Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 58: Restrain the Desire and Lure the Enemy Away
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 58: Restrain the Desire and Lure the Enemy Away

Translator: Flying Lines
“Hum, you’re courting death!” With a flash of Fleeing Light on his body, Shiao Chen was about to fly over the ravine when an odd bird over three meters in size shot out.

Huge as it was, it had no spirit nor any sign of intelligence and could only attack by use of its physical power. Shiao Chen raised his hand up to summon a current of Spiritual Sword Energy that forced the bird down into the bottom of the ravine. He didn’t kill it.

Though without any sign of intelligence, the bird now had realized the threats from Shiao Chen. Therefore, it uttered a sharp cry in pain and dejectedly fled away with no turning back.

“Um, there’s nothing. So how did that odd bird come here?” Then Shiao Chen slightly blinked his eyes and gathered his spirits on his eyes, ambiguously locating a cave under vines.

“Without careful observation, it’s hard to find out this cave. So it is a really good place to hide up.” Shiao Chen let the Fleeing Light out and cleared away the vines with Li Xiaoyi in his arms into the cave.

Then, Shiao Chen took out numbers of talismans from his storage bag and cast them into the cave walls after infusing in his spirits. In a minute, talismans glittered as they flew along the wall, then faded out. With that done, Shiao Chen nodded, “With the restriction preventing spiritual waves from leaking out, it will be long time before Xuan Zhen finds us.”

The cave was over ten meters long and three meters high, the first part on the way being wet enough to have moss growing there, but the path after that becoming extremely dry and fresh. Getting deeper into the cave, he saw a round stone table in ten feet size covered with clean dry grass. It must have been the nest for that odd bird.

Li Xiaoyi was put on the dry grass, who was twisting with her face heating and reddening, her jawline looking extremely soft. At the moment she was exuding a feeling of extreme temptation with the jade hair belt on her head unstuck and her thick hair spreading round her waist.

A sudden dryness in throat overtook Shiao Chen, who was flustered to remove his eyes away and forced a wry smile as he struggled to remain clam. When he came into inner peace, Shiao Chen fetched numbers of pills from his storage bag, stuffed them into his mouth and entered meditation. Crisis hadn’t been released now yet and Xuan Zhen was likely to find their hiding cave in no time. Only restoring himself back to his peak condition within the shortest time could help Shiao Chen earn a chance to fight Xuan Zhen.

While Shiao Chen was absorbing and assimilating pills, a current of domineering spirit approached and forced Shiao Chen to open his eyes in a sudden, his face looking quite serious. A look of determination flashed through Xiao Chen’s eyes as he stated at Li Xiaoyi who was constantly moaning. ‘If we were found, then all I could do is to fight, with all my might.”

Floating in the air and looking extremely sullen, Xuan Zhen unleashed his divine sense at the late-stage of Foundation Establishment without reservation and scanned the barren mountain. Just moments ago, he lost track of Shiao Chen and Li Xiaoyi.

“Shit! Little bastard can’t run away too far with that demon girl. They must be hiding in somewhere.” Xuan Zhen searched the mountain with his sharp eyes, but found nothing.

“Bastard, I know you are here! When I dig you out, both of you, your bones will absolutely be ground to dust, your souls taken out to nurture my soul and you will never be able to have an afterlife!” His malice laden voice was so thunderous that it scared away all living creatures in the mountain.

Hearing that, Shiao Chen looked at ease on his face as Xuan Zhen seemed not to know where they holed up at all. Nevertheless, he still felt frightened and stayed alert in his mind because he learned from that shouts full of hatreds that he and Xuan Zhen were now at daggers drawn, which made his previous intention to hide till the latter lost patience out of the question.

“You old thing! No one knows who the winner will be if you really push me too far!” Traces of fierceness flashed across his eyes but all of a sudden, his mind went blank when a hot charming body attached to him from behind.

Li Xiaoyi had unknowingly walked close to him, and with her face going red, her small mouth slightly opened, warm and sweet breaths tickled Xiao Chen’s neck. Perhaps Body Shift Spell didn’t work because Shiao Chen could feel clearly the seductive, soft and creamy thing upon Li Xiaoyi’s bosoms when she clung to his back.

Right now, Li Xiaoyi was breathing out heavily and she felt muddled because her body seemed to be burning so strongly that she wanted to tear apart her clothes. But now, the manly smell from Shiao Chen, like ice in summer, was an unparalleled temptation to Li Xiaoyi, constantly nursing her desire to integrate herself into his body.

“Kiss me! Kiss me!” The scholar robe had been ripped half as Li Xiaoyi’s wiggled, revealing a white sheet of skin and a small bellyband as white as the moonlight.

Unwittingly, Shiao Chen came to his sense and felt a cherry mouth of softness and temptation kissing him at a venture, and one of his hands was unexpectedly and willfully squeezing the soft things upon Li Xiaoyi’s bosoms.


The fire of desire burning deep inside his heart completely drawn out, Shiao Chen suddenly stretched out his hands to grip that coquettish girl in his arms more tightly and kissed that charming lips. Immediately the sweet and gentle water like vintage wines special for Immortals flowed into his mouth, his hands up and down on her.

