Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 56: Li Affected by Lust Bead and Shiao Being Eloquen
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 56: Li Affected by Lust Bead and Shiao Being Eloquen

Translator: Flying Lines
"Oh, no!" A scream came out from Li Xiaoyi's mouth as the pink gases went directly through the spirit shield and into his body freely.

A complex mix of feelings including tingling, itch, and feebleness struck Li Xiaoyi. These unprecedented sensations gave him a flushed face and tearful eyes. What was more, his spirit power even flowed with his emotion changes and his figure swayed in the air.

"Lust Bead! It's unexpected that this treasure would be used! Move now, and there are high chances for us to kill the little witch this time!" The old man was overwhelmed by the surprise and thought they were close to victory if the treasure was really the Lust Bead.

The Lust Bead was the most valuable treasure of the Lust Sect, one of the eight evil Sects. It was designed for cultivators. Once affected, cultivators' power would be greatly reduced and the affected cultivators would feel nothing but sexual passions. If the cultivators were unlucky to be overwhelmed by the lust, they would lose their virginity and even be indulged in lust until death came upon them.

"The little witch has been practicing the Yin Scripture and she would suffer from great damages if she losses her virginity before Nascent Soul. And the man who gains her first night would have 80% of her cultivation. If I were the man, I would gain an extra life of 30 years and chances for me to get through to the Gold Core would be increased to 60%." Xuan Zhen got excited by the possibility and then shouted, "Move!”

Powerful spirit power was released by Xuan Zhen along with the words and he went directly towards Li Xiaoyi in a light.

After Xuan Zhen, Wang Ziyang stopped hiding his cultivation and he turned out to be at early-stage of Foundation Establishment. He also followed Xuan Zhen's path in a light. In just seconds, several spirit waves occurred for the same purpose and went to the same direction one after another.

The giant dragon roared and turned High Priest into minced meat and blood rain. With a flash, it uttered a sad cry and shrank back to its original form, a spirit tool. Since Li Xiaoyi was affected, and her cultivation was sealed to level seven of Qi Refining, she didn't have enough cultivation to maintain the dragon form of her spirit tool.

"Little witch, your Demons Sect once killed hundreds of disciples of our Qingling Sect. Now, it's time for revenge. Blood will have blood!" Xuan Zhen shouted in a rage. Yet, his cunningness and fright were hidden. He stopped tens of meters away from Li Xiaoyi and performed several hand-seals in just a wave.

Xuan Zhen's cultivation was revealed along with the wave and he turned out to be at late-stage of Foundation Establishment. Along with his move, strong power was released.

Li Xiaoyi's face got even paler. Since she was now affected by the Lust Bead, she would definitely lose once confronted with Xuan Zhen, a cultivator at Foundation Establishment. She had never heard of Qingling Sect before, but her father did exterminate lots of Sects which might include this man's. He came here for revenge. If she was in good condition, with the help of top spirit tools, she could even fight late-stage of Foundation Establishment. However, she was weak and unable to well control her body. Rumors about the Lust Bead suddenly came to her. She got extremely pale thinking of her fate once she was captured by these people.

"I've practiced Disguise Scripture. How did he know my real identity?" Li Xiaoyi wondered. However, several attacks stopped her thoughts.

With great efforts, Li Xiaoyi managed to input her spirit power in the folding fan and threw it towards Xuan Zhen. The fan became a little dark black ape. It was with short and small fore limbs and sturdy hindquarters. It now raised on its hind legs with its red frightening eyes open. Seeing the attacks, it got excited and spouted light yellow smokes to wrap and eat them. Taking the spirit power in, it became more vivid with several sounds of joy.

"Spirit devouring monster, black ape!" A sense of fear appeared in Xuan Zhen's eyes. He was apparently frightened by the ape. However, he