Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 84: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and Earth 2
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 84: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and Earth 2

Chapter 84: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and Earth (2)
Translator: Flying Lines
“Evil Bone Arrow! You are very generous, Tianji Taoist, equipping a junior with such a great weapon.” Qingyun Taoist looked quite gloomy and sneered.

Hearing that, Tianji Taoist showed no expression but said, “I’m sure that the Earth Spirit Talisman you gave to your disciples is indeed very valuable as well.”

They looked at each other and sneered.

However, Li Chen threw out the Evil Bone Arrow full of his spiritual power, and it burst out a pale flame all of sudden.


This thing was dashing really fast and fell on the yellow shield in the blink of an eye.

Crack! Crack!

The shield that used to be strong enough to take so many blade strikes was now extremely vulnerable under the attack of this weapon that it cracked all of a sudden. While the bone fires attached to the Evil Bone Arrow took the chance to go for Zi Qianhua.

“Argh!” This bone fire was so fierce that the spiritual shield of Zi Qianhua cracked right after a touch, and he screamed in misery when the fire jumped onto him.

“We failed this time.” Qingyun Taoist looked really gloomy and put out the bone fire with a spell. Then some disciples stepped up to take Zi Qianhua down for treatment.

“Ho ho, then our Flaming Sect has won this time.” Tianji Taoist looked calm and said with his hands cupped in front of his chest.

“How come the Luoyun Valley has lost? It seems that the Flaming Sect has prepared a lot for this contest, and it shall not be underestimated.”

“These two young disciples have the same strength, but the disciple from the Flaming Sect got a stronger weapon.”

“Indeed. The first game was just a trial, and I’m afraid the next one is the real match.”

“Senior brother, it’s obvious that Flaming Sect knows quite well about our Luoyun Valley, as that junior’s attack was very fierce and definitely not probing. I’m afraid that they already knew the specialty of Zi Qianhua’s skills, then what shall we do next?” Alchemy Taoist frowned a bit and spoke secretly.

Qingyun Taoist looked gloomy as he noticed that as well. He sneered, “Hum, then we can only let another unexpected disciple to fight with him. Your third disciple Heishi is really good at controlling the fire, so I think he should be good enough to handle that junior.”

Hearing that, Alchemy Taoist was a little bit hesitant but he nodded right after.

“Heishi, go fight in the second game. Just try your best, don’t go beyond yourself.”

“Yes, master.” Heishi’s eyes flashed and he jumped onto the stage, staring at Li Chen and yelled, “Do you want to be replaced or to fight with me?”

Hearing that, Li Chen hesitated. If he stepped down at this moment, he would definitely be a winner. But if he defeated another one, then the sect would absolutely award him more. Although he had used the Evil Bone Arrow, he still had some other weapons, so he could possibly win again this time. Figuring that out, Li Chen’s eyes turned cold and said, “Let’s fight!”

This man was indeed cautious, yet he didn’t recall any cultivator profile in the Luoyun Valley that matched him. He frowned a bit and sent out a white bone shield refined by some kind of beast bone first. This bone shield was oval in shape, narrow in the upper part and wide in the lower part with pale white color. Since it had a cold and vicious aura around, it was obviously a spiritual weapon.

“Fire Fist!” Li Chen yelled in a low voice and operated his spiritual power. His fists turned bloody red and punched at Heishi immediately. With his spiritual power stimulated, two fists covered with flames went directly to Heishi’s face.

The Fire Fist was just an entry-level skill of the Flaming Sect, and all of the disciples had practiced it during the Qi Refining stage. It was just ordinary and probably could only rank to the middle-stage spell in the Yellow Level.

In the cultivation world nowadays, according to power, all kinds of refining skills and spells were categorized by four levels, namely, Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow. And each level was divided into three stages by upper, middle, and lower.

Li Chen was obviously just probing Heishi’s ability as he was using the Fire Fist for now instead of any other advanced skills.

Heishi’s eyes concentrated and he didn’t even try to escape from those approaching fists. And he just strode towards him without one single spiritual shield.

“Arrogant and reckless, you’re asking for it!” Seeing that Heishi was so reckless, Li Chen was quite delighted. Although the Fire Fist was just an ordinary skill, it still could cause pain if he got hit without protection. Since the Fire Fist was right about to strike on Heishi, Li Chen felt a bit relieved as this game ended unexpectedly fast.

However, right at the moment, a drastic change happened.

Right at the time when the Fire Fist was about to hit him, Heishi pushed his hand forward swiftly on his way rushing forward, and each of his hands got a small white flame dancing and burning.


Getting stimulated by the spiritual power, the white flames expanded immediately and turned into a giant flame as big as two palms. Soon the flame framed a shape and it looked like a firing toad which opened its mouth widely to swallow the two firing fists.


Heishi changed his spell and that toad opened its mouth again. The two flames came out of its mouth and the shade of two fists could be seen in the middle of them, rushing towards Li Chen.


The change was very complicated yet it happened just in a flash. From the beginning of Heishi’s attack to the return of those two mighty fire fists, it was just a few moments.

Li Chen screamed and the two flames struck heavily on the spiritual shield ahead of him, piercing the white bone shield with a strange turn.


The spiritual shield was broken and although the power of those two flames weakened, they still hit on Li Chen without any slowdown. He screamed and spit out a mouthful of blood, passing out on the Immortal-welcoming Arena.

The disciples of the Flaming Sect were all shocked and two of them rushed to the arena immediately to get the fainted Li Chen down.

As for people from Luoyun Valley, they were all cheering and many female disciples were looking at Heishi with pure loving eyes.

“Senior Brother Heishi is really good at controlling the fire that he could make it form a beast shape and has some power with it. I’m afraid that even some Foundation Establishment cultivators cannot do that.”

“Senior Brother Heishi should definitely be proud of himself as a disciple of master Alchemy Taoist. Not only does he have great refining skills, but also with massive power.”

“Go go, senior brother! Kick them hard! Nail down all of those bastards of the Flaming Sect!”

“Hail to Senior Brother Heishi!”

“Humph, how dare a fly compete with an eagle. Reckless moron!” At that moment, a young man standing behind the Tianji Taoist scoffed. He opened his eyes suddenly and a malicious light flashed through, and he said coldly, “Master, shall I go next? I should take all of those disciples from Luoyun Valley down.”
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