Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 66: Humiliation from Guan Zhong
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 66: Humiliation from Guan Zhong

Translator: Flying Lines
Elder Yan and Elder Mo frowned slightly before they nodded upon hearing the words. Then they flew away like a beam of light and went forward again in the direction where Li Xiaoyi had left. Yet their voices were still around his ears from afar, “Just teach him some lessons but don’t hurt him.”

Senior Guan’s face changed slightly as he heard it, and his eyes flashed as well. He then nodded and sneered, transforming into a beam of light that rushed to the other direction rapidly.

Elder Yan and Elder Mo looked at each other, both wearing somewhat complicated look in their eyes. As the daughter of the Demons Sect, there were just so many things that their lady couldn’t control by herself. A reminding was all they could do. If that boy could become the Nascent Soul cultivator, maybe there would be some possibilities between him and their lady. But it was just like a dream for someone to cultivate into the stage of the Nascent Soul in a place like Beihua State where too few cultivating sources could be found.

They both sighed and decided to leave it aside, flying faster in their light shield.

Shiao Chen travelled by his light shield and it only took him one hour to return again to that city of ordinary people. But he didn’t want to get down this time, so he planned to fly over the city after hiding himself with a spell. Yet a quite familiar and aggressive divine sense flashed by just at that moment and locked him tightly.

Shiao Chen’s face darkened all of a sudden and his trace was revealed as he retracted his light shield. Although he saw himself as capable of competing with the cultivator in the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment, he never thought he could escape from the locking of the divine sense of a Gold Core cultivator.

A streak of black light came rapidly from the edge of the sky and it approached him immediately. Then the light vanished and Senior Brother Guan showed up with a sneering face.

“May I ask why you go and return, and now you are blocking my way?” Shiao Chen cupped his hands and said slowly.

Now his body was super tense as he would definitely fight if anything went wrong. Although he was facing a Gold Core cultivator, he would never wait for death without fighting back.

Senior Brother Guan sneered coldly and shook his head slowly, “Although I don’t know why you can have such great spiritual power when you’re still in the Qi Refining level, it makes no difference to me. It is so easy for me to kill you like I smash an ant.”

After the words, an overwhelming spiritual power soared to the sky, and everything changed drastically.

Shiao Chen bore the full brunt of the attack and his face turned pale immediately as a string of blood went down along the corner of his lips.

In this ordinary city, many ordinary people didn’t have a spiritual root at all, yet they all could sense the tyrannical power up there in the sky. Everyone trembled and collapsed to the ground.

“Today, I’m going to show you what is the difference between chalk and cheese.” Senior Brother Guan raised his hand slowly, and layers of dark light started to roll over his arm, where an earthshaking spiritual pressure gradually came out.

“Kill!” The roar coming out of his mouth echoed in the whole sky like a thunderbolt. Alongside the roar, a streak of giant and dark sword qi which was as big as thousands of meters suddenly gathered in the sky, and it went straight to Shiao Chen like crazy.


Walls, houses, pedestrians, everything under this spiritual qi was torn apart immediately and not a single trace was left. Moreover, a thousand meters long gully with unknowing depth appeared on the earth like a twisting scar.

The whole city became a hell as they had nothing to fight back while facing this kind of overwhelming sword qi.

Shiao Chen was knocked backward and spit a large mouthful of blood. His clothes were torn apart immediately as his blood gushed out of his body, and his face went extremely pale all of a sudden. The sword qi just passed by him and got him severely injured only with the side wave of it.

“It is as easy as killing those ordinary people to kill you!”

“The distance between you and me is like the distance between the sky and earth. You shall never cross it!”

“How dare you even think about being with Yi’er when you only have such a mediocre aptitude! I will spare your life today. Now, give out Yier’s identity jade and get lost!”

Senior Brother Guan was like the god from above unleashing supreme majesty. He threw a glimpse at Shiao Chen with his eyes half-closed and said coldly.

Shiao Chen kept bleeding and slightly panted, yet his eyes were full of unwillingness to give in when he looked at Guan.

“It is only because your cultivation is way much higher than mine.”

“You have a higher level of cultivation just because you started earlier than I do.”

“I can return that identity jade to you, but you should remember that one day I’m going to revenge for all the humiliation I suffered today from you!”

The unwillingness in his eyes was gradually concealed and interacted into his bones and flesh till they were inseparable. He took out the identity jade and threw it to Guan.

Senior Brother Guan took the identity jade and sneered when he saw Shiao Chen bathed in blood, “Alright, I’ll give you a chance. Remember, my name is Guan Zhong, and I am the third disciple of the Great Elder in Purple Sky Sect. If you think you are capable of doing so, just come and find me in the Purple Sky Sect in the Beihua State!”

With that, Guang Zhong sneered and disappeared immediately in the sky with his light shield.

