Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 64: The Captivating “Scenery“ at Dawn
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 64: The Captivating “Scenery“ at Dawn

Translator: Flying Lines
Later, they came to the cave. Although she held the initiative, he eventually took advantage of her. When she thought of it, Li Xiaoyi's brows were slightly wrinkled, and her face blushed with shame and indignation which then was replaced by worries.

When Xuan Zhen came for them, Xiao Chen stood up and led the crisis away without hesitation. The view of his straight back was still imprinted on her mind, hard to be forgotten even after a long time. The mixed feelings of shame and worries kept stirring her mind. "Oh…" Li Xiaoyi's curved eyebrows couldn't help but wrinkle again as she signed and finally realized that his father was so far-sighted to forbid her from going out; otherwise, there would be no such troubles.

"Just die out there. If you don't come back, then it'd be better that you asshole be killed by others." The more she waited, the more uneasy she became. Li Xiaoyi then became a little agitated by her own concern for Xiao Chen. After all, as the daughter of the Demons Sect's hierarch, who was strong-willed and merciless, how could she have such a weak thought? Come to think of it, she cursed in a low voice as if trying to mask her uneasiness.

At this moment, a slightly thin figure slowly walked in. He looked at the girl with a wry smile: "I am afraid I will let you down this time." After saying this, Xiao Chen's pale complexion was tinted by a bit of blush. The injury that was forcibly suppressed, after a long journey, finally showed signs of flaring up.

Daring not to neglect the injury, Xiao Chen sat straight down with legs crossed and swallowed several pills before he entered meditation to recuperate. Although he had changed a new set of green robe, the blood on his body still could be easily perceived. The pale complexion, the rapid breathing, and the undulating spirit pressure of the body were enough to show how badly Xiao Chen was hurt.

Li Xiaoyi's small mouth was slightly open, and her face showed a bit of worries. She walked quickly to the front of Xiao Chen and felt quite relieved after ascertaining that he was not in danger. "If it is not to save me, he won't suffer such severe injury." Li Xiaoyi bit her lip and her heart somehow ached a bit when seeing Xiao Chen's brows slightly wrinkle due to pain.

"Ai, what am I thinking about? Although the bad guy's injury is severe, he can't die yet. I will compensate him for the loss." Li Xiaoyi became a little calmer at the thought.

Sitting on the stone platform, Li Xiaoyi waited for quite a while to confirm that Xiao Chen would be okay before she slowly closed her eyes, meditating and practicing.

A man and a woman were in peace in this cave.

Three days later, mists flowed among the mountains in the dim morning light at dawn. After a night of fighting under the law of the jungle, the whole forest fell into dead silence. Looking far away, it was peace and quiet.

In the cave, Xiao Chen's tight eyelids trembled slightly, and then slowly opened, Meanwhile, two blue light flashed from his eyes before they resumed their normal color.

Instead of going out after waking up from his meditation, he closed his eyes and sensed carefully the changes in his body. After a long time, he forced a wry smile as he felt the deeper and purer spiritual power and the stronger divine sense. He didn't expect his cultivation to level up at this point.

That terrible fight, it was really a big crisis that nearly cost Xiao Chen's life. However, after that, Xiao Chen's potential was stimulated. After a serious injury, he broke up his past limits and made a breakthrough!

However, after a careful perception and examination of his inner status, he realized that he still did not reach the Foundation Establishment Period.

"The 16th level of the Qi Refining period?" Xiao Chen forced a bitter smile, then shook his head and stopped thinking about it. After all, it was a fortunate thing to make a breakthrough when he was close to the death.

Slowly opening his eyes, Xiao Chen exhaled a mouthful of foul air before he got up and looked around the cave, surprised to find that there was no sign of Li Xiaoyi .His brow cannot help but wrinkle.

"Did she already leave?" Xiao Chen felt slightly upset, then he laughed at himself. It seemed that he was so foolishly sentimental. It was already luck that the girl did not beat him when he was injured. How could he wish for more?

Shaking his head, Xiao Chen decided to leave here since much of the injury in his body had been healed. After all, it had been nearly half a month since he left sect. The assessment of the Elixir Valley and the Sect Competition were approaching. It was time to go back.

Stepping out to the entrance of the cave, Xiao Chen flashed over the mountain creeks with a glimmer of his fleeting shield. Just at the moment, the sun was rising in the east. As it jumped out of the clouds, the morning sunlight shone over the mountains, making all the blurry and misty scenery visible to the eye.

"Ah!!!!!" Sudden screams shocked Xiao Chen. When he turned around, he saw something unexpected. Li Xiaoyi was bathing in a small pond in the mountain. Xiao Chen was stunned before he blushed scarlet and turned around in a hurry.

However, in the haunting glimpse, the impressive vision of a cultivator had enabled him to see everything, not to mention that the water in the pool was extremely clear. Even though Li Xiaoyi hid most of her body in the water with her hands over chest, he saw almost everything.


Li Xiaoyi reached out. Then a new dress appeared in her hand and she instantly put it on. Then she turned red and fell on the edge of the pond.

"So… Sorry, I didn't mean it, but you can rest assured. I promise I didn't see anything."

Although Xiao Chen turned his back to Li Xiaoyi, he still could feel the sight full of shyness and indignation behind him, which made him groan inwardly.

But this explanation was tantamount to say something inverse. Xiao Chen involuntarily paused, and the atmosphere became more embarrassed. After quite a while, Li Xiaoyi snorted and flashed back into the cave.

After avoiding Xiao Chen's sight, Li Xiaoyi's face instantly became fiery red. Her face burned with heat whenever she thought of the fact that she was watched naked.

"This damn guy, wasn't him healing himself? How come he woke up at such an eary hour?" Li Xiaoyi couldn't help but grumble inwardly.

Today, she had totally recovered, but for the sake of safety, she had activated the unique jade of Demons Sect. Someone would come to pick her up at noon. She had just wanted to bathe herself and change another robe so as not to be misunderstood. But now…

Listening to the footsteps coming from behind, Li Xiaoyi hurriedly sat properly on the stone platform, and tried to put up a cold look, but some flusteredness could be seen at the bottom of the eyes.

"I... I'm sorry, I thought you had left, I didn't expect it. But you can rest assured that I will never tell anyone else what happened today!"

Li Xiaoyi looked at Xiao Chen as he made the vow, and she couldn't help but feel vexed. "Easy for you to say so. Kissed, touched, watched, you've taken all the advantage of me. It won't help a bit with your stupid vows," Li Xiaoyi said in her heart.

Xiao Chen scratched his head embarrassedly. When he saw Li Xiaoyi's sullen face, he did not know what to say. The two persons both became mute.

After one hour, when Xiao Chen was ready to speak to break the embarrassment, a number of formidable spiritual powers rushed straight here, and three of them made Xiao Chen instantly astonish. These three people turned out to be cultivators of Gold Core realm! Most of the others were at least in the middle stage of Foundation Establishment period. They did not hide their horrible power, and came with horrible momentum.

"Three Gold Core cultivators!" Xiao Chen looked grave and his tone was full of bitterness. In face of enemies at this level, he would not stand a chance.

Traces of smile flashed across Li Xiaoyi's eyes, but she didn't say anything. After she noticed the breath of the coming people, she went straight to the entrance. With a flash, she went to greet them.

Under the powerful divine sense of Gold Core realm, Xiao Chen knew that he could never hide, so he followed behind her and flew outward. However, the needle-shaped talisman in his Dantian was already ready to be unleashed as he prepared himself for a desperate fight.

Li Xiaoyi stood in the air, wearing a set of new moon white dress. Her beautiful hair hanging beside her waist, fluttered in the breeze. With her eyes half open, she naturally showed a noble aura.

Xiao Chen was just by her side, his body tight, his eyes cold, and his breath veiled. He was like giant bow pulled tight, which might lunch at any moment.

Seeing the Xiao Chen and Li Xiaoyi, the breaths of those powerful suddenly fluctuated before they speeded up and appeared in a blink of an eye.

The person in the lead was a twenty-four-year-old young man wearing a white brocade robe, his face was handsome like a jade. With his upright manner and the gentle smile on the featurely face, he exuded the air of an unparalleled childe. What was even more shocking was that at this moment, the spiritual pressure scattered from him reached the Gold Core realm. Although it was only at the beginning level, at such a young age, he was enough to attract everyone's attention.

On each side of the young man stood an old man, whose beard was grey and face gloomy, and the evil air around their bodies was tumbling, like evil spirit. At first glance, everyone would know instantly that the two old men must have killed many lives so that they could form such a scale of horror evil air. If the ordinary cultivators were fighting them, maybe their power could only release a little, 70% at most.

Behind the two old men, there were seven or eight people, most of whom were about twenty years old. Their breaths were very long, their cultivation were profound, and even the lowest one had reached the medium-stage of the Foundation Establishment period. The luster of treasures flickered on these people as they flew extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, they were just meters away from Xiao Chen and Li Xiaoyi.

"Pay our respect to Your Lady!"

Except the youth in brocade, the two old men came as the leader, led several people behind them to bow to Li Xiaoyi.

Xiao Chen's face was stiff as extreme shock overtook him. Only the sect master of Luoyun Valley had reached middle stage of Gold Core period. In Beihua State, their sect was among the outstanding ones. Compared to his sect, there were a number of small sects, whose sect masters and elders were just at the Foundation Establishment period. But now, he had seen two profound cultivators at Gold Core and a large group of others at Foundation Establishment period bow to pay respect. They even had a heartfelt awe in their faces. Seeing this, his heart was utterly stirred, difficult to calm down.

"What is the identity of Li Xiaoyi? Why the three masters of Gold Core would come here to meet her in person? Is her father the freak who is at Nascent Soul period?"

Thinking of these, Xiao Chen's face was slightly pale as layers of cold sweat dripped down his spine. If Li Xiaoyi said anything about his frivolous actions, what awaited him must be the extremely tragic end.
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