Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 79: The Successful Refining of the Superior Third-Grade Life-prolonging Pill
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 79: The Successful Refining of the Superior Third-Grade Life-prolonging Pill

Translator: Flying Lines
“Twirling clouds with delightful fragrance, this is the sign of a superior third-grade pill! This kid... this kid has reached the final step!” All the sects focused on him as Xuanqing said these words slowly with a serious and shocking face. Yet he was full of bitter feelings, because it just became clear that Shiao Chen had an incredible talent in alchemy since he was able to make a superior third-grade Life-prolonging Pill. Having such a great disciple, Luoyun Valley was definitely ready to thrive again.

Mingsha’s face turned gloomy immediately after the shock and his fists were clenched inside the sleeves as his eyes were changing too fast that no one could read them.

As for the three Xuan elders, they were all looking scared. Such a young superior third-grade alchemist was too rare, not only in this tiny Beihua State, but also in the whole Zhao nation for the last hundreds of years. How come this kind of talent was not in the Flaming Sect? The three of them looked at each other bitterly.

Those people who had been complaining before in the hall now all looked at Shiao Chen with respect and fear as they were all afraid of his retaliation for their rudeness before. After all, an alchemist who made a superior third-grade pill was indeed as noble than an average Gold Core cultivator.

The Alchemy Taoist flashed next to Shiao Chen, and he arched his hands, telling them, “My Taoist friends, my disciple is now at a crucial moment, so please stay calm and don’t interrupt him.”

The Qingyun Taoist stood up and went to the other side of the Alchemy Taoist. He looked at the restriction spell with great joy and guarded it on the other side.

The great spiritual power from the two Gold Core cultivators was flowing out. The power avoided the restriction spell where Shiao Chen was at and filled the whole hall. Those cultivators were all shocked and made no more noises. Yet their burning eyes were still focused on that place without even one single move.

As time passed by, the herbal fragrance became more and more intense and the clouds above that restriction spell were rolling more and more fiercely as well.

Right at that moment, a drastic change happened!

Right in the middle of the clouds, a three-inch-long dead tree that was dried without leaves appeared slowly. Meanwhile, more and more clouds were absorbed by the root of the dead tree, and it seemed to regain its vitality. It also started to turn green as the mists going in while many green leaves coming out. Suddenly, a pale white flower bloomed on a branch, and a pleasant fragrance came out as the pedals opened up one by one. As the flower faded really fast, a blue fruit as big as a dragon eye formed gradually.

“The spiritual tree is now alive to reverse life and death. The branches are full and the pill is ready! He made the Life-prolonging Pill!” When the fruit finally solidified, the Alchemy Taoist could hold it no more and yelled it as his face blushed because of the excitement.

It was just more than obvious that he was very emotional at that moment that even he, a Gold Core cultivator, totally lost control of himself.

However, although there was a fruit, half of those clouds were still left around that branch, and they kept going into it. As the clouds were going into the branch continuously, another bud appeared at the end of another branch. After the flower had withered, an illusory image of fruit slowly appeared within the influx of the clouds.

“Two pills at once?” The Alchemy Taoist and Qingyun Taoist looked at each other as both of them were truly shocked.

It had to be a really powerful alchemist to make two superior third-grade pills at one time. But Shiao Chen had only become the disciple of the sect for one year, how could he reach that level?

“Disciple brother, Shiao Chen is just my nominal disciple, and he has the right to leave our sect for other choices. Now he has shown his talents in alchemy, I’m afraid there will be many sects inviting him later.” The Alchemy Taoist’s face turned dark as he suddenly thought of something, and said that in a low voice.

Hearing that, the Qingyun Taoist was shocked. He thought for a while and sneered, “Relax, I will never give them a chance. Since Shiao Chen is your nominal disciple, then you can make him your real disciple when the refining is finished. And since he has the ability to make a superior third-grade pills, I can grant him a master title in our sect. He doesn’t have a spiritual root, then I can purify his essence and transfer spiritual power to him help him reach the eighth level of the Foundation Establishment stage. Even though he can’t establish the foundation, he could live longer. I am sure that he won’t leave for someone else when I have such a great offer for him.”

“I’m going to pass all of my alchemy skills to him. Whoever dares to fight for him, I will fight till the death. This is my disciple, and I will smash whoever tries to take him away from me!” Hearing that, the Alchemy Taoist nodded fiercely as his usually calm eyes now looked super scary. He looked around with the strong power of a Gold Core cultivator as he was protecting Shiao Chen just like the hen protected its chicken.

“Alright!” The two of them nodded after looking at each other. Both of them looked super scary at that moment.

As time passed by, the last cloud went into the branch, and the second blue fruit on it suddenly solidified as a stronger herbal fragrance came out of the restriction spell all at once.


A weak voice came out from the restriction spell, and suddenly the branch started to wither as it vanished into the air. The two fruits were glowing in a light blue light, and they both fell into that restriction spell after a flash.


There were no other sounds other than the heavy breaths of those people in the hall, and their focused eyes were all burning.

A blue figure came outside the restrictions spell. He walked slowly with his back straight.

Shiao Chen looked a bit pale as there were traces of sweat on his hair around his face, and his eyes looked very tired as well. He was shocked the moment he walked out of the spell because not only were the two Gold Core masters standing in front of him, but also all of those cultivators burning eyes.

After being stunned for a bit, Shiao Chen calmed down and bowed, “I am lucky to fulfill the task, and now I have make the Life-prolonging Pills. Here I present them to you, Master. I hope you can gain great achievements on the way of Gold Core and enjoy boundless spiritual power!” During his speech, he took out a warm jade box and presented it with two hands.

The Alchemy Taoist took a deep look at Shiao Chen and held that jade box which had attracted countless eyes on his hand. He opened it to find a green pill as big as a pebble with a strong herbal fragrance.

The Alchemy Taoist held it in his hand and sniffed it under his nose. Then he closed his eyes and opened after a long while as he was quite shocked. He then nodded slowly and said, “It is a superior third-grade Life-prolonging Pill. The pill looks perfectly round and with a strong herbal fragrance, and there are almost no impurities. It is indeed an extraordinary superior Life-prolonging Pill!”
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