Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 57: Setting Up Traps and Killing Enemies
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 57: Setting Up Traps and Killing Enemies

Translator: Flying Lines
"Though he hides his cultivation level, the man could at most be at Foundation Establishment, for if not, he would kill us instead. So, …" A sense of viciousness flashed across Xuan Zhen's eyes. Today's action was a last resort. If they still couldn't make it and kill the little witch, protection offered by the mysterious man would be invalidated. At that time, he would have no other choice but to die under unremitting hunting by Demons Sect!

"As a righteous cultivator, how should you abandon your belief and befriend the little witch, a demon cultivator! I'll kill you both for the good of all." Xuan Zhen released all his power with a ferocious face.

"Nephew Ziyang, how about we two joining hands together and killing this man as soon as we can!" After his suggestion, Xuan Zhen called out the sliver torus again. This time, without hesitation, he frantically input all his spirit power in the torus, for fear that uncertainties might arise since the man's cultivation was unknown. As the inputted spirit power grew, the torus buzzed, glowed, and finally expanded into a large circle several meters wide.


The torus with great power went directly to the direction Xuan Zhen pointed at all at once.

At the same time, not to be outdone, the middle-aged man also took his spirit tool out and attacked Shiao Chen.

Wang Ziyang got excited on hearing Xuan Zhen's suggestion. He couldn't wait to attack Shiao Chen with a small gold axe by muttering incantations in his mouth.

Shiao Chen became serious. He was startled to see what Xuan Zhen and the middle-aged man got. If it were not for his strong divine sense, his power would be reduced by half under the enormous pressure posed by them. Though caught by their attacks from both sides, Shiao Chen remained composed and called out a little dark black sword by a quick tap on his forehead.

The sword was gained from Black Ghost. Though it wasn't a high-grade spirit tool, it was with power comparable to that of a normal top-grade.


Nearly 30% of Shiao Chen's spirit power was inputted and shiny black lights arose around the little sword. It suddenly grew bigger and bigger and a sharp sense of sword leaked out from it.


The six meters long and one-meter wide sword pierced the air and went swiftly to its target.


Shiao Chen blacked out with a buzz in his ears after the crash between his sword and the torus. Though his cultivation was comparable to that of a cultivator at early stage of Foundation Establishment and his divine sense late stage, there were still little chances for him to win in terms of pure cultivation.

However, there were no time for other thoughts now, for the attacks were coming.

"One Finger Devourer!"

Shiao Chen uttered a rather low voice due to discomfort since another 40% of his power was used.

A sparkling and crystal-clear finger conjured up by spirit appeared. Since its appearance, spirits in the air were soon attracted and collected by it. The finger grew as spirits increased. And the pressure posed by its power was ever greater.

"What a strange power! If we leave it alone and let it grow, we would definitely be greatly damaged." Wang Ziyang was astonished and later fear came to him since the power of the finger was more than three times than that before.


With a thought in Wang Ziyang's heart, a sudden bright light came out of his spirit tool. It gained its speed immediately and collided with the finger.


Another discomfort voice was uttered by Shiao Chen as blood was shed from his mouth. Previous crash between his spirit tool and that of Xuan Zhen's had already damaged his viscera. What was worse, to fight with Wang Ziyang's spirit tool, the finger was generated by him in a rush. Now his face got pale as he was wounded again.

"Go to hell!" Hearing Shiao Chen's discomfort voice, Wang Ziyang was overwhelmed by joy and continued his attack.

"Now!" A red light flashed across Shiao Chen's eyes and he activated Soul-stabbing Awl immediately.

Wang Ziyang's face changed upon Shiao Chen's move. A sense of crisis arose in his heart. However, before he could do anything, he had already been stung by the awl.


Blood was ejected from Wang Ziyang's mouth and nose along with a scream since he suffered from a sudden divine sense shock. His body shook and fell to the ground directly.

"Nephew Ziyang!" Xuan Zhen exclaimed and went to Wang Ziyang in a fast speed trying to catch his body for if Wang Ziyang fell from where he stood, tens of meters high in the air, he would definitely die!

The spirit tool, One Finger Devourer, and Soul-stabbing Awl were all he got. All these were unexpectedly used by Shiao Chen in a row to kill Wang Ziyang. Because if the two both at Foundation Establishment cooperated with each other, he would inevitably die. Thus, Wang Ziyang must die.

"Humph!" Shiao Chen's face got extremely pale since more than half of his spirit power and divine sense were consumed. However, he took out a high-grade Fire Explosive Talisman without hesitation despite his wounded body and threw it to Wang Ziyang after inputting spirit power into it.

"No!" Not far away, Xuan Zhen shouted in a sad voice. Wang Ziyang was one of the few remaining direct disciples of Qingling Sect. In addition, he was with a rather high cultivation level, Foundation Establishment. The loss of him made Xuan Zhen's heart ache.

The power of the talisman was comparable to an attack released by a cultivator at Foundation Establishment. When the attack was initiated, Wang Ziyang was conscious but unable to fully control the spirit power within his body since his divine sense was messed up. He managed to open a spirit shield but the shield was easily destroyed. He then was frightened to see the attack coming to him and finally reach him.

Soundlessly, Wang Ziyang was devoured by fire. One storage bag and one spirit tool fell thereby.

Leaving the fallen treasures alone without even sparing a glance back, Shiao Chen turned around, held Li Xiaoyi in his arms, and fled as far as he could.

"Little bastard, today I will pull your soul out, refine your spirit, and end your road to samsara."

Xuan Zhen's face twisted with a sense of viciousness. The original benign face with rosy cheeks was now gone. His heart was filled with killing intents.

"Pack up the belongings of your Uncle Master, go back to the encampment and wait for me. I'll come to you after I've killed them two." After issuing an order, Xuan Zhen went tens of meters away in just a few breaths.

During Xuan Zhen's swift move, Shiao Chen took in several pills and got better after absorbing them. However, the damage of his divine sense couldn't be restored overnight. He now suffered from a bad headache and could even saw stars dancing before his eyes.

Biting the tip of his tongue with force, Shiao Chen came to himself all at once and couldn't help complaining the situating in his heart after sensing the coming powerful force behind his back, "Sooner or later, the power would reach me if nothing was done. I need to do something to save myself. Now I have no other choice but to get down to the ground and hide myself by taking advantage of the geography of the barren mountain." After a quick view of the mountain, Shiao Chen descended directly.

Where he landed was a shallow mountain stream, around seven to eight meters deep. The mountainside beside the stream was sprawled with vines, right on which fist-size green fruits hang. Water gurgled across. Not far away from there was a low-lying part which was actually a pool. The water of the pool was so clear that you can see the bottom. Right inside it there were several carefree grass carp.

Nevertheless, it was not the right time to appreciate the beautiful scenery. With a rough scan, Shiao Chen went forward swiftly.
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