Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 87: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and Earth 5
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 87: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and Earth 5

Chapter 87: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and Earth (5)
Translator: Flying Lines
The divine sense of the Gold Core cultivators was strong enough for them to hear the whispering of those cultivators around. Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist went gloomy as they were afraid that the Luoyun Valley might lose its reputation in the whole Beihua State once they failed this contest, even if it already had two Gold Core cultivators.

“Does anyone of you want to fight for the sect?” Qingyun Taoist looked around and each one of those disciples looked at by him went pale and didn’t dare to react.

“So our Luoyun Valley has no other choice but to admit failure as no one is brave enough to support the sect?” Qingyun Taoist looked really gloomy and helpless, yet he knew it clearly that probably not even one single disciple out there could fight with Mingxiao Chenzhan as he was absolutely showing his great power which was almost as good as an early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator.

“Master, I would like to try it out.” Right at that moment, there came a female voice that sounded like a nightingale singing, clear and elegant.

Ji Yuewu stepped forward and held her dress to take a bow. She looked calm and outstandingly elegant.

“Well...” Hearing that, Qingyun Taoist was a bit hesitant. Ji Yuewu had a great spiritual root and was able to refine the third-grade Cultivation-bloating Pill independently, so she definitely had great potential. That was why he didn’t want her to get any injury that might stop her from further improving her cultivation.

Alchemy Taoist’s eyes blinked and said suddenly, “Yuewu, if you go to fight, how confident are you in defeating Mingxiao Chenzhan?”

Hearing that, Ji Yuewu stopped for a bit and opened her tender lips to say, “I am at least 50% sure that I will defeat him if he didn’t hide his power.”

“Alright, go ahead. If you can’t beat him then just say it. I’d rather we lose the game than seeing you get hurt.”

Ji Yuewu felt really warm and she bowed again to them. She looked at someone behind and jumped onto the Immortal-welcoming Arena with her spiritual shield just like a stunningly graceful fairy.

“I am Ji Yuewu from Luoyun Valley, and I would like to compete with Senior Brother Mingxiao.”

Mingxiao Chenzhan’s eyes were bursting out sparks as he stared at Ji Yuewu, not even trying to hide his craving desire for her.

“Junior Sister Ji, why are you here on the Immortal-welcoming Arena? Is there no man in the Luoyun Valley? I’m afraid I will be really sorry if I hurt you by accident.”

Hearing that, all those young disciples in the Luoyun Valley were very ashamed. They all wanted to hide themselves immediately as they could even feel the disdainful eyes of those young cultivators from other sects around.

Even Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist were embarrassed yet they tried to hide their real feelings.

“Don’t be too confident, Senior Brother Mingxiao. Since today our two sects have this contest, it is totally reasonable that I, as a disciple of Luoyun Valley, fight for the sect. Therefore, I will definitely fight with all my power when we are on the stage later, so please be careful for yourself.” Ji Yuewu’s beautiful eyes blinked as she replied at ease.

Hearing that, those disciples of Luoyun Valley were indeed very grateful and looking at Ji Yuewu with even hotter eyes.


“Go get him! Senior Sister Ji! Hit that dude hard! Teach him a lesson so he will never mess with our Luoyun Valley!”

“Please revenge for senior brother Hei Ta and Hei Shi! This dude must be carried down the arena as well!”

“What are you looking at, kid? How dare you have any thoughts on Senior Sister Ji! You’d better keep them to yourself!”

“She is way out of your league! Little brat from Flaming Sect, if you keep looking at her, I will definitely kill you!”

Those cultivators from Luoyun Valley that had been shocked before were all rioting as if they met the enemies who killed their fathers. All of them were screaming with their bloody eyes and looked like they were about to fight with Mingxiao Chenzhan at any time.

“Hmmm, it seems that Junior Sister Ji is quite popular in Luoyun Valley.” Mingxiao Chenzhan looked a bit stunned yet he remained calm instantly, saying with a smile, “What if we add some little things to spice up our game?”

Hearing that, Ji Yuewu frowned a bit and said slightly, “Then what is your suggestion?” Facing his burning eyes, Ji Yuewu was quite unpleasant and she sounded quite cold.

Seeing Ji Yuewu’s cold and proud reaction, Mingxiao Chenzhan was even more tempted than angry that he wished he could swallow her all at once.

“Then if you win our game, Flaming Sect will lose the contest immediately and I will give out a mid-earth level spell as the reward. How does that sound to you?”

“Mid-earth!” Ji Yuewu was surprised for a bit and frowned as she went quite hesitant all of a sudden.

While those cultivators around the Immortal-welcoming Arena were all shocked as well that they all looked stunned, yet their eyes returned to be red again.

“How is that possible? He has got a mid-earth level spell?”

“No wonder he has such great power at such a young age. And he is even powerful as a cultivator in the early stage of the Foundation Establishment. It is all because of the mid-earth level spell!”

“It seems that this lad is very lucky. Maybe he found some cave ancient cultivators once lived in and the spell was there.”

“But Mingxiao Chenzhan is obviously looking for something really important, or he wouldn’t take a mid-earth level spell as the reward. Is he...”

The spells in the cultivation world were categorized into four levels, namely Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow. Yellow level spells were the most ordinary ones that both the refining speed and spiritual power attached were just inferior. Most random cultivators and small cultivator families or sects would choose this kind of spell to practice. As for the black level spells, even a low-black level spell was times more powerful than a yellow level one. It absorbed the spiritual power faster and produced bigger strength by refining. Although this kind of spell was very rare, it could be found in an auction of the cultivation world every few decades.

Most of the earth level spells remained were kept in big sects, and normally they would only be passed to the core disciples. Whoever leaked the spells out should be severely punished. The earth level spells had appeared so far were mostly discovered in the ancient cultivator caves by lucky cultivators. But every time when an earth level spell showed up, those sects would fight for it insanely, thus causing countless deaths.

The heaven level spell only existed in the legend and maybe only the superpowers in the core five states had it, such as the North, South, West, and East. Beihua State in the Zhao kingdom which was really backward in cultivation skills had never ever found one.

Therefore, Mingxiao Chenzhan’s proposal was absolutely an earthquake as he offered a mid-earth level spell for the contest, which drove so many cultivators crazy.
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