Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 80: Invitation from All Sects
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 80: Invitation from All Sects

Translator: Flying Lines
Hearing the words, Qingyun Taoistcouldn’t help smiling. He had limited lifetime and had no hope of breaking through the Nascent Soul, so he spent all his efforts on the sect painstakingly. Now knowing that there would be a new alchemist who could refine superior three-grade elixirs in the sect, naturally, he was happy. And his eyes falling on Shiao Chen also became softer.

“Shiao Chen, you’re really something. At such a young age, you are able to make the superior three-grade Life-prolonging Pill. But as far as I know, you are only a nominal disciple of Alchemy Taoist. I’m Xuanqing, the Chief Master of Earth Spirit Sect, and my cultivation was also in the middle stage of Gold Core. If you were willing to join Earth Spirit Sect, I will take you as my disciple and appoint you as an elder in the sect. What do you think?”

At the point, Xuanqing Taoist rose to his feet, regardless of Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist’s unhappy expressions, walked close to Shiao Chen, looked at him and said softly.

Before he finished speaking, another one spoke.

“I’m willing to teach you, too. Since Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist have so many good disciples that they cannot spare energy to teach you, why don't you join Black Evil Sect? I promise to help you reach the eighth level of Qi Refining within a year and become the first elder of our Panacea Pavilion. You’ll enjoy endless respect.” It seemed that Ming Sha was looking forward to Shiao Chen’s joining, and if Shiao Chen really agreed, he would take Shiao Chen away at any cost, even if he would fall foul of Luoyun Valley. After all, it was significantly beneficial for a sect to have another alchemist of the third grade.

Elixirs were so important for a sect that it would not only help their disciples to cultivate and advance, but help them win in the match of magical powers with those from other sects in the future. When they were to be defeated, if they took out a lot of elixirs and swallowed them swiftly, they might be able to turn the tables or even kill the opponent. In this way, the strength of the whole sect would be greatly improved.

“Join the Flaming Sect.”

“We three can decide, and the Chief Master will certainly accept you as a disciple.”

“And Appoint you as the elder of the sect.”

“The millennium protection act will be announced for you.”

“No matter if there will be cultivators in your family….”

“…as long as the Flaming Sect lives, we will guarantee the prosperity of your family for ten generations.”

Three Xuan seniors were unwilling to lag behind. There was a rift between the two sects at first, and Luoyun Valley had solid strength at the moment. If Shiao Chen would like to join them, it would be a great help to Flaming Sect.

The three sects of Beihua State directly offered invitation to Shiao Chen, not fearing that their relationship with Luoyun Valley might get worse, which was enough to show how they value Shiao Chen's importance at the moment. And inside the hall, people looked at him with more awe.

“You haven't let me down, Shiao Chen. You’ve been better than I thought.” Ji Yuewu blinked her charming eyes, staring at Shiao Chen closely, and she said with a light enchanting smile.

“How is it possible? Shiao Chen can refine the superior third-grade Life-prolonging Pill! I had a bad relationship with him before, and he will certainly be taken seriously by the sect in the future. What should I do if he finds fault with me?” Duan Huaming’s face turned ashen . His eyes were full of fear and unwillingness, with a shred of hatred flashing in his eyes.

“Shiao Chen is so powerful, and although I had a conflict with him before, I did not directly become hostile towards him like Duan Huaming, that fool. If I personally apologize to him, presumably he will forgive me.” Li Yuedu casted a glance at Duan Huaming, with fear lingering in his heart.

“This man is so powerful that he must have learned a lot in cultivation, and I need to consult him more in the future.” Hei Shi's eyes, fixed on Shiao Chen as if he had seen some treasure, were full of eagerness to know more about cultivation.

“He has really kept his strengths under wraps. No wonder he has been neither humble nor supercilious since long ago. It turns out that he has such alchemy strength.” Liu Junru looked at Shiao Chen with mixed feelings, blinking her beautiful eyes, and nobody knew what she was thinking about.

“Alas! Shiao Chen turns out to be so powerful, but I deliberately alienated him before!” Ture friends show their care in times of trouble, not in happiness. Right now how Liu Tao wished he could slap himself a few dozen times to ease the regret in his heart.

At the corner of the hall, several lay disciples responsible for cleanings were discussing, with their face full of envy.

“This is brother Shiao Chen. It is said that he has no spiritual root originally, and that he was only accepted as a nominal disciple by grandmaster Alchemy by luck. I had believed it and used to be jealous of him, but now I know that the man who said that was indeed a fool. Brother Shiao Chen was an Alchemy talent, and naturally he was accepted as the disciple early by grandmaster Alchemy. These people were really talking nonsense!”

“You’re right. Brother Shiao Chen is really a model for us. Next time, I will also try to get some prescriptions to try alchemy. Maybe I also have a gift in alchemy. Although not as good as brother Shiao Chen, I may become the disciple of Luoyun Valley at least.”

“From now on, brother Shiao Chen will play an important role in the whole Cultivation World of Beihua State. He is able to refine superior- three grade elixirs, which was comparable to Uncle Master Alchemy.”

There was a hot discussion among the disciples, but one of them, despite his excited eyes, pressed his lips together and whispered, “It seems that I really have a chance to go back someday.”

This person was no other than Wang Bin who was driven out of Elixir Valley by Duan Huaming with an excuse.

“How is it possible that he has been able to refine elixirs of the third grade?!” Shiao Lin looked pale, eyes full of shock. Originally, he was rather discontented to Shiao Chen’s being accepted by Alchemy Taoist by luck, and this year he also practiced hard and reached the second level of Qi Refining after taking great pains. He exchanged his spar for several low-level Talismans on the inter-sect exchange and at first he thought that Shiao Chen would certainly be surprised at his cultivation, but he did not expect the gap between them had been so large.

“It seems that when I return home after the Sect Tournament, I should have a good talk with my father on getting on well with Shiao Chen’s family. After all, if everything goes well, the future prosperity of Shiao family totally relies on Shiao Chen. And if he can make some elixirs for me, at least it will allow me to reach the seventh or eighth level of Qi Refining, even if not help me to reach Foundation Establishment, and by that time...” Shiao Lin's eyes flickered. After a long while, he suddenly calmed down, and looked at Shiao Chen in a nicer way.

After all, they were both named Shiao and the descendants of the same blood.

“Humph! Have you forgotten your identity? Shiao Chen is the disciple of Luoyun Valley. Please watch your manners.” Qingyun Taoist said that coldly, stepped forward and protected Shiao Chen who was behind him.

The look in Alchemy Taoist’ eyes was freezing cold. His magic power of the Gold Core was revealing overwhelmingly, his white hair flying automatically without wind and his luxurious priest purple robe making a loud sound, which seemed to say, “If you say that again, I will make you regret it!”
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