At the moment, Li Xiaoyi was producing an astonished charm and temptation from head to toe, even the scent of her body could arouse the desire hidden deep inside men’s heart to the greatest extent. With his eyes burning and his breath becoming heavier, Shiao Chen forcefully split the last piece of clothes left on Li Xiaoyi’s body and threw them on the ground. Instantly a delicate, slender body bright and fair as warm polished jade was present to him.

But at this moment, Shiao Chen surprisingly stopped what he was doing to Li Xiaoyi and looked right into the latter’s eyes where struggle, shame and indignation were displayed. Then the burning fire of sexual passion in his head entirely vanished.

“How could I do this to her! Li Xiaoyi asked for my help because she trusts me. If I really do it, then I will be worse than a monster!” A look of self-accusing showed up and then Shiao Chen took out a bright blue robe from his storage bag to cover up that slender body of great enchantment.

Then, having taken a deep breath and cooled his emotions down, Shiao Chen took out a jade bottle from that storage bag again and the rich fragrance of pills burst into the air the moment he removed the restriction of the bottle.

“My friend, I didn’t mean to offend you. Please forgive me. The pill I got by chance could help to guard against outer demons and lift people’s spirits to become clear-minded, and so it may help you out.” In Shiao Chen’s hand was one of the seven Demon-Repelling Pills he obtained from where Yu Ji had been sealed.

No matter how precious the pill was, Shiao Chen still had no hesitation in taking it out to Li Xiaoyi because of his guilty conscience and shame.

Shiao Chen then reached out his hand and held on to Li Xiaoyi’s shoulder to help her swallow the Demon-repelling Pill.

Demon-repelling Pill, the magic pill of ancient times, deserved its reputation and shortly after eating it, Li Xiaoyi seemed clearer in her eyes when the pill started working. And with a complicated glance to Shiao Chen, Li Xiaoyi then closed her eyes to begin her integration with the pill slowly.

Shiao Chen froze at the glance and seemed embarrassed. Then he stood up and walked to somewhere not far away to enter meditation with legs crossed.

Hours later, Shiao Chen promptly opened his eyes with a change of contenance as he just sensed a forceful spiritual pressure moving toward them now.

Li Xiaoyi also opened her eyes which met Shiao Chen’s before they immediately turned their head away. The atmosphere was awkward indeed.

Right now, Shiao Chen had restored his spirits and divine sense to almost full strength, so he stood up and walked out of the cave after a minute of hesitation.

“Where are you going?” Li Xiaoyi couldn’t hold back her question, sounding like orioles singing out of the valley, fresh and pleasant.

After her last word fell, Li Xiaoyi blushed.

Hearing what Li Xiaoyi questioned, Shiao Chen came to his sense and tried his best to make himself look much calmer as he replied: “Apparently, Xuan Zhen is searching the mountain inch by inch, and I’m afraid that the restriction I have set could not escape from his careful survey.” Then he paused to throw a glimpse at Li Xiaoyi and sounded a little bit heavy: “You just stay here to recuperate yourself; and if I can’t come back here in three days, you shall leave at once.” Finishing his words, Shiao Chen headed out without looking back.

Li Xiaoyi opened her mouth but failed to utter a word. Watching the tall and straight figure of Shiao Chen, Li Xiaoyi gradually showed up some complicated emotions in her eyes.

Right now, Xuan Zhen stayed less than ten meters high above the ground, and the divine sense broke out of his body to scan the mountain, leaving nothing to chance. A hint of anxiety rose up on his mind because it had been four hours since the track of Shiao Chen and Li Xiaoyi vanished.

“Does that little bastard have a treasure to cover up their smell and he has taken that little demon to somewhere safe?” Thinking of that, Xuan Zhen seemed extremely overcast with anger. If he didn’t succeed in this action, the endless chasing from Demon Sect might be what he had to confront with in future. His face turned paler upon the possibility.

“You little bastard! Without your interference, I must have engaged in the sex with that little demon, avenging myself and prolonging my life, even entering the stage of Gold Core! Shit! Damn it!” Xuan Zhen ground his teeth as ferociousness glimmered in his eyes, and his intense hatred for Shiao Chen had been stuck into his bones.

All of a sudden, Xuan Zhen stopped to look into the distance with surprise in his eyes, “Bastard, you finally show up! This time I swear to torture you thousands of times and kill you with my knife piece by piece!”

While speaking, Xuan Zhen had disappeared in the air shortly after a constant shining of Fleeing Light on his body.

Not until Shiao Chen summoned out Fleeing Light and then stopped at a place in the opposite direction to where Li Xiaoyi stayed did he reveal his spirits, and flew with all his might.

As expected, a powerful breath popped up in a distance and followed him closely in an insane manner right after Shiao Chen exposed himself.

Shiao Chen was stunned to wonder what pill that old thing had swallowed that could really empower him to speed up much faster than before. But it was not the right time to think further. Shiao Chen had to operate his spirits inside his body and then fetched seven or eight Wind-riding Talismans from his storage bag to pat them all onto his legs, which enormously speeded up the Fleeing Light around him.

The game of pursuing and escaping began and both Shiao Chen and Xuan Zhen had pushed to their extremes. However, after all Xuan Zhen had entered the late-stage of Foundation Establishment and his speed to fly was much faster than Shiao Chen’s, the distance between them gradually narrowed into tens of meters from hundreds of meters.
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