Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 77: The Alchemy Assessment, Talents Displayed for the First Time 3
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 77: The Alchemy Assessment, Talents Displayed for the First Time 3

Chapter 77: The Alchemy Assessment, Talents Displayed for the First Time (3)
Translator: Flying Lines
“As long as I have ready-made pills, there is no difficulty for me to make pills under the fourth grade.” Shiao Chen slightly turned up his lip corner, revealing a hidden smile.

He chose to make a higher level third-grade Life-prolonging Pill was after a careful consideration. First of all, the prescription was not a top secret, of which most of the sects had records, and it was so common that he had also seen it once in the Alchemist's Laboratory. Secondly, to make a high level fourth-grade Life-prolonging Pill was enough to gain the sect’s attention, and then he could use the sect’s power to find the way to Foundation Establishment. Thirdly, it was also the most important point: Shiao Chen had the Life-prolonging Pill in his storage bag, which was from a old Gold Core freak. With these three points, he had enough reasons to make the Life-prolonging Pill.

Holding the Life-prolonging Pill in his hand, Shiao Chen melted his divine sense into the gold seal, and then he began to screen the pill’s internal combination. As a high level third-grade pill, the Life-prolonging Pill also had the effect of increasing one’s longevity. The combination of 21 kinds of herbs was subtle and extremely complicated. It took Shiao Chen, whose present divine sense and cultivation had been in a high stage, nearly a quarter of an hour to finish screening. He memorized it again several times to make sure it would not be forgotten, and then he put the pill away in the jade bottle.

He flicked his sleeves, and a spiritual force hit on the furnace, which lit up the Formation inscription in an instant. Rays of spiritual force outside were drawn into the furnace, in which the fire got bigger and immediately, a billowing heat wave came out.

Shiao Chen gazed at it for a little while, waved his hands and put three basic herb of Life-prolonging Pills -the spiritual root grass, immortal flower and millennium vine into the furnace altogether. The moment these materials were put into the furnace, they were transformed into three kinds of medicine juice with abundant spiritual power, and quickly merged together. Shiao Chen dared not allow the slightest carelessness, and he quickly run his divine sense to combine the substances in the right order.

The hours ticked by, in the hall on the main peak of Luoyun Valley, the people waiting there showed no impatience. After all, cultivators all had gained an excellent patience from their usual meditation and cultivation for a few days at a time.

Suddenly, from inside the spell restriction where disciples made pills came a low cry, along with the sound of spells. A moment later, a faint and strong aroma wafted towards them.

“This is a sign of an imminent pill. I didn't expect someone to finish it so soon.”

“The high level first grade pill should be the work of the lady named Liu Junru. I didn’t expect her to succeed for the first time. It seems that she is near the level of a second grade alchemist.”

“Luoyun Valley is talented, very admirable.”

When all people were discussing, as expected, a moment later, the heat in that spell restriction faded quickly. Then they heard the sound of the furnace being opened, Liu Junru came out with a happy expression on her face, and bowed respectfully, “Master Lord, Junru was lucky to have finished the pill. Please rate my performance.”

With that, she spread out her hand, in which a jade bottle lay quietly. She opened the jade bottle to pour out a milky pill the size of a longan fruit, from which, suddenly, a light fragrance slowly wafted out.

“Well, it has a fruity shape, no variegated color but a strong fragrance. Good!” Alchemy Taoist nodded, stroking his beards, with satisfaction in his eyes.

Hearing this, Liu Junru looked exited, but at the moment, another stronger fragrance wafted across the hall.

“Another one is going to finish!”

“Who’s that?”

“Succeed on the first time. It seems that the disciples of Alchemy Taoist are all extraordinary, and of course, the last guy who knows little about cultivation is not among them.”

“Got it! The Spirit-nourishing Pill!”

Li Yuedu came out from the spell restriction, holding a jade bottle, and knelt in front of Alchemy Taoist respectfully, and he said, “A low level second grade Spirit-nourishing Pill. Master Lord, please rate it.”

Alchemy Taoist and Qingyun Taoist glanced at each other, both satisfied that in the Sect Tournament, these disciples had already earned enough face for them. After all, a second grade alchemist was already someone the small sects could not get.

After a while, it was time for Duan Huaming to finish his pills.

From the spell restriction of Duan, from time to time there were low noises. More over, the sound of spells hitting on the furnance came out, and at the same time, a more and more intense fragrance was also slowly came out.

“Got it!” With Duan Huaming’s sudden cry, from inside the spell restriction came a muffled sound. When all the people looked a little stiff thinking the refining might have failed, a strong fragrance instantly spread throughout the whole hall.

“High level second grade Foundation-establishment Pill.”

“Alas, no wonder that he is the eldest disciple of Predecessor Alchemy Taoist. He is really outstanding.”

“It is certain that there is another alchemist who can reach the Foundation-establishment Pill in Luoyun Valley.”

“It is a big event for Luoyun Valley.”

Duan Huaming felt the admiring looks from the crowd, and his heart was filled with pride. But on his face, he pretended to be calm and knelt on the ground respectfully, holding a jade bottle above his head with both hands, and he said in a loud voice, “Master Lord, Huaming has made the Foundation-establishment Pill, and there are nine in total. Please take a look.”

The alchemists of different levels would have different results even with the same medicinal material. For example, to make a first grade Soul-refining Pill, a mediocre alchemist could only make five pills from a single set of medical materials, while a master alchemist, who had been in alchemy for years, could get as many as a dozen with the same materials.

At this point, it was extraordinary that Duan Huaming made nine pills with a set of medical materials.

“Nine pills! He’s really outstanding!”

“Very good! I will already be thankful if the second-grade alchemist of our Heifeng Sect can produce five pills at a time.”

“Duan Huaming have such achievements at such a young age, and he shows great promise.”

Alchemy Taoist nodded in approval repeatedly, feeling honored, and motioned him to wait aside.

After a while, Hei Shi also finished his pills, but he refined only four pills with the same set of materials as Duan, who was obviously more than twice as good as he was. But he himself showed no signs of discouragement. He stood at the front of Alchemy Taoist, with his head lowered and face expressionless.


At this moment, suddenly, a roar of the dragon and tiger rose from across the hall, and instantly it attracted the attention of countless people. It was from the spell restriction of Ji Yuewu, from which bursts of the dragon and the tiger roars came from time to time. The spell restriction was shrouded in mist and cloud, with a faint shape of the dragon and the tiger looming inside. A slightly spicy and bitter smell gradually wafted up.

“A third-grade pill!”

“The third-grade Dragon and Tiger Pill! She made it!”

“Amazing! She is so young yet she made a third-grade elixir, even if she is a genius!”

“She can make a third-grade pill, enough to be the No. 1 young cultivator in Cultivation World of Beihua State!”
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