Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 83: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth I
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 83: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth I

Chapter 83: Sect Contest, Reverse the Heaven and the Earth (I)
Translator: Flying Lines
“What do you mean, Tianji Taoist, my friend? Xuan Wujiu from your sect has just announced the failure of the Flaming Sect in this sect competition. Are you going to break the promise or what, my friend?” Alchemy Taoist said in a cold voice with his gloomy face.

“Don’t take me wrong, Alchemy Taoist, my friend. I never meant to break the promise. Xuan Wujiu is just an elder of the Flaming Sect, and he definitely doesn’t have the privilege to make such an important decision on behalf of our sect.” Tianji Taoist said with a cold face and scolded, “Xuan Wujiu, you were talking nonsense before, and now I punish you for costing ten years’ cultivation and you should spend five years meditating at the Self-Examination Cliff. Will you take this punishment?”

“I will.” Xuan Wujiu looked quite pale yet he nodded without hesitation. Later on, his eyes turned fierce and his hand punched his chest strongly with a flash of spiritual light. A mouthful of blood was belched out immediately. His whole body suddenly withered.

Seeing that, the Tianji Taoist nodded and asked him to leave, then he smiled and said, “Alchemy Taoist, my friend, now you have understood the whole thing, and what else do you want to say?”


“Alright, you don’t need to explain that much, junior brother. Since Tianji Taoist has already punished the one who made the decision on his own, then the former decisions shall be abolished for sure. All of the cultivators are here today, so why don’t we have a competition now?” The Alchemy Taoist’s eyes flashed with sternness and he waved to stop the Qingyun Taoist from speaking and turned to talk to the Tianji Taoist.

What? Some people said that the Flaming Sect had already agreed to quit this sect assessment before, and now this kind of activity was considered as breaking the promise? It was well known that the cultivation world only respected the most powerful ones, and now the Flaming Sect owned such a great power, no one would challenge that even if they broke the promise.

Hearing that, the look in Tianji Taoist’s eyes turned cold and he sneered, “That would be great.”


All of the cultivators in the hall were shocked. The Luoyun Valley and the Flaming Sect both had two Gold Core masters, so if they started a fight, it would definitely bring an earthquake to the entire cultivation world of the Beihua State. And the winner would become the leader of the cultivation world in the Beihua State for the next century for sure.

Not all of the sects in the hall were very close to both sides, so the situation was quite complicated and full of turbulences at that time.

The Immortal-welcoming Arena was hundreds of cubic feet large and established with first-grade refining material, the bluestone. It was covered with many restriction spells and floating in the air, which made it the perfect place for the competition of the two sects. Now there were more than a hundred of small stones floating around the Immortal-welcoming Arena, and more than one thousand cultivators were sitting on them. They all looked super serious and still, knitting an invisible net of great power before the two even started their fight.

On the two sides of the Immortal-welcoming Arena stood the people from the Luoyun Valley and the Flaming Sect. The two sects were always enemies and upon the contest today, they were looking at each other with massive ferocity.

“Our two sects have fought so many times, so no need to repeat the rules. But there is one thing, no killing during the fight. If someone broke it, his cultivation should be deprived and he would be sent to the side of the death for further punishment.” Qingyun Taoist looked calm. Although the fight was coming, he still didn’t get panicked, which made him outmatch all those ordinary cultivators.

Hearing that, Tianji Taoist nodded to agree. The disciples of the Luoyun Valley that came here this time were all the best ones, if there was any loss of them, he would be really painful.

“You all have heard what Qingyun Taoist just said, no killing later during the fight, or you shall face severe punishment!”

As Tianji Taoist was speaking, he looked at a young man in black behind him. The man was around 20 years old and looked quite calm and his eyes were half-closed. It seemed that he noticed the stare of Tianji Taoist and opened his eyes to look at him, and then he closed his eyes to continue his rest.

The Tianji Taoist was quite upset seeing that man’s reaction, yet he didn’t express his anger.

“Mingxiao, my junior brother, your great-grandson is just... please take care of him later in case Qingyun Taoist get him. I’m afraid we can’t save him if that happens.”

“Rest assured, master. I know what to do.” Mingxiao looked at that young man and his gloomy face finally appeared to be a little bit proud. His great-grandson had a unique spiritual root that almost matched the heaven spiritual root, so he probably could take charge of the Flaming Sect in the future.

“Lichen, you shall be the first one to fight for our Flaming Sect. Remember, never bring shame to our sect.” The Tianji Taoist was a little bit anxious, and he waved his hand slightly as a man in black ropes flew upon the arena right after.

“Lichen from the Flaming Sect would like to practice with all of the Taoist friends from the Luoyun Valley.” Lichen arched his hands and yelled on the arena, and his eyes were filled with lights. Obviously, he was not an ordinary one as he was appointed as the first fighter.

The Qingyun Taoist thought for a moment and said, “Zi Qianhua, you shall fight with this man. Remember to be cautious.”

“As you instructed.” There was a man walking out from the disciples of the Luoyun Valley who bowed to the Qingyun Taoist and moved next to Lichen after a flashing light.

No more small talks between the two sides. They arched their hands and then set a spiritual shield for themselves at the same time, and took out their spiritual weapons as well.

Lichen from the Flaming Sect was using a big blue blade which was around 5 feet long. It was definitely a high-grade spiritual weapon as it was shining in a blue light after being inserted with spiritual power.

“Shoot!” Lichen roared in a low voice and chopped instantly with his big blade. So many strings of blue lights burst out and went directly toward Zi Qianhua. This disciple from the Luoyun Valley was obviously showing his full strength as he wanted to end the fight as soon as possible.

Although Zi Qianhua was not well-known, his cultivation had already reached the 7th level of the Qi Refining stage and was outstanding among the young generation in the Luoyun Valley. He had a silk tangling sword to practice the silk tangling spell. If he had enough time, he could set up a silk tangling spell during the fight and even the cultivator in the early stage of the Foundation Establishment should spend quite some time breaking it.

Yet Lichen was obviously not trying to test the strength of his rival as he gave out the most killing skill that left the latter no time to react.

Zi Qianhua was shocked and complained secretly. His spell was too mediocre if there was not enough time to set it up, so probably he couldn’t make it to survive.

“Go!” Zi Qianhua took out a jade talisman and crushed it despite his unwillingness, and then a yellow shield covered him suddenly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There fell the blue blade lights and the yellow shield blocked them all from the outside. It was definitely not an ordinary weapon as its color only faded a little bit under such strong attacks.

Zi Qianhua relived a little bit and sneered, “Now it’s my turn.” However, his smile was frozen right at the next moment.

Lichen sneered and took out a sharp arrow from his pocket. It seemed to be made from the bone of some kind of beast, all white and with some spots of phosphorus which was covered with coldness.
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