Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 74: Core Formation Ceremony, All Sects Come to Celebrate
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 74: Core Formation Ceremony, All Sects Come to Celebrate

Translator: Flying Lines
“Congratulations to Predecessor Alchemy Taoist’s Core Formation.” Three Xuan brothers from Flaming Sect, with awe in their eyes, led their disciples behind them and shouted respectfully. After all, although they could combat with the Gold Core cultivators in joined hands, their power, compared with them, was nothign.

“Congratulations to Alchemy Taoist’s Core Formation!” Then, all the big and small sects shouted respectfully.

Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist walked to the main seat of the hall, in an instant, the spiritual force from Gold Core Realm released overwhelmingly. The imposing manner of two people entangled and complemented with each other, which amplified, and it was so strong that other cultivators in this hall lost their countenance instantly. But fortunately, it was just a quick release. Otherwise, the junior cultivators before Foundation Establishment in this hall would suffer trauma in divine sense.

“Everybody please sit down.” Qingyun Taoist pretended to make a bow with hands folded in front, showing humbleness, and then he sat down with Alchemy Taoist.

“Alchemy Taoist has achieved big success in Core Formation, and the Earth Spirit Sect would like to send the vein of the spiritual stone that we found on the Fenglin Mountain to you as a present.” With a smile on his face, Xuanqing Taoist rose up to his feet and said with a bow.

Hearing that, Alchemy Taoist remained self-composed, as if he had known that in advance, and now he said with a slight smile, “My friend Xuanqing, thanks for your present.”

Seeing that Alchemy Taoist had accepted it, Xuanqing felt a little relieved, but also bitter in his heart. He sighed to himself and sat down with a bow.

“The Black Evil Sect would like to present thirteen mortal cities to Luoyun Valley as our congratulation present for Alchemy Taoist.” After Xuanqing Taoist, Jing Yuan said.

That thirteen mortal cities were nearly a fifth of Black Evil Sect’s sphere of influence, but now they had to give up.

“Ha ha, Jing Yuan, my friend, thanks for your gift.” Alchemy Taoist accepted with a smile.

Jing Yuan snorted coldly in his heart, but in such a situation, he was also helpless, just sat down with a poker face, not to mention anything.

“The Flaming Sect’s Xuanwujiu, on behalf of our Chief Master, send his congratulations to Predecessor Alchemy Taoist’s Core Formation! Flaming Sect would like to automatically give up the combat with Luoyun Valley to show our sincerity.”

“Besides, we sent you fifty thousand spirit stones and ten pieces of spirit tools as a gift.”

The three Xuan seniors of Flaming Sect said slowly, whose voices were dry.

Their voice dropped in the hall and the whole hall suddenly fell silent.

The relationship between Flaming Sect and Luoyun Valley was strained, as was well known throughout the Cultivation World in Beihua State. Although the two sides did not reach the point of confrontation between water and fire, they had been in cold war with each other since long ago. Moreover, it was frequent for the cultivators on both sides to fight in secret. And the biggest contradiction between the two sects was the combat between the two sects every 100 years, in which both sides would send junior disciples to combat with each other. The winning side would get a ten years' use of the other side's sect, during which the losing side must move all the sect out, and return ten years later.

The cause of the Sect Combat was impossible to verify, but it had been handed down from generation to generation, which was also the root of the mutual hatred between the two sects. After all, if lost, although there was physical loss, it was absolutely a shame that could not be washed off for a sect to move away for ten years.

Two hundred years ago, Luoyun Valley won in the combat, and this year, it happened to be the appointed time. But Alchemy Taoist was successful in core formation suddenly, and the strength of Luoyun Valley, with two Gold Cores now, was much stronger than Flaming Sect, who had only one Gold Core. So naturally, the fight between the two sects did not have to continue.

In the main hall, many cultivators was less surprised after they straightened out the details, but the people of Flaming Sect still looked strange.

Alchemy Taoist kept silent, but in his eyes there was some hint of pride. In all previous generations, there was no one who was able to force the Flaming Sect to take defeat without a fight. On all accounts, he would occupy a great place in the history of the sect, respected by future generations.

“Oh, that’s it?” Qingyun Taoist raised his eyebrows slightly, showing some joy. Although it was expected, he still felt joy in his heart.

“Qiao Wanshan, we have fought for a lifetime, but to the end it’s still me, Qingyun Taoist, that beat you!”

Thinking of Qiao Wanshan, the Chief Master of Flaming Sect, who must be shamed and angry, Qingyun Taoist felt happier.

“When we go back.”

“Flaming Sect will move all the sect to Fengxia Mountain a hundred miles away from our sect.”

“Leaving the mountain for you as agreed.”

Hearing what they said, Qingyun Taoist and Alchemy Taoist, the smile in their eyes could no longer be hidden, both burst into laughter,

“Ha ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha ha ha!”

With the rolling laughter the breath of Gold Core cultivators rose above, causing the wind and rain to change. The power was amazing. Within a hundred miles of Luoyun Valley, all the demons and beasts in the mountains, under the combined pressure of the two Gold Core cultivators, fell on the ground, trembling.

And outside the main hall, the cultivators of Luoyun Valley, after hearing the laughter, showed excitement on their faces. They were not affected by the strong spiritual power at all, but also laughed with them two.

