Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 72: Beast Poison Pill
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 72: Beast Poison Pill

Translator: Flying Lines
He rushed to the crime scene following the restriction spell and found nothing but the body of Mo Cheng. The fact that a sect member getting killed inside the sect was indeed an earthquake in the Luoyun Valley. After all, murdering and looting within the sect happened only in the dark and never got revealed before.

Qingyun Taoist who was guarding the Alchemy Taoist showed up furiously and insisted on investigating it until the murderer was found. Yet it had already been half a year and there was still no information, so Mo Li was a bit anxious.

Qingyun Taoist’s face turned gloomy. He stopped for a second and comforted him, “The murderer must be very cunning because he didn’t leave any traces. But you don’t need to worry as I will keep it in mind and inform you as soon as there is a clue.”

Mo Li was upset but he dared not express it, so he bowed and left.

“Disciple rother, Mo Cheng got murdered first and then Chu Kuang, Wu Wanli, Di Qiu, and Di Shuai disappeared one by one. We don’t even know if they are still alive or not. Do you think it might be the Flaming Sect?” Qingyun Taoist’s face turned dark as he was indeed furious that many of his disciples had disappeared.

“As far as I am concerned, this is just so peculiar and it shouldn’t be the Flaming Sect.” the Alchemy Taoist hesitated for a bit and then shook his head slowly, “After all, the Di brothers and Wu Wanli are all strong cultivators, and they are all above 30 years old, so they are not going to the Sect Tournament so it is unnecessary to kill them. But of course, there is also a possibility that they did it on purpose to confuse us.”

Qingyun Taoist thought for a while and waved his hand, “Anyway, now that you and I are guarding the Luoyun Valley, I am don’t think there’s any meaning left in the tournament. And what matters most currently is the ceremony tomorrow. Let’s deal with the other issues after that.”

“You are absolutely right, Disciple brother.”

The two looked at each other and then closed their eyes to meditate.

“Disciple brother Duan, all the other sects came here with their monsters, and most of those monsters are extremely poisonous and dangerous. Non-sect disciples might not be able to deal with them, so could you please send out a disciple brother to help us?” Liu Tao had finally reached the 7th level of Qi Refining, was accepted by a sect master as his true disciple. But he had always been in charge of non-sect business, he continued to take this responsibility as there was no other choice.

At the moment, most people from all sects had been accommodated properly, but those monsters they brought were still big trouble, especially that flying snake from the Earth Spirit Sect, the thousand-feet centipede from the Black Evil Sect and the three giant toads from the Flaming Sect. Ordinary non-sect disciples were intimidated by their ferocity, fainting without even getting closer. Even he himself could only look at them from far away, not to mention taking care of them. But if they failed to take good care of those monsters, it would have been disrespectful to all sects. So he forced himself to come even though it was uncomfortable.

It was obvious why he came to Duan Huaming. His master was now one of the two Gold Core cultivators in the Luoyun Valley, that his reputation had risen to the top of the Luoyun Valley. After all those masters in Foundation Establishment stage had gone, he was the highest ranking disciple.

Duan Huaming frowned because this was indeed troublesome. He looked around and the people he noticed suddenly panicked and took a few steps back.

Non-sect disciples always took care of those monsters, so it would be shameful for sect disciples to do it, plus these things were extreme dangerous. That’s why no one wanted to take this job as it only led to nothing but pain.

“Disciple brother Duan, here comes the kid. Why don’t you just let him do this job?” At that moment, a disciple wearing a colorful gown who was standing next to Duan Huaming smiled and said.

Following his eyes, Duan Huaming smiled immediately and said coldly, “Shiao Chen, over here.”

Shiao Chen just arrived at the Immortal-welcoming Arena, and frowned when he heard Duan. Still he walked to him and said, “How can I help you, disciple brother Duan?”

Duan Huaming sneered, and said with a smile, “The non-sect disciples just reported that those monsters that came with all the sect members are too hard to take care of. Please follow him and deal with it. Don’t make any mistakes.”

Hearing that, Shiao Chen said with a poker face, “It’s the responsibility of the non-sect disciples to take care of those spiritual beasts, why should I do it?” While Shiao Chen was on his way, he could sense the ferocity of those monsters and he knew it was not a job he would like to take.

“Now that all the masters are gone, I am in charge of everything as the oldest disciple, are you disobeying my order?” Duan Huaming’s face suddenly turned dark, and if Shiao Chen talked back, he could embarrass him. After all, Shiao Chen was in the wrong by disobeying his order, so he didn’t need to worry about any punishment.

Shiao Chen’s eyes were frozen as a cold light shone in his eyes. Yet suddenly he looked surprised and confused for a while, then nodded, “Alright, I will do it.”

