Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 59: Fighting Enemy with Talisman
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 59: Fighting Enemy with Talisman

Translator: Flying Lines
TL: There is no chapter 58 in the original work so I decided to follow with the numbering of the chapters to avoid any future confusion.

"Son of a bitch, where did you hide the little witch, be quick and tell me the place, maybe I will consider showing you mercy!" However, when he came closer, despair struck him since he found nothing in Shiao Chen's arms. He had chased after Shiao Chen's spirit flow instantly without a second thought. He moved in a rush.

If Li Xiaoyi successfully escaped this time, what he had planned would be totally ruined. All he could do left was to wait for his death even if he might manage to kill Shiao Chen.

"Haha, you old thing, you won't get what you want. Li Xiaoyi has run away when you are after me. Even I now have no idea where she went." Shiao Chen sneered at him deliberately in a loud voice.

"You…, you…" Xuan Zhen nearly blacked out. His spirits almost went out of control all of a sudden and blood sprang to his head due to a sudden violent emotion change, which turned his eyes red. "Little bastard, even though I'm going to die, I'd like to torture you when I'm still able to. I'd like to pull your tendons out and skin every inch of you. I'd like you to beg me for killing you!" Vicious words kept popping out from Xuan Zhen's mouth. Shiao Chen was a little bit astonished and chilled to sense the deep hatred borne in Xuan Zhen's words. However, now he had no other choice but to continue irritating Xuan Zhen, for Xuan Zhen was such a sophisticated man that he would know after a second thought the loopholes with his words.

"Heihei, you're just boasting. Catch up with me first if you want to kill me! Let me see what you get!"

"Little bastard, go to hell!" Without any doubt, Xuan Zhen got even more furious, which could be told from his spirit fluctuations. And his speed got even faster.

Shiao Chen was shocked to see that the distance between him and Xuan Zhen was shortened to just around 60 meters in just blinks.

"Where are you going, little bastard!" Suddenly, Xuan Zhen cast a hand-seal and a giant hand of spirit power went directly forward.

Sensing the arising goose bumps, Shiao Chen took out dozens of talismans without hesitation. Various kinds of talismans including fireball, water needle and restraint talismans were involved. He just input his spirit power in and threw all of them out.




Dozens of talismans were burnt at the same time and the power released thereby was great enough to horrify Xuan Zhen, who was forced to slow down and the giant spirit hand vanished the second it met the released power.

Gaining several seconds, Shiao Chen took the chance immediately and ran away swiftly. All of a sudden, the distance between them was now widened to around 333 meters long.

A sense of fury came across Xuan Zhen's face and he continued his chasing.

The two ran and chased. Every time when the distance was less than 60 meters, Shiao Chen would take out a handful of talismans and threw them backwards. The talismans were with complex drawings. An explosion of them together at a same time released a great power that did stop Xuan Zhen's chasing each time. And the distance would be widened again.

After the distance was shortened and widened for several times, Xuan Zhen lost his patience and was really irritated by the situation, but he didn't have any solution to it. The killing intent in his eyes was more and more evident as time went by and one could even sense the intent without looking at him.

Half a day later in a lush mountain forest, two lights flashed across one after another in a rather fast speed. They were just ten meters above the ground. Huge wind waves swept the forest as they went by.

Shiao Chen took several spirit-nourishing pills out from his storage bag again and swallowed them all at once. A bitter smile sprawled his face since apart from that had been used in the Desolate Mountains, he had run out of around a thousand pieces of low-grade talismans that he traded in the Small Cliff Market in such a short period. All he left were just few high-grade ones.

Sensing Xuan Zhen was getting ever closer, Shiao Chen got serious and managed a cold smile.

"Hmm, what's wrong? How come the little bastard not throwing talismans?" When Xuan Zhen was just 60 meters away from Shiao Chen, he slowed down by instinct but unexpectedly no talismans came to him. He was just wondering what happened.

Along the way, talismans taken out by Shiao Chen never seemed to be run out of. The number of the talismans by a rough calculation would be no less than a thousand pieces. Though these were low-grade ones, they all together still costed a large sum of spirit stones. Xuan Zhen even guessed that Shiao Chen might be a core disciple of a huge Sect.

"This little bastard has so many low-grade talismans. There are definitely high-grade ones in his hands, but he didn't use them. What's his hidden intention?" With a second thought, Xuan Zhen gradually slowed down and didn't go further.

"The old thing is indeed very cunning. However, despite his slyness, he is not going to be the winner as usual." Having identified Xuan Zhen's misgivings, Shiao Chen immediately got corresponding countermeasures.

After a while, Shiao Chen looked back frequently and seemed to be flurried. What was more, even his spirit flows were out of control.

"Could it be that the little bastard is actually helpless rather than playing dumb?" Xuan Zhen went further and observed Shiao Chen carefully.

Not surprisingly, he saw hidden happiness in Shiao Chen's eyes. Though it was not evident, but Xuan Zhen still identified it.

"The little bastard really does plot something. However, this kind of plotting is not enough to deceive me." Sneering at Shiao Chen in his heart, Xuan Zhen performed a hand-seal stealthily and gradually came to Shiao Chen.

"Haha, old thing, go to hell!" Shiao Chen kept looking back and suddenly threw three talismans backwards when Xuan Zhen was just 30 meters to him. Though the talismans hadn't burnt yet, the hidden violent spirit flows did reveal the possible power.

Xuan Zhen suddenly concentrated and couldn't help being scared. The power released by the three talismans was nearly the same as a full attack made by a cultivator at middle-stage of Foundation Establishment. Fortunately, these talismans were not exploded immediately, or else he would be definitely heavily damaged.

"What a cunning bastard! He first pretends to be driven into a corner to make me less cautious, but later he would heavily wound me unexpectedly. And then he could escape without a slight hesitancy! However, I've been travelling around for many years. The little bastard is no match for me in terms of experience and wisdom!" With a cold smile, Xuan Zhen practiced the completed hand-seals immediately and his torus appeared again and became a larger circle with a radius about one and a half meters. He himself was totally guarded by the circle.




The three talismans exploded and numerous water vapor were generated. However, the vapor suddenly changed into thin water needles about 3cm long. All these needles went backwards to Xuan Zhen.

High-level water needle talisman!

With sustained sounds of hits on the torus by water needles, the torus's light flickered and it quaked.

Xuan Zhen hastily input his spirits in the torus and finally stabilized it.

"Little bastard, what else do you get!" After water needles vanished, Xuan Zhen held his torus in hands and said to Shiao Chen with a ferocious smile. He walked further step by step towards Shiao Chen, who stood still and seemed to be petrified.

Hearing this, Shiao Chen seemed to have just come to himself. His fear was so evident that you could see it from his face. And now he was caught fleeing.
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