Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 69: The Bead and The Demon Bone
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 69: The Bead and The Demon Bone

Translator: Flying Lines
After one day, Shiao Chen opened his eyes and a shining light shot out, and then his eyes went back to normal. Feeling a strong spiritual power flowing inside himself, Shiao Chen nodded with satisfaction. The mediation not only replenished his blood essence but also purified his spiritual power with the help of the elixir left in his body.

When Shiao Chen just opened his eyes, the voice of Yu Ji was already ringing in his heart, “Hurry up! I’m starting to feel curious.”

Shiao Chen nodded slightly and took out something out of his pocket. It was the bead he got from Xuan Zhen with holes on both sides. This bead was very plain yet emitted a cool and refreshing sense when held it in his hand.

As he had learned a lesson from that time when he tried to cultivate the high-level Dantian Treasure, Shiao Chen bit the tip of his tongue and spit a mouthful of blood on the bead. Then his formerly rosy face turned pale again.

The blood dropped to the bead and was not absorbed immediately. Instead, it covered the bead and wreathed on it continuously. Under the blood, the formerly plain-looking bead looked very strange and evil. Yet fortunately, while Shiao Chen was constantly throwing blood refining spells, the blood slowly merged into it. The bead gradually became as soft as jade and strings of pure Buddha power came out of it as well. In Sanskrit chanting and light of Buddha, it was like there were millions of shades of Buddha rolling and reciting the Sutra with their solemn faces.

Looking at the bead, Shiao Chen slowly calmed down and cleared up all of his thoughts.

“Hmm! Just like what I expected, this bead is absolutely unusual!” Although spoken with a calm voice, Yu Ji sounded a bit surprising.

“What do you mean, my cultivator friend? Are there any secrets in this treasure?”

Yu Ji went silent for a bit and said, “If my feelings are right, the bead must be something really important to me. And if I absorb it, the wound in my soul can be relieved slightly.”

Shiao Chen was stunned and nodded afterwards. Yu Ji once saved his life, and since this bead was a benefit for her, Shiao Chen should refine it and give it to her no matter what.

The Blood Refining Scripture could be seen as the key to advanced magic weapon refining. It took blood essence as guidance, plus the catalyst of secret methods, to refine magic weapon thoroughly at a very fast speed, so that the weapon would be connected to the mind of its owner and therefore easier to use. The blood refining was very easy, but there were 9,999 spell changes. According to the book, with blood refining, one could refine any kind of magic weapon beneath Spirit Treasures. But with Shiao Chen’s cultivation at the moment, he could probably only make 200 changes maximum.

As spells were thrown out, Shiao Chen was getting more and more serious. He only used 179 spells to refine the last advanced magic weapon, but now the bead still had no reactions after he threw more than 150 spells on it. If it continues, his spiritual power and sense would be exhausted within a short period of time.

“No worries. Since I told you to keep going, I have confidence that you can do it. Just relax.” Maybe she sensed the uncertainty of Shiao Chen, Yu Ji said calmly.

Shiao Chen was quite relieved and moved even faster. Although the spells were extremely complicated, he didn’t made even one single mistake. After the 197th spell was thrown out, the calm bead suddenly changed drastically. Among the thick Buddha light, strings of dark demonic Qi emerged and the whole bead changed from its soft jade look into darkness all of a sudden. Then the Buddha power evaporated as demonic Qi came out of it, which was extremely pure.

Spell 198, Shiao Chen’s eyes went dark for a bit and the spiritual power from his Dantian was exhausted already, and there was only very little of it left inside his meridians. The demonic Qi was stronger above the bead and a roar was coming out of the rolling air.

Spell 199, Shiao Chen had used up all of his spiritual power and now his face went completely pale all of a sudden. Since his spiritual power had all vanished, the bead changed totally as well. It was stretched from a globe into a dark bone which was three inches long and one inch wide, and it was just like the bone of a finger. A string of extremely violent demonic Qi burst out of it as more roars were coming out.

Shiao Chen’s eyes went dark and he felt weak inside of his body, yet the bead was still not refined.

“Only one last spell left to finish the blood refining.” Shiao Chen’s eyes were full of craziness as his fist pounded his chest like a drum, and a stream of blood was forced out of his body.

“My blood shall be the last spell, refine it!” Shiao Chen breathed heavily as his face was full of pain. Yet his hands were still flowing like the wind, almost detached from reality. That surge of blood was split into 7 stream under the guidance of the spell and fell on that finger bone and was absorbed immediately.


The last spell fell down and the dark finger bone trembled all of a sudden. The demonic Qi on it was absorbed immediately and the whole bone was dark and matte as if a black jade absorbing all the lights.

“Yu Ji, fellow cultivator. I have finished the blood refining of this object. Please take a good look at it and see if this is what you need.” Shiao Chen asked with an effort. His breathe was messy and his face looked a bit blue.

Yu Ji paused for a bit and said again, “It is exactly what I needed.”

Hearing that, Shiao Chen’s pale face showed a little smile and he said weakly, “That’s good. I need to cultivate for a long while and you can just take it.” Shiao Chen took some spirit-nourishing pills he prepared to cope with the current situation.

The pills turned into strings of pure spiritual power and went into his vessels. Shiao Chen’s breathing calmed down, though his face still looked horrible. After all, he had lost a lot of blood essence which could not be replenished within a short time.

Yu Ji showed up beside Shiao Chen with her illusionary shadow as she took the dark finger bone and looked at the young man who was sitting there with his legs crossed. Her eyes were filled with some kind of complicated feelings and she giggled and talked to herself after a while, “A cruel mind, and yet a warm heart. Hehee... it seems that you are not a bad choice. Maybe I can really use your power...” Her voice went low slowly and her shadow was getting more and more transparent and then finally dissipated.

Five days in a row, Shiao Chen kept taking the pills and meditated. His exhausted spiritual power and divine sense gradually came back and got even stronger than before. One day, the young man who was sitting on the futon suddenly opened his closed eyes and two strings of light flashed and disappeared. However, those dark eyes looked deeper and darker now.

Exhaling a murky breath, Shiao Chen smiled bitterly. His power was still too weak. Refining one magic weapon was all it took to mess him up.
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