Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 73: Getting the Poison, Greeting the Gold Core
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 73: Getting the Poison, Greeting the Gold Core

Translator: Flying Lines
Shiao Chen nodded in satisfaction. People like Liu Tao were indeed flatters, but as long as you act tougher than them, they would basically do whatever was told.

“In that case, I think we should leave now before those monsters cause any troubles.”

Shiao Chen said quietly and both of them accelerated to the Spirit Beasts Pavilion with their light shields.

“Finally! You are back, disciple brother Liu. These monsters are too powerful and the worst are top of the first level, so we dare not get closer to arrange their accommodation. And those disciples from other sects just left those monsters here and left, how are we supposed to deal with them?”

The speaker looked slow. It seemed like he felt wronged while he was shouting. After that, he noticed Shiao Chen who was standing next to Liu Tao, and then asked curiously, “Disciple brother Liu, who is this?”

Liu Tao took a look at Shiao Chen carefully and found that he was calm, so he was relieved and scolded the person immediately, “Yang Cheng, this is the disciple of our chief master, the Alchemy Taoist, Shiao Chen. And he came all the way here just to help us with those monsters. You must behave!”

Although Yang Cheng was just a non-sect disciple, he was born close to those monsters, and he managed the Spirit Beasts Pavilion of the whole sect. Therefore, he had always been quite arrogant and barely showed any respect to Liu Tao. But now he felt a bit of shivering deep down. The Alchemy Taoist was a powerful Gold Core cultivator, he must be asking for death to offend his disciple.

“Greetings to disciple brother Shiao. If I have offended you, please do forgive me with your great generosity.”

“Nevermind.” Shiao Chen waved his hand with a calm face as he didn’t want to waste his time on him. The only thing on his mind was the bunch of monsters.

Shiao Chen’s divine sense swept the Spirit Beasts Pavilion and he became quite delighted secretly. Since all the sects came here to attend the Core Formation Ceremony of the Alchemy Taoist, they didn’t want to bring shame to their sect. So those powerful sects brought their most powerful monsters to show their abilities. Among all monsters, the poisonous beasts were the strongest, so most of the monsters that came were extremely toxic. And there were more than 100 of them, roughly estimated.

“There are more than 100 kinds of poison for the Beasty Poison Pill, so if it was refined successfully, it would be a real threat even to Gold Core cultivators.”

Shiao Chen’s eyes blinked and asked, “These monsters are really aggressive, and there might be death and injury if we make a mistake. You can take those non-sect disciples and leave now, I will handle it along from here on.”

“Well...” Liu Tao was quite reluctant, as those monsters were all super powerful and violent. He could never atone for his misdeeds if Shiao Chen got hurt accidentally.

Yang Chen was very surprised as well. Having dealt with every kind of monsters, he knew exactly how difficult it was to get along with them. Of course he didn’t have any confidence that Shiao Chen could himself handle more than 100 of those monsters.

Shiao Chen frowned and pretended to be upset, and said coldly, “I am fully responsible for this, and even if something happened, you two shall not be punished. Is there anything that you are still worried about?”

“No, no. If Senior Brother Shiao is confident, we will definitely obey. We will leave now, but in case you need anything, just call us any time. We will guard you in the outside all the time.” Liu Tao hesitated for a moment and nodded immediately in agreement. Still, in case of emergency, he decided to stay outside the gate. After all, if something happened to Shiao Chen, he would never escape punishment.

Shiao Chen nodded with his poker face and waved them off.

Liu Tao and Yang Cheng looked at each other and left the pavilion with other non-sect disciples, despite worrying about Shiao.

When all the people had left, Shiao Chen stood still with his poker face while his divine sense came out to sweep the whole Spirit Beasts Pavilion. And when he realized that there was nothing peculiar, he nodded in satisfaction.

After a brief moment, Shiao Chen took out a few talismans, infused his spiritual power into them and set up a restriction to prevent the spiritual power from leaking out and other people’s divine senses’ from sneaking in. After all that was done, he relaxed.

One day later, Shiao Chen walked out of the Spirit Beasts Pavilion at a slow pace. He couldn’t hide his smile thinking of the three jade bottles full of monster venom inside his bag.

“Greetings to disciple brother Shiao Chen.” Outside the Spirit Beasts Pavilion, Liu Tao and Yang Cheng looked at each other and bowed to Shiao Chen more sincerely than before. It was absolutely impressive to them that Shiao Chen handled those monsters very well only on his own.

“I have already accommodated those monsters to their own stalls. You can take some disciples with you later to bring some food to them.” Shiao Chen waved his hand and said.

“Yes, disciple brother.”

“Alright.” Shiao Chen nodded and left for the hall in the main peak with his light shield. Today was the Core Formation Ceremony of the Alchemy Taoist, Shiao Chen cannot miss it as his nominal disciple.

Today was the busiest day of the Luoyun Valley ever since their founder master’s death. More than 100 sects of the Beihua State came here to celebrate, and no sect had ever enjoyed this kind of honor before.

There were two Gold Core masters now guarding the sect, so every disciple in the Luoyun Valley was very proud of it that they were all bubbling with excitement.

In the hall of the main peak, the floor was covered with delicately carved jade, shining brightly under the light of the giant night pearls on top. On the walls, strings of obscure spiritual power came through, obviously a very powerful formation.

Inside the hall, all the sects were seated on each side according to the levels of their power.

“Ho ho! Today my disciple brother the Alchemy Taoist of the Luoyun Valley has formed his core. I, the Qingyun Taoist, thank you all for coming here.” A burst of laughter came from outside of the hall. The voice was soft yet contained enormous strength that could not be ignored.

At the entrance of the hall, two figures walked in together. The they both wore luxurious purple ropes and wore purple gold circlets around their head, and they walked in without emitting any power. Yet all the cultivators in this hall were overcame with awe as their pupils shrunk.

They were the two Gold Core cultivators!

This power was strong enough to make them the top in the Beihua State!

Xuanqing Taoist, the chief master of the Earth Spirit Sect and Jingyuan Taoist from the Black Evil Sect looked at each other, and they both saw how bitter they were. Alas, for the next 100 years, their whole sects should be under the Luoyun Valley.

“Congratulations to the Alchemy Taoist for forming his core successfully. Now, Beihua State has claimed another Gold Core cultivator.” Both of them were very cunning. They would never get into trouble as they knew how powerful the Luoyun Valley was, so they were now offering their congratulations together.
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