“Guan Zhong!” Shiao Chen stared at him with his sharp eyes as if he was a wounded wolf. He murmured the name so many times as if he wanted to remember it hard.

Shiao Chen took some pills as he spat blood out of his mouth again. Then he turned around and left immediately with his blood spreading all the way.

Luoyun Valley.

Head bowed, Shiao Chen walked fast with his gloomy face. Although he had already used his spiritual power to control the wound inside, the sword qi of Guan Zhong was quite weird that it stayed in his body and kept causing damage as it wandered through the meridians. If he couldn’t get rid of it thoroughly, his body might have been left with some hidden disease.

Yet right at the moment, a group of people came along and circled four people. They smiled and tried so hard to please the four.

Shiao Chen looked up and saw they were coming towards him. Knowing that he couldn’t get away so he frowned and cupped his hands, “Greetings, Senior Brothers, Senior Sisters.”

The four people surrounded by others were the four disciples of Alchemy Taoist - Duan Huaming, Li Yuedu, Liu Yueru, and Ji Yuewu.

“Senior Brother Duan, who is this?” Just then, a tall and straight young man in beautiful clothes asked with a smile.

Duan Huaming sneered before replying slightly, “His name is Shiao Chen, the nominal disciple Master got one year ago.”

“He is Shiao Chen!”

“A piece of trash that only gets to the second level of Qi Refining, how dare he offend Senior Brother Duan! He must be looking for death!”

“Exactly. Now Senior Brother Duan has acquired the eighth level of Qi Refining, so he is the most outstanding among the young generation in Luoyun Valley. After this Sect ceremony, maybe he would take the pill and become a cultivator of the Foundation Establishment. And this kid is no match to him at all.”

“Heehee, after the Sect ceremony, Senior Brother Duan will teach him a lesson and it must be a fantastic show. We shall all remember to watch it!”

A group of outstanding disciples among the young generation in Luoyun Valley didn’t hide their despise against Shiao Chen and they kept on mocking Shiao Chen.

“Hmm, we are all from the same sect, I won’t embarrass him that much. As long as he is willing to kneel down in public at the Sect ceremony and apologize, I will let everything happened before pass,” said Duan Huaming as he waved his hand and his eyes were filled with the sneering look when he looked at Shiao Chen.

“Senior Brother Duan is so generous!”

“No wonder he is the eldest disciple of the Alchemy Taoist, he is absolutely the most outstanding one.”

“How lucky is this kid. I would definitely beat him up if I were in this case.”

Hearing that, people kept pleasing Duan with flattering words.

Shiao Chen frowned slightly and straightened up his body. He didn’t really like Duan Huaming at all, so now he didn’t need to care about saving the other party any dignity as he was acting so obviously to insult him.

“Senior Brother Duan, you don’t need to show me any mercy. Whatever lesson you’re going to teach me, I will take it all.”

Shiao Chen said it with his calm voice.


Hearing that, all felt astonished and their eyes were filled with disbelief when they looked at Shiao Chen.

“Is this kid crazy?”

“He is asking for it. The Alchemy Taoist has cultivated the Gold Core successfully and become the second Gold Core cultivator in our Luoyun Valley. This kid could get a better reputation as his disciple. But he is so blind that he provoked Senior Brother Duan, now he might face a terrible ending.”

“Exactly. The kid will definitely get a big humiliation from Senior Brother Duan on the day of the Sect ceremony.”

“He deserves it. As a loser that only gets to the second level of Qi Refining, how dare he speak boldly like that! People like him need to be educated.”

Although people never stopped sneering, there was one person who was blinking her beautiful eyes.

Ji Yuewu thought as her beautiful eyes fixed at Shiao Chen’s face, “Aren’t you going to hide it anymore? That’s good because I’m curious as well. How deep have you been hiding all this year?”

Ji Yuewu, a cultivation talent that wouldn’t be found for centuries in the Luoyun Valley. She progressed at a shockingly rapid speed this year.

“Junior Brother Shiao, Master has cultivated the Gold Core successfully, so both the Sect competition and alchemy test are put off to be held in a month on the Core Formation Ceremony of Master. I’d advise you not to plan any closed-door cultivation so as to attend the ceremony on time.”

The real number one of the younger generation in Luoyun Valley just spoke, although she didn’t have a loud voice, she was able to attract everybody’s attention. After all, with her talents, Ji Yuewu might form the Gold Core within a century. And then she could become as important as the ancestor of Luoyun Valley, so they had to treat her with respect.

“Thank you for update, Senior Sister. Shiao Chen will attend the ceremony on time in a month. I would like to leave if we don’t have anything else here,” Shiao Chen looked at this lady and cupped his hands. Then he strode away.

“Everybody, I have something to do today, so I am leaving now.” Ji Yuewu said it slightly, conjured her light shield without caring about the astonishment of others present, and disappeared immediately like a fairy in the cloud.
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