Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 61: Heavily Injured
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 61: Heavily Injured

Translator: Flying Lines
Though Xuan Zhen had demonized and nearly lost his mind, when Shiao Chen suddenly turned back and attacked, Xuan Zhen stopped with his little remaining instinct. However, just for a second, he was taken over again. Roars came out of his mouth and a palm covered with blazing fires went directly to Shiao Chen's chest.

"Bang!" Shiao Chen struck back, and his fist went through the coming fire and arrived at Xuan Zhen's chest. A shining golden light burst like a sun and then went out of control immediately when his fist met the chest.

Sharp senses of sword were sensed in the burst. The power brought about by the fist was extremely sharp that it seemed to be unstoppable. It was not until the fist went directly through Xuan Zhen's chest in the end that it gradually disappeared.

An extremely miserable cry was uttered from Xuan Zhen's mouth, nearly half of Xuan Zhen's body was torn apart by sharp senses of sword. However, it was the remaining Demon Qi haunting over his wounds that kept him alive, which unexpectedly made him more furious. A dark black hand fell as his emotion changed. However, Shiao Chen managed to lean his body and got the attack received by his shoulder. Sounds of fractures came one after another. However, black lights burst suddenly from his shoulder, defensing him from most of the attack. Still almost half of his bones and meridians went into pieces at once. Shiao Chen couldn't help squirting blood from his mouth and his body was thrown far away backwards by the power.

"Nut! You are totally insane. You should dare to fight with a demonized cultivator in such a close distance. If it were not for my support, you would be smashed into pieces! It doesn't matter if you want to die, but do not include me in your death plan unconsciously! I'm in you and I want to live!" A frightened and angry voice arose in Shiao Chen's head after the narrow escape. However, the voice was to some extent weak.

Shiao Chen now was suffering from an extremely weak condition with his travelling light shield trembled. It seemed that the light shield would disappear at any time. However, if the light shield was gone, he would fall from dozens of meters above the ground and definitely be a dead body as he was heavily injured now.

"Good to know you have awakened. However, I didn't expect to see you awake in such a condition. It seems that it's a huge mistake for you to choose me as your host. I'm sorry about the current situation, but I don't have spare power to remove the contract between you and me now. I wish I could live again and compensate you." Shiao Chen blacked out with the sunken shoulder. Blood oozed from his eyes, nose and mouth. His arms were twisted and hung over his body. He was now immersed in his own blood and seemed to be extremely weak.

Yu Ji silenced for a while after hearing his words before her voice rose again, "Death? How could it possible! I've been through endless trials and tribulations. How could I finally die because of the little cultivator at Foundation Establishment!"

Shiao Chen couldn't help being optimistic and was eager to know her answer, "Friend, could it be that you actually know how to survive the current situation? If I'm lucky enough to escape death today, I swear by inner demon to help you return to your heyday. And I won't eat my words!"

"There are two pieces of Dantian treasures in your storage bag. One is flying needle, and another is flying sword. I'll teach you incantations. After you have personalized the treasure with your blood, you can use them to escape." After finishing her words, Yu Ji couldn't help letting out a sign stealthily.

It was not the first time that she came to herself. Earlier in the Fairy Reception House, she regained consciousness without being noticed by Shiao Chen and since then she had been observing him in the dark.

Shiao Chen had saved Li Xiaoyi outside the town, fought with two cultivators at Foundation Establishment at the same time, killed one of them with his wisdom, and finally managed to escape.

In addition, faced with the seduction of an extremely beautiful woman in the cave, he remained composed and even succeeded in leading Xuan Zhen there independently to protect Li Xiaoyi.

What was more, though chances for survival were rare, instead of being panic, he turned around and tried everything to fought for the slightest chance to survive.

And now, he was in great danger and about to die. However, he still thought of removing the contract between him and her to let her go.

Though no words came out form Yu Ji's mouth, her impression on Shiao Chen was gradually changed as time went by.

However, all these were not even noticed by Shiao Chen. Now he was trying hard to remember the words occurred to his head. Fortunately, the method was not hard and in just seconds, Shiao Chen had already mastered it.

Managing to keep conscious, Shiao Chen fetched a jade box out from his storage bag and right inside the box there were two pieces of talismans with simple strokes. He took up the flying needle, which was bought at Small Cliff Market and sprayed a mouth of essence and blood onto it. After all these had been done, Shiao Chen's face got extremely pale and later his vision gradually blurred. Shiao Chen's body had reached far beyond its limits. It was his indomitable will that kept his body standing and dragged his body here.

His parents were still alive. How could he be so stone-hearted to let them experience the tragedy of losing their loved son!

As for himself, he had gained incredible rare treasures and was about to embark on the cultivation road smoothly. How could he be willing to die before he had reached the summit of cultivation!

Though numerous thoughts, especially the scene when he was cared about by parents, flashed across Shiao Chen's mind in just seconds, in the end, only Ji Yuewu's sad eyes and Li Xiaoyi's struggling in the cave lingered.

"I can't die! How could I die!" Furious anger arose, which cleared Shiao Chen's mind for seconds. He tried to gather himself up and performed several hand-seals in a row on the flying needle Dantian treasure.

The essence and blood on the treasure was totally absorbed after the performance of hand-seals. The talisman suddenly burst into flames and a decimeter-level needle appeared out from the fire.

Though it was with an extremely small size, powerful pressure was imposed. Seeming to be awed by the pressure, though standing far away, Xuan Zhen started to escape immediately.

"Speedy!" Shiao Chen had invoked the last remaining power in his body to control the needle. It was seen that the fleeing figure of Xuan Zhen suddenly stopped and the demon Qi around him shook before he fell directly to the ground. If looking at Xuan Zhen carefully, one could find two little red spots between his eyebrows and on the back of his head. It seemed that the needle went through his head and smashed his divine sense.

Ensuring Xuan Zhen's death, Shiao Chen relaxed and then totally blacked out with his head heading to the ground.

Suddenly, a faint ghost of an extremely beauty appeared and lifted Shiao Chen to ensure a soft landing by just a wave of hand.

Looking at Shiao Chen with complex feelings, Yu Ji signed slightly and gradually disappeared.

It ached so badly!

Not only Shiao Chen's body but also his divine ached heavily with any single slight movement. The pain was so sharp that he nearly blacked out again.

Shiao Chen managed to open his eyes. It was dark and seemed to be at midnight. He struggled to sit by himself with legs crossed. However, his back was attached with weeds by dried blood. A sudden move of separating them was like tearing skins apart from his body, which caused stabbing pain.

Shiao Chen gasped and forced a bitter smile after checking inside his body with his divine sense. Nearly half of his bones were smashed into ashes. Meridians were torn apart. Dantian was drained. All in all, his body was a total mess. If it were not for the weak efficacy released deep down the bone marrow, he would definitely die. Lucky enough, he ate pills like candies in normal times and now the accumulated efficacy that was originally not absorbed was able to save him a life.
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