Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 67: Spiritual Root Snatching
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 67: Spiritual Root Snatching

Translator: Flying Lines
Since he was one of the best among the young generation attracting great attention, these people naturally knew that Senior Brother Duan Minghua was chasing Ji Yuewu, and it was said that the Chief Master allowed it as well. Yet Ji Yuewu seemed to be not interested at all as she didn’t care about him. And the way she treated Shiao Chen was pretty much like a harsh slapping on Duan Huaming’s face.

“Hmm, I have some matter to deal with as well, so please allow me to excuse myself.” Li Yuedu sneered secretly. The Chief Master had thought that Duan Huaming and Ji Yuewu could make a perfect match. Since he himself couldn’t join the competition, he would love to see Duan losing face at the moment.

After that, many people left for varied excuses and the way they looked at Duan Huaming showed quite some implication.

“Shiao Chen, on the day of the Sect ceremony, I will let you pay for what you did even if I will get the punishment!” When everyone left, Duan Huaming’s face went dark immediately and a shade of cruelty flashed through his eyes.

In the herbal garden of Elixir Valley.

Shiao Chen sat with his legs crossed. His face turned purple as the spiritual power was circulating crazily inside his body. It gradually besieged the sword qi remained inside of him, suppressed it and wrapped it to squeeze it out.


Suddenly, a string of dark light appeared at the fingertip of Shiao Chen, and it left a deep hole as big as a thumb the moment when it hit to the ground.

Shiao Chen opened his eyes slowly as a piece of grey shade flashed across them. He sneered, “What a malicious trick. Had I not forced the sword qi out of my body, my Dantian would be broken and I would be totally destroyed.”

“Guan Zhong, for today’s humiliation, I will visit Purple Sky Sect and make you pay it back in the future!”

Shiao Chen stood up abruptly and a great power suddenly burst out from his body and swept across the air.

After a while, Shiao Chen calmed down and was lost in thoughts, “Although I’ve learned so much from this trip, I still haven’t found the method to foundation establishing. And this is the top priority for me now.” Shiao Chen believed that, as long as he could establish the foundation, he could make it at least to the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment with his profound spiritual power. Also, with his overwhelming ability of alchemy, he would improve quickly on his cultivation as well.

“Right, Yu Ji is so mysterious and maybe she knows about this.” Shiao Chen had a thought and dived into the sea of his consciousness with his divine sense, “Are you there, my Taoist friend?”

After a while, Shiao Chen was still very patient and Yu Ji’s lazy and seductive voice spoke up, “I was just napping. So, what do you want from me now, little brother?”

Shiao Chen looked quite serious as he didn’t care about Yu Ji’s flirting at all. He hesitated slightly and said, “I was wondering if you know any methods to let people with no spiritual root establish the foundation.”

“No spiritual root?” Yu Ji sounded quite confused, but on a second thought, raised her voice all of a sudden, “The one with no spiritual root is you, right? No wonder, your cultivation has achieved the 15th, oh, no, the 16th level of the Qi Refining stage. I thought you still haven’t started to establish the foundation because you wanted that reward of the heaven. Never did I expect that you don’t have a spiritual root!” Yu Ji sounded very surprised.

“Little brother, can you tell me how you have cultivated to this level? And how come you have such pure power?”

Shiao Chen hesitated a bit before saying with a flat tone, “I won’t lie to you, my Taoist friend, I really don’t have spiritual root and it was all because of Master’s mercy that I could be his disciple. As for how I managed to achieve this level, I think you will realize in the future without my explanation.” Yu Ji was now staying inside of Shiao Chen’s body, so even if he didn’t tell her about the gold stamp, she would realize it in the future.

Then Shiao Chen briefly told her how he had got the gold stamp and the overwhelming alchemy ability.

“There is such a treasure in this world. Shiao Chen, my Taoist friend, can you take it out to show me?” Yu Ji sounded so surprised. Given that she had witnessed a lot, something overwhelming like the gold stamp was new to her that even her tone became quite serious.

Shiao Chen laughed bitterly and shook his head, “The gold stamp has integrated into my soul and even though I can feel its existence, I still can’t activate it. So I’m afraid I have to let you down, my Taoist friend.”

Although Yu Ji felt quite disappointed, she never felt any abnormality while living inside of Shiao Chen’s body, so she believed in that.

“Hee hee, I never thought you would have such a big luck. And I was worried that there might be no one in the mortal world that could help me refine the pill. Now I realized that maybe there is no better alchemist than you in this world.” Yu Ji giggled with her soft, sweet and seductive voice.

Shiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat but he calmed down right after a bitter smile as Yu Ji was really good at flirting. He immediately changed the topic and asked, “Since you already knew my problem, is there a chance for me to establish the foundation successfully?”

Yu Ji stopped for a while and spoke up again slowly, “A man with no spiritual root can cultivate with the power of pills and other spiritual objects, but he can never reach the Foundation Establishment level!”

Hearing that, Shiao Chen’s face suddenly darkened. So his cultivation had to stop here? How could he accept that?

“The spiritual root is just like a seed, and a cultivator’s meditation for gathering the spiritual power is like accumulating the nutrition. When it reaches a limit, the spiritual root could evolve under the nurturing of this kind of nutrition and subsequently improve a cultivator’s level. But if you don’t have a spiritual root, no matter how much you accumulate, there will never be any change to that seed.” Yu Ji’s voice sounded like she was recalling and that made Shiao Chen look even more grave.

“So there is no other option?” Shiao Chen kept asking.

“Other option?” Yu Ji was struck hearing that, and she spoke up after almost a quarter when Shiao Chen was about to ask her again, “There are millions of cultivators in the history, and there are always some masters who create their own way of cultivation. If you want to establish the foundation without a spiritual root, then there is a way. Thousands of years ago, some Demonist master created it, and it was called ‘Spiritual Root Snatching.”

“If you can find someone who has the same root and shares the same bloodline as you, and he has got a spiritual root inside, you can set a formation under my instruction to absorb all his vitality, blood, and flesh. Therefore, you might have 80% to acquire the spiritual root of him. With the spiritual root and your cultivation, it’s just like a piece of cake for you to establish the foundation.”

Same root and blood, absorbing all his vitality, blood and flesh. Shiao Chen was stunned for a bit and shook his head slowly. He was the only child of his family and had no siblings at all. But even if he had, he would never have done such an unethical thing.
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