” Mingxiao Master’s face suddenly changed as he was quite mad when seeing the gloomy face of Tianji Taoist.

The mid-earth level spell “Spirit Lock” was acquired by the sect accidentally from a rogue cultivator. As for why it was Mingxiao Chenzhan who got to keep it for refining, the first reason was that he had good capabilities and could refine it at a fast speed, and the second was that Mingxiao Master was about to form his core privately, and it was 50% possible that he could make it. That’s why Mingxiao Chenzhan could finally get this mid-earth level spell. However, it didn’t mean that he could use it to bet with others. If he lost by any chance, even if Mingxiao Master could intervene, he would be severely punished.

“Master, shall we stop Chenzhan? He is obviously too impulsive and bold this time, so please don’t be mad at him.”

Tianji Taoist blinked and shook his head while saying with a smile, “No, since Chenzhan has already started a battle, how can he withdraw now? Moreover, this little girl from Luoyun Valley is really talented and it is more than 50% possible that she can form the core within the next century. Plus that she is already a third level cultivator, so she is good enough for the mid-earth level spell, ‘Spirit Lock’.”

“Also, no one knows better about Chenzhan’s power than you and I, so I am very confident about him!”

Mingxiao Master looked quite relieved and after a short while of thinking, he couldn’t hide his mocking smile anymore.

On the Immortal-welcoming Arena, Ji Yuewu didn’t look surprised at all as she had already thought about this possibility. Now she frowned a bit and looked cold, yet she didn’t refuse him.

“Tianji Taoist, I wonder if Mingxiao Chenzhan can represent the whole Flaming Sect.”

Tianji Taoist blinked and stared at Ji Yuewu. He then nodded slightly with a smile, saying, “Of course he can.”

Hearing that, Ji Yuewu took a deep breath and looked very determined in her white dress. She turned around and said respectfully, “Masters, I would like to accept his proposal, please allow me.”

Qingyun Taoist nodded slightly and waved his hand, saying, “Just go, Yuewu. I will prepare a feast for you when you take the reward back!”

Hearing that, Ji Yuewu bowed again. She stared at the man in dark clothes for a moment, turning around slowly and said in a cold voice, “Mingxiao Chenzhan, I’ll take your proposal. Let’s fight.”

“Great!” Mingxiao Chenzhan’s eyes were burning red and he said with his hands cupped in front of his chest, “But if I hurt you later, please don’t blame me. I will definitely keep you well before the engage ceremony in two weeks, and you will marry me and stay in Flaming Sect in a blast!”

“Maybe it’s too early to talk about it now, as you need to beat me first.” Ji Yuewu’s eyes went cold and she sent out a feet-long wind blade directly to Mingxiao Chenzhan after waving her sleeves, saying, “I’ll make the first strike if you refuse to do it!”

“Haha, alright, then I’ll let you know how worthy I am for you to marry!” Mingxiao Chenzhan looked really arrogant as his clothes were shaking when a strong spiritual power coming out of him. It was more than a hundred times stronger than before that it could reach the mid-level stage of the Foundation Establishment. “This is my real power, do you think you can beat me? How about you just go back now, in case we might have a really ugly fight later.”

While he was talking, he grabbed and smashed the wind blade easily with a giant palm formatted in the air by his hand.

“How come? Mingxiao Chenzhan hid his power?”

“He is only slightly weaker than a cultivator in the mid-level Foundation Establishment stage. With such a power, he could easily nail any young disciple in Luoyun Valley. I’m afraid that we will lose this great disciple this time.

“Flaming Sect is really complicated. Now they have two Gold Core cultivators in their sect, plus such brilliant young disciple having such great power at such a young age. They can definitely formate the Gold Core successfully within the next century.”

“Maybe the finest disciple nurtured by Luoyun Valley will go to the other side this time. Mingxiao Chenzhan has shown himself off and gained huge fame in the Beihua State. He can also win a gorgeous beauty. Who else can we get jealous of?”

In the hall, those cultivators from each sect looked at each other with great shock in their eyes, and they couldn’t help but look at those cultivators from Flaming Sect with respect.
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