The three sects in Beihua State had all admitted their defeat. In the other sects, although there were a few Gold Core cultivators, they were only in the initial state, far less powerful than Luoyun Valley, and at this point, of course, they came with the congratulation gift. Within a short period of time, Luoyun Valley had gone up a lot both in the strength and influence.

“The sect’s disciples greet the Ancestors!”

When you formed the gold core, you will become the ancestor of the sect!

It was an unwritten rule among the sects of Beihua State.

The 31 elders and protectors of Foundation Establishment and more than 300 disciples of Luoyun Valley swaggered into the hall, and knelt down on the ground.


The sound was earth-shaking. They were sincerely convinced in their hearts by the two Gold Core ancestors, with respectful awe. After all, the sect had gained today's status because them!

“Ok! Ok! Ok! Arise!” Alchemy Taoist answered the disciples, slightly flushed, and at this point even if he was in a mental state of Gold Core, he couldn’t help being excited.

“Thank you! Ancestor!”

They arose and respectfully divided themselves on both sides.

“Ha ha, today it is your Core Formation Ceremony, and it also happens to be the annual examination of our Luoyun Valley. Since our friends of all sects gathered together, how about you all witness together?” Qingyun Taoist rose, he stroke his white beard, and said with a smile.

Xuanqing Taoist of Earth Spirit Sect smiled, with a flicker in his eyes, “Since Chief Master Qingyun Taoist has invited, the Earth Spirit Sect will stay.”

However, Jing Yuan kept a poker-face, and merely nodded.

The Flaming Sect, under the lead of three brothers surnamed Xuan, also promised to stay.

Seeing the three sects had no objection, the rest of the other sects repeated what they said.

“Disciple brother, how about your host this year’s Sect Tournament?” Qingyun Taoist sat down, then turned to Alchemy Taoist and asked.

“All right.” Alchemy Taoist thought for a little while, and answered with a nod. As ancestor of the sect, he understood that Qingyun Taoist was helping him build his respect through this matter.

“Dear friends, today is the day for Luoyun Valley’s Sect Tournament. But before that, there are some personal matters that need to occupy your time. Please forgive me.” Alchemy Taoist made a slight bow with hands in front, and said in a gentle tone.

“Alchemy Taoist, you don’t need be so polite.”

“Predecessor Alchemy Taoist, there is no need for you to be so polite. We are not in a hurry and don’t mind waiting a little longer.”

“Predecessor Alchemy Taoist, if there is anything that needs to be dealt with, just do it. We don't have any objection.”

“Exactly so, Predecessor Alchemy Taoist needn’t be so polite, we couldn’t take it.”

In the main hall, whether people were sincere or lying, all of them returned the salute, and their words were extremely polite.

Alchemy Taoist smiled, but he did not say anything. After all, in his current position as a Gold Core cultivator, it would be hypocritical and demeaning to be too modest.

“Come out. During the past year, I have been busy cultivating and have not taught you much. I wonder during this period, whether you are practicing. Today in this hall, I will check on your alchemy.”

After Alchemy Taoist finished speaking, several people came out from the disciples in Luoyun Valley. They knelt down and said, “The disciples pay their respects to master and send their congratulations on your achievement on the Gold Core. Maybe you attain boundless supernatural power and enjoy 500 years’ lifetime in the world!”

These people were disciples of Alchemy Taoist, and Shiao Chen followed at the end.

“Well, good. Stand up.” Alchemy Taoist swept his eyes through several disciples and he could not help but show satisfaction. Duan Minghua and Li Yuedu both made continuous breakthrough in just a year. Now they had reached high eighth level of Qi Refining, and they might be able to reach Foundation Establishment successfully after swallowing the Foundation Establishment Pill. Hei Shi was cold-shouldered. Although his potential was a bit poor but he worked hard, now he could almost reach the eighth level of Qi Refining. As for Liu Yuru, although the speed of her improvement was slightly slower than the other three, she also broke through to the seventh level of Qi Refining. When his eyes fell on Ji Yuewu, Alchemy Taoist could not hide his excitement. Within one year’s short period, she had cultivated to the ninth level of Qi Refining. What's more, she had alchemy talent which was comparable to her cultivation talent if not inferior to that. What more could a man ask for to have such a disciple?!

“Ah?” When his eyes fell on the last person, Alchemy Taoist felt touched in his heart. He paused his eyes on the young man for a little while, then showed a sense of disappointment.

Shiao Chen’s heart beat fast and anxiously. Just now he clearly felt his Master Lord Alchemy Taoist’s sharp eyes sweeping on him, as if to see through him completely. But fortunately, he soon took back his eyes, Shiao Chen sneaked a peak and saw Alchemy Taoist’s face as calm as before, which made him greatly relieved.

“Well, now my cultivation is only equal to cultivators in the middle-stage of Foundation Establishment, but my divine sense is as strong as late stage of Foundation Establishment. Besides, the effect of Soul Muddling Scripture that conceals spiritual breath is quite marvelous, and his cultivation shouldn’t be seen through.”

Just when Shiao Chen muttered to himself, Alchemy Taoist had taken out dozens of medicinal materials from the storing bag with a wave of his hands. At the same time, the four elixir furnaces fell in front of Duan Huaming, Ji Yuewu and the others several meters away from each other. After a slight hesitation, he sighed secretly, took out another elixir furnace, and put it in front of Shiao Chen.
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