Then he left with Liu Tao.

“This man is just a coward. He dares not to offend you.”

“Exactly. If he had offended disciple brother Duan, he won’t escape severe punishment.”

“Well, he is wise this time. But even if he got away with it this time, he would never escape humiliation by disciple brother Duan in front of all the sect disciples in Beihua State.”

“Haha, that would be a great show. We shall pay close attention to it.”

Standing among them, Duan Huaming felt really good and looked at Shiao Chen with some satisfaction. How dare Shiao think of fighting him, does he want to die? And those monsters were usually very poisonous, and if this kid got killed by their poison, it would be even better.

“Why did you tell me to say yes to that job, sister? Is there a reason?” Shiao Chen walked at a very fast pace and Liu Tao followed him carefully, tried to speak many times but was stopped by Shiao’s cold face.

“Shiao Chen my little brother, there is definitely a reason when I told you to take that job. When I started to live inside of you I promised that I will repay you, and today I got the chance so I will instruct you to get a treasure.” Yu Ji’s seductive laughter echoed in his heart.

Shiao Chen was moved as it must be really an unusual treasure for Yu Ji to notice, so he asked immediately, “What treasure are you talking about? Does it have something to do with those monsters?”

“You are really very smart, my little brother. The treasure I want you to get is indeed related to those monsters.” Yu Ji giggled, but she didn’t explain what it was.

Shiao Chen asked quickly, “Then what is it? Please tell me now.”

“No hurry, little brother. I will tell you when it’s the right time. And read the spell I’m about to show you, you will understand.” After that, Shiao Chen felt that his soul moved a bit and a spell appeared.

Shiao Chen took a closer look and gasped, but he suppressed his excitement with an effort.

The Beast Poison Pill!

Refined with monster essence, blood, and poison for 7 days in a secret method, this pill was extremely toxic. The more kinds of monsters there were, the more toxic this pill would be. And once it reached a certain level, even a Gold Core cultivator would need to work really hard to recover from this poison.

With his current cultivation plus two magic weapons, even though he couldn’t reach Foundation Establishment, there would be no threats from anyone below the Gold Core stage. And even if one completed Foundation Establishment and reached the Fake Core stage, Shiao Chen still had confidence to kill him. But if it was a Gold Core cultivator, he could do nothing but die.

Therefore, refining the Beast Poison Pill was no different than getting a trump card as he could maybe survive if he fought a Gold Core cultivator.

After reading the secret method of refining the Beast Poison Pill many times, Shiao Chen couldn’t hide his smile anymore. It seemed that those monsters were a present for him.

Behind Shiao Chen, Liu Tao tried immediately to please him as he saw his face getting brighter, “How are you doing lately, disciple brother Shiao Chen? I have been focusing on my cultivation lately, and if I offended you before, please forgive me.”

Right now, Liu Tao was full of regrets. Ever since the Alchemy Taoist had successfully refined Gold Core and became the second Gold Core cultivator in the Luoyun Valley, his reputation had increased to the same level as the chief master of the sect. Same for the disciples of him, even though they had not risen in rank, ordinary sect masters treated them as peers and dared not take advantage of them with their seniority. Although Shiao Chen didn’t have a spiritual root, he was still a nominal disciple of Alchemy Taoist, so his identity and status were indeed way higher than a small disciple like him. If he were at odds Shiao Chen, Shiao could easily come up with an excuse and give him a hard time.

Especially this monster-caring thing, if Shiao made some mistakes and didn’t take good care of them, Shiao could just put all the responsibilities on Liu Tao without any chances to explain.

Shiao Chen stood still as he knew Liu Tao well. He was just a fence-sitter who fawned on those in power. He didn’t want to deal with this person because his priority at the moment was collecting what he needed for the Beast Poison Pill. Yet he came up with an idea and said, “I won’t dwell to what happened before, but you are now a non-sect manager, so I have a favor to ask of you, disciple brother.”

Liu Tao was relieved hearing Shiao Chen calling him “disciple brother”, and he clapped his chest with fawning looks all over his face, saying, “Just tell me what you want. I will do whatever I can for you.”

“There should be a person named Wang Bin in your sect, and he used to cultivate in the Spirit Herb Valley. We used to be close, so please take care of him.” Shiao Chen had been feeling guilty about Wang Bin, and he would definitely call him back if he got the opportunity in the future.

Most of the cultivators had extraordinary memories, so it only took Liu Tao a short while to recall who Wang Bin was. And he had made up his mind to give Wang Bin the easiest job. It would be even better if he could befriend Wang Bin.

“No worries, I got this.”
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