Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 75: The Alchemy Assessment, Talents Displayed for the First Time
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 75: The Alchemy Assessment, Talents Displayed for the First Time

Translator: Flying Lines
With the second level of the Qi Refining and no spiritual root, perhaps the only cultivation he obtained was by swallowing some spiritual pills.

The Alchemy Taoist shook his head secretly and looked elsewhere as he obviously did never have any confidence in Shiao Chen.

“Here are 18 portions of each kind of refining materials, including inferior first-grade Spirits-gathering Pill, moderate first-grade Spirits-refining Pill, superior first-grade Small-restoration Pill, inferior second-grade Spirit-nourishing Pill, moderate second-grade Sense-restoration Pill, and superior second-grade Foundation Establishment Pill. You six can choose pills according to your alchemy level. Now go ahead.” The Alchemy Taoist waved, turned around and sit down.

Those pills were widely used as it was not very hard to make them, so the cultivators all nodded in agreement.

After the Alchemy Taoist was seated, Duan Huaming thought for a while and stood up respectfully, “Last time when I attended the alchemy test held by the Chief Master, I made the inferior second-grade Spirit-nourishing Pill, so I should choose the moderate second-grade Sense-restoration Pill. But I happen to made some breakthroughs in my cultivation after this year, and I have better understood alchemy. Therefore, I would like to try the Foundation Establishment Pill this time.” After saying so, Duan Huaming stepped up and took three portions of the refining materials for the Foundation Establishment Pill, and then he went to the cauldron after he bowed.

“Foundation Establishment Pill? That is the most difficult pill to make in the second-grade pills.”

“I never expected that Duan Huaming could reach such sound cultivation at such a young age, and he even got such great alchemy skills. What a rare genius!”

“There is such a master-to-be of alchemy among the young generation of the Luoyun Valley, no one needs to worry about the prosperity of the sect!”

“Indeed. Then it is a sure thing that the Luoyun Valley will be powerful within the next hundreds of years.”

There were suddenly some noises on the hall as Duan Huaming decided to make the superior second-grade Foundation Establishment Pill. All the young cultivators from each sect showed their envy and even their elder generation praised him no matter what their real attitudes were.

The Alchemy Taoist looked over the whole hall and saw the faces of the people. He couldn’t hide his joy and encouraged him, “Even I couldn’t make a Foundation Establishment Pill at such a young age, just go for it.”

“Yes, Chief Master.” Duan Huaming felt that he was now the focus of the hall, and the satisfied eyes of the Sect Immortal and the Chief Master made him even prouder, yet he tried pretty hard to pretend he didn’t care that much and stepped out with respect.

After Duan Huaming, the second senior brother Li Yuedu showed up.

“Chief Master, I choose the inferior second-grade Spirit-nourishing Pill.” The inferior second-grade Spirit-nourishing Pill was one of the pills taken by the cultivators to improve their spiritual power, and it was also the pill that was taken the most by the cultivators in the Foundation Establishment stage.

Being able to make an inferior second-grade pill, he also had some talents. But compared to Duan Huaming who chose to make the Foundation Establishment Pill before, Li Yuedu seemed a bit dim though.

“I choose to make the Foundation Establishment Pill.” said Heishi, the third disciple of the Alchemy Taoist. He was quite an introvert and didn’t talk that much, so even now he only said one sentence and then never spoke again after getting the materials and bowing to the Alchemy Taoist and the Qingyun Taoist.

After Heishi, Liu Junru knelt down on the floor with great respect. Although this lady was quite favored by the Alchemy Taoist, she knew that today was not the same as before so she acted in good manners.

“I am never compatible with my three senior brothers either in cultivation or alchemy, and although I have made some progress this year, I can only try to make the superior first-grade Small-restoration Pill. Please forgive my dullness.”

Hearing that, the Alchemy Taoist shook his head with great love and said, “Alright, it is already a big step forward to making the first-grade Small-restoration Pill. Just take the materials and go.”

“Thank you, Master!” Liu Yueru was very delighted and she took a bow before her retreat.

The Alchemy Taoist looked at Ji Yuewu. Although he had heard that this new disciple had extraordinary talents and improved with a fast speed in alchemy, he never saw her in person and that’s why he was quite curious about her.

“Yuewu, ever since you became my disciple, I have been cultivating alone. So I didn’t really teach you anything other than the Cultivation Method. What kind of pill do you want to make then?”

Ji Yuewu took a few elegant steps, her flawless face was just like the most delicate diamond in the world. She was wearing a white pleated dress embroidered with blue lines, which made her surpass the mundane world in addition to purely elegant. Although she didn’t speak up, her flawlessness had already stunned many of those young cultivators in the hall.

“Master, I choose to make the Dragon and Tiger Pill.” Ji Yuewu ignored those eager eyes as she said so with her tender lips and brisk voice which made her even more cold and elegant.

Hearing the voice, there was a fire burning in the eyes of many young cultivators in the hall.

Yet those elderly cultivators were struck for a bit and appeared to be scared by her as they stared at Ji Yuewu who was standing in the hall. Their breaths were getting heavy as well.

The Dragon and Tiger Pill was an inferior third-grade pill made with Mind-losing Grass, Death Water, Black Gegen, Longxu Flower, and other spiritual herbs. A Gold Core cultivator could get his or her cultivation into another level within a short period of time after taking it. However, he or she might not fight with someone else in at least three years after using the pill. If used, they either got their whole cultivation destroyed or died.

After those who didn’t know what it was about finally knew it by asking, they suddenly looked at Ji Yuewu in a fearful way as they took back their burning eyes.

Except for the Alchemy Taoist, in the Beihua State, there was only one alchemist from the Flaming Sect who was hidden deeply somewhere could make a third-grade pill. Although he was not comparable to a Gold Core cultivator, he was still way superior to Foundation Establishment cultivators, so they didn’t dare to mess around with him.

“The Dragon and Tiger Pill?” The Alchemy Taoist was surprised hearing that, “Are you sure you want to make the Dragon and Tiger Pill? Yuewu, I know you are talented in alchemy, but maybe you shouldn’t go that far and stay with what you have right now.”

Hearing that, those cultivators in the hall finally calmed down. It turned out that she wasn’t really confident in refining it successfully. While if there was some genius in the Luoyun Valley that could really make a Dragon and Tiger Pill at such a young age, how could the other sects make their living in the next hundreds of years? However, since she had the courage to say that, she must have something to count on. So even if she failed to make the Dragon and Tiger Pill, she could still easily make the superior second-grade Foundation Establishment Pill.

At that time, people were looking at the Qingyun Taoist and the Alchemy Taoist in a complicated way. Two Gold Core cultivators with a bunch of outstanding disciples in the young generation, maybe it was a sure thing that the Luoyun Valley would dominate the Beihua State in the future.

Yet right at the moment when everybody was relieved, Ji Yuewu took a bow to the Alchemy Taoist and said with respect, “I have 30% confidence in refining the Dragon and Tiger Pill, or I would never have asked for it today. Please give me the raw materials, Master.”
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