Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 65: The Identity Jade Is Her Commitmen
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 65: The Identity Jade Is Her Commitmen

Translator: Shui Li
Proofread by He Li

Li Xiaoyi ran an eye over Shiao Chen's face, and her lips could not help tilting slightly. She even didn't know why her mood was so cool.

"Elder Yan, Elder Mo, please stand up. We have already agreed that you don't have to greet me when we meet. If you do that again, I will ignore you."

They landed on the ground. Li Xiaoyi came forward and pulled the two elders up, her face displaying a naïve and ingratiating look.

The gloomy face of the two old men melted into a kind smile when they heard her words. They looked at Li kindly and affectionately.

"My dear lady, because this time you left the sect secretly, our old bones were almost torn down by the sect lord. If we hadn't found you yet, both of us would have been punished." Elder Yan touched his beard and said it with a bitter smile.

"Hump! I bet he dares not! If he dares to punish you two elders, watch me go back and pull out his beard. Then I'll run away from home and never go back!" Li Xiaoyi swore as she fiercely waved her tiny fists.

Elder Mo was touched by her words, but he waved his hands and said, "No, no, my lady, if you run around again, we two elderly men will really fall apart. Over the past half a year, we have traveled a lot to find you. We can't stand the toss any more."

As for pulling out the beard of sect master, well, it seemed that this was not the first time...

Actually, as early as two days ago, they had already found out Li Xiaoyi's traces. After learning that she was poisoned by Lust Bead, their hearts were filled with anxiety. However, at this moment, the two people found by careful observation that Li Xiaoyi was still a pure maiden and they were greatly relieved for knowing the fact. Their lady's spiritual root was of excellent quality, and Virgin Evil Power that she was practicing was the top skill of the Demons Daoism. There was no limit to her achievements in the future. However, if she ate the forbidden fruit before Nascent Soul Phase, she would not only lose a great amount of vitality, but it would be more difficult for her to cultivate in the future as well!

At this moment, the man in brocade, who had kept silent all the while, shot a glimpse of Shiao Chen's face with cold look. He said lightly, "My cousin, I don't know whom this Daoist friend is?"

Although his emotion was intangible, some chilling light flashed across his eyes. After all, he had already known that Li Xiaoyi was still a virgin with the toxin of Lust Bead, but he didn't know the stranger accompanying with her, which made him quite uncomfortable.

"Cousin Guan, he's my friend. You needn't think too much of it." Li Xiaoyi frowned slightly at his words, but then turned around and said to the two elders kindly, "Two elders, this is my Daoist friend Shiao Chen. On that day, I was sieged by the remnants of the Qingling Sect. Thanks to his help I could save my life. You should award him sincerely."

"Oh, thank you for saving our lady." The two elders nodded smilingly after exchanging a glance.

Shiao Chen tensed up all over gradually. He felt as if he had no secret and was completely seen through under the sights of two men of Gold Core Level. Fortunately, the feeling did not last for too long. They just took back their sights and nodded slightly without being noticed.

"Sicne you saved our lady, we should express our appreciation for your kindness in return. We have no idea of what you want, please never mind telling us your requirement," said Elder Yan.

Shiao Chen was stunned at the words and then shook his head, saying slightly: "The reason for saving the young lady is that she's a congenial friend and I do not intend to get any reward for it. The goodness of two predecessors is appreciated in the bottom of my heart."

Shiao Chen did not hesitate to refuse their offer, which was obviously beyond their expectation. Although they were a little stunned, they felt gratified at his words.

"What a fool you are! I give you a chance to ask for reward. Why don't you want it? No matter what kind of magic weapon, skill, medicine…these two elders will give you as long as you ask for them. How can you refuse their kindness! " Li Xiaoyi was anxious to chime in without waiting for the two elders to speak. She looked somewhat irritated at Shiao Chen's stupidity for not seizing the opportunity.

Shiao Chen teased as the warmth of her words softened his heart, "I've already received the reward. How can I be shameless to ask for more?" But just after uttering these words, he felt a little remorse in his heart.

As expected, Li Xiaoyi suddenly blushed when she heard his words. She gave him a fierce stare and then lowered her head deeply.

This situation was observed by the eyes of the people of the Demons Sect and immediately evoked different reactions.

Cousin Guan's eyebrows slightly frowned as killing light flashed through his eyes. His palms in the sleeves of his broad robes were already firmly held together.

Elder Yan and Elder Mo felt worried; somehow, their gazes towards Shiao Chen became unfathomable.

As for those disciples, they were so surprised that their mouths opened wide. They never saw that their fair lady had ever shown so shy a look. For a second, they looked at Shiao Chen with admiration, but more with jealousy.

"Well, since this Daoist friend saved our lady, we must reward you." Elder Yan drew out a several-inch-sized jade pendant from his storage bag and threw it to Shiao Chen. "This is a protective jade pendant in which a spiritual shield is sealed, which can withstand the full blow of cultivators below the Middle-phase of Gold Core. Please be careful with this weapon."

Resist blow of cultivators below the Middle-phase of Gold Core!

Shiao Chen turned to a serious face. He reached out his hands to take over the jade pendant after a little hesitation. He carefully put it in his storage bag, cupping his hands and saying, "Thanks for your kindness."

Now that Shiao Chen received his jade pendant, Elder Yan's eyebrows stretched slightly and turned to Li Xiaoyi, "My lady, Sect Lord requests us take you back to the Rolling Mountain Gate soon after we find you. Let's go now."

Li Xiaoyi hesitated slightly when she heard these words and then nodded slowly. She had almost been killed for these days out. It also made her realize that the danger of Cultivation World was far too overwhelming for her to confront with a shallow cultivation of Foundation Establishment.

"Shiao Chen, this is my Identity Jade. If you have any problem in the future, you can go to Beihua State to see me." She sent out an Identity Jade with delicate fragrance of girls. Li Xiaoyi's face got reddish and she took the lead in setting up the travelling light and flew to the sky.

Cousin Guan looked at Shiao Chen with a sneer, and the sight of gloom and darkness showed in his eyes. He then turned around and left too.

The two elders looked at each other, and shook their heads slightly. With a wave of their hands and a slight move of their feet, they led all disciples away.

In the blink of an eye, these figures disappeared out of sight.

Shiao Chen played with the Identity Jade with the girl's body temperature remaining on it. He could not help feeling a little complicated. He shook his head and sighed, then put it in the storage bag. Discerning the direction for a moment, he flew away with a flash of light quickly.


"You elders go ahead please. I have something else to do right now. I'll join you later." With that said, Cousin Guan cupped his hands to Elder Yan and Elder Mo and left the group of Demons Sect by a flash of light.
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