Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 85: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and Earth 3
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 85: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and Earth 3

Chapter 85: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and Earth (3)
Translator: Flying Lines
Hearing that, Tianji Taoist showed a little hesitation in his eyes. He nodded slowly after pondering for a while, but still exhorted him in a worried voice, “I’ve been thinking about let you fight with them, but you should promise me not to do anything reckless. If you kill anyone, I will punish you severely!"

"I got it. Chief Master, please rest assured." With that, he stood up, and with a flash of light, he directly fell on the Immortal-welcoming Arena, leaving the young cultivators of Flaming Sect in awe.

“Flaming Sect, I’m Mingxiao the warrior! Do it now, or I won’t you another chance later." Mingxiao the warrior said that calmly, but his eyes were shining, with a strong confident look.

“Don’t talk big!” Hei Shi snorted coldly, but was irritated by the opponent’s defiant attitude, thus his magic power was aroused, hitting several spells in succession on the fire toad.


The fire toad let out a harsh low roar. Though it was formed by flames, its fist-sized eyeballs were flexible, as if it had its own spiritual wisdom. At the moment, driven by the spell, it opened its mouth and shot out a flame, which ran straight down to Mingxiao the warrior. The temperature of this flame was so high that the moment it appeared, people felt a heat wave oncoming and a touch of dryness-heat.

Far in the Luoyun Valley, Shiao Chen felt worried that Hei Shi might lose. When Mingxiao the warrior first appeared, Shiao Chen had already found that this man had a profound practice, not knowing what skills he had practiced, which was near to the cultivators of the early stage of Foundation Establishment.

As expected, seeing the fire toad spurting flames, Mingxiao the warrior snorted coldly, “Humph! Just flame coagulation. Disperse!” He raised his hand slowly and clenched it hard at the toad. Then, a large hand came out of thin air and took the toad.

“Puff!” With horror in his eyes, Hei Shi spitted a mouthful of blood, and the fire toad was suddenly burst for hard pinch. After losing the fire toad, that flame slowly dissipated before it was getting close to Mingxiao the warrior.

“Let me give you another ride!” Maliciousness flashed in Mingxiao’s eyes, and all of a sudden, he waved to Hei Shi fiercely. With that, a large hand reappeared to take Hei Shi, and threw him hard in the direction of Luoyun Valley.

Crack! Crack!

Even at a distance, the sound of bones being broken was faintly audible, which told that at least more than a dozen of bones and veins regulating bodily functions had been severely damaged. If Hei Shi could not be healed in time, he was likely to suffer from the lingering effect of a chronic disease. From then on, it was impossible for him to make any progress in cultivation. Mingxiao the warrior did so viciously to the opponent, who had obviously no ability to resist. He was so merciless that many cultivators present could not help but turn pale.

“Well done! Well done! No wonder you’re known as one of the elite disciples of Flaming Sect. All of them had a deep cultivation, and Luoyun Valley lost the battle this time.” Alchemy Taoist looked sullen and took his hand away from Hei Shi. After ordering disciples to carefully lift him off here, he kept sneering.

“He didn't learn well by himself and he was only injured, but not dead. I wonder if you want to personally give my disciple-- the junior a lesson?” Grandmaster Mingxiao said in coldness.

The two Gold Core cultivators stared at each other in great anger. After a long while they both snorted, then it was over.

“I wonder which friend of Luoyun Valley will take up the challenge next?” Mingxiao smiled coldly in his heart, flicked his clothes and said.

“Hey, bloke! Don't be too puffed up! Take up my challenge!” At this moment, a robust young man with a rough face strode out. With a flash of light from behind him, he directly mounted the platform.

“It’s Hei Ta of Qingyun Peak!”

“Brother Hei Ta is endowed with tremendous natural strength, and his body is much stronger than that of the ordinary cultivators. In addition, he is also cultivating Buddha's Gilded Top Image Spell, which made him even able to combat the cultivators in the early stage of Foundation Establishment.”

“Brother Hei Ta! Come on! Avenge brother Hei Shi, and break the bones of this guy!”

“Of course, he’ll do that. Boy, you must be a new disciple. Brother Hei Ta is the elder brother of Hei Shi, now his younger brother was hurt badly by this guy, so he’s gonna risk his life to defeat this guy!”

“The guy from Flaming Sect, don’t be so arrogant! Brother Hei Ta will beat you ruthlessly!”

Hearing the reproach from Luoyun Valley, Mingxiao the warrior remained calm, but had more ruthlessness in his eyes.

“Oh, I didn’t know that garbage is your brother! He was beat and you come up again. All right, I will take your bones one by one and crushed them all! So, you can be a companion with your brother.”

Hearing that, Hei Ta had more flames of fury in his eyes. He let out a low roar, and suddenly he was covered with layers of golden light, in which his bones clacked and grew in height. Muscles swelled all over his body, which tore his clothes apart instantly, revealing the skin flickering golden light. At this moment, Hei Ta was like the golden-armored god from the heaven, glowering and imposing.

“Boy, I'm going to beat you to a lump of dogmeat today!” Hei Ta let out a low rolling roar and strode away. Every falling of his stride was echoed with a flash of light of spell restriction on the Immortal-welcoming Arena. Hearing the thundering roar, people felt scared at a glance of it.

Mingxiao the warrior was fearless. With the corners of his mouth slightly turned up to reveal some coldness, he showed no sign of any movement, but held Hei Ta with one hand.


The big hand congealed its power and fell on Hei Ta, and they touched each other to produce a sound of that of iron and gold, so that we could see how powerful the former's physical strength was!

“Hey!Ha! Hei Ta roared, and a thick layer of golden light around protected him in the middle. With his black face turning red, he resisted the big hand outside, still keeping running towards Mingxiao the warrior.

With a shred of surprise flashed in Mingxiao's eyes, he sneered and said, “No wonder you’re so confident. You've got a knack. But it would be foolish of you to beat me if you had only this weak skill!”

As he spoke, he held the other hand against Hei Ta with all his might, and in an instant, another huge hand came out of thin air with all power and fell down hard.


Two large hands fell on Hei Ta, which helped the power suddenly soar. The golden ray that surrounded Hei Ta made a sickening bending sound, unexpectedly, it was squeezed down by these two hands. Inside this golden light, from the mouth and nose of Hei Ta, large gulps of blood gushed out continuously. It was obvious that he had suffered severe internal injuries under the pressure of the big hands.

"Surrender! If you beg me for mercy, I'll let you go.” A bit coldness was hanging around the corners of Mingxiao’s mouth, and he looked at Hei Ta who was gripped by the big hand, sneering.
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