Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 63: Killing A Snob
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 63: Killing A Snob

Translator: Shui Li
Proofread by He Li

With the weakening of Yu Ji's breath, the several-feet wide dark whirlpool shrank and enlarged continuously, and the outpouring magic shadows became fewer and fewer.

"You look like a mantis trying to stop a chariot. You dare to stop me!?" Li Xun laughed wildly and infused several spiritual powers into the bead. Supported by spiritual power, suddenly, the light of the Buddha bead came out and killed all the magic shadows.


At the same time, the whirlpool suddenly trembled, then split into pieces, and disappeared rapidly, Yu Ji's breath grew weaker, and her body became more illusory.

Meanwhile, the bead suddenly flickered, falling on the top of her head, releasing bursts of Buddha light that enveloped her.

Some painful complexion emerged on Yu Ji’s face. Under the Buddha's light, bursts of evil spirits constantly sprang up from her body. Her body became more and more illusory, as if it would evaporate at any time.

Li Xun nodded with satisfaction. If he had not gotten the Buddha treasure by chance, it would have taken him a lot of efforts to clean up this ghost slave today. Now that nobody was in the way, it was time to harvest.

"Go!" An order was uttered and the red knife flickered away quickly.

Li Xun couldn't help smiling coldly. He even saw Shiao Chen's head being cut off and blood gushing from his neck. But at next moment, his face became rigid and his eyes were full of fear.

The red-fire flying knife stopped abruptly when it was three feet near Shiao Chen as if firmly bound by an invisible big hand. And Shiao Chen 's closed eyes slowly opened at this moment with two cold gleams flashing by. A majestic spiritual power rose in his body like a waking giant beast, slowly releasing its own ferocity.


Seeing this, Li Xun did not hesitate to turn around and run away. Meanwhile, he took out a few talismans from the storage bag and pasted them on his legs. The speed of his escaping increased by triple rapidly.

In Shiao Chen's eyes, some coldness flickered, and he growled, "It’s impossible for you to escape!"

In escaping, Li Xun was gripped with fear when he heard these words. He escaped faster. But at this moment, he suddenly spewed out a mouthful of blood. His face suddenly turned pale as his divine sense imprinted on the spiritual tool had been completely erased.

"This man can instantly destroy the divine sense I branded on spiritual tools, which follows that the strength of his divine sense reaches at least the late-stage of Foundation Establishment! He is far more formidable than me. I am absolutely not his opponent. I’d better run away as fast as I can!”

But right at this second, he saw a shadow suddenly flicker in front of him, only to find that Shiao Chen was blocking him.

"Daoist friend, please listen to me. I think there must be some misunderstandings between us. When I came here, I found that Daoist friend seemed to be in a coma after serious injury. I was trying to help you but I found a ghost beside you. I thought she intended to harm you, so I started to fight with her. There was absolutely no malice in my heart. My Daoist friend, please take my words.” At this moment, Li Xun, who saw no hope of escape, began to apologize repeatedly, with sincere words and a look of grievance.

Shiao Chen's mouth was slightly warped with a slight sneer. He said lightly, "Has Daoist friend finished it, then prepare to go to the hell."

On Shiao Chen's sneering, Li Xun was aware of crises. But before he had the chance to react, his body became suddenly stiff and a red dot showed up between his eyebrows. His vitality dissipated in an instant, and his body fell to the ground.

After killing this person, Shiao Chen's strong and powerful soul power instantly receded like the tide, his face suddenly becoming extremely pale. And he belched a mouthful of blood. Just now, he was at the turning-point of his recovery, but his insistence on interrupting the process of recovery and to kill the man aggravated the injury.

An embroidery-needle-like magic weapon flew into his body and disappeared totally. In Dantian, the shape of Dantian Treasure was much more illusory than before, and possibility remained that it would disappear completely after being used for several times.

Shiao Chen shook his head and he didn’t look better until he took out several pills of pills. Then he landed on the ground and put away all the storage bags of Li Xun before he turned to Yu Ji.

"Thanks for Daoist friend’s help." Shiao Chen hesitated for a while and said so sincerely. If Yu Ji hadn't bought him some time, he couldn't suppress his injury to kill Li Xun and might have been killed already.

Yu Ji looked at Shiao Chen with a slightly complicated look. After losing the spiritual power, the Buddha bead around her returned to their original insignificant appearance, floating quietly aside.

"I also have a question. Just now, my Daoist friend, you have no need to participate in the fight. As long as you put down the spiritual shield for a while, much of the injury inside your body can recover, why did you do it?"

Shiao Chen heard the words and paused for a few seconds before sincerely answering, "You did your best to protect me, how can I not spare all my efforts to help you in return? My Daoist friend, you are my savior. In the future, I will do my best to help you fulfill your long-cherished wish.”

Upon hearing that, Yu Ji smiled so gently that as if hundreds of flowers were blooming together, beautiful and fantastic. She answered with a delicate smile, "You are so smooth-tongued, little brother, that I were almost moved by you. Well, for the sake of your sweet words, I will give you something good. This Buddha bead is majestic, but that fool doesn't know how to use it. Just practice the method of blood-refining to refine it, and you will certainly get a lot of rewards.”

Yu Ji waved her hand, and the Buddha bead stopped in front of Shiao Chen, while she herself disappeared into Shiao Chen’s body after some chuckles.

Yu Ji's identity was mysterious and great. It was possible that Yu Ji was a mysterious existence that had survived from ancient times. Given by the fact that her vision was so high, and now that she attached great importance to this Buddha bead, it should be very extraordinary. Shiao Chen carefully took out a jade box from the storage bag and put the bead away. After pasting two talismans on it, Shiao Chen nodded with satisfaction.

"Now two days have passed, I still need to rush back as soon as possible. Has Li Xiaoyi’s toxin been cleaned up?" Shiao Chen frowned slightly, but his injury didn’t allow him to start immediately.

Half an hour later, a blue and red gleam flew out of the mountains and then flew far into the distance after slightly discerning the direction.

"It has been more than two days. He hasn't come back yet. Has he..." Li Xiaoyi's eyes showed some sadness, and her eyes couldn't help looking out of the cave.

Now, although she had cleaned up her body's Lust Bead toxin, much of her spiritual power had dissipated and her body was still extremely weak. Having stood for a moment, she returned to the stone platform and sat down. She looked in a trance as the figure of man involuntarily popped into her mind.

They first met in Immortal Reception House. Back then, although Shiao Chen's method of restraining Qi was extremely brilliant, she sensed the subtle fluctuation of the former's magic power through her special magic sensory weapon. She was a little curious, so she deliberately associated with him. Later, after getting along with Shiao Chen, her increasing curiosity induced by his mystique drove her increasing desire to explore more facts about him in depth. When she was in a panic, she chose to go to Shiao Chen unconsciously. After that, although she was nearly rendered unconscious by the Lust Bead, she roughly sensed the development of the matter. She felt somewhat stirred and complicated when she thought of Shiao Chen confronting with Xuan Zhen to save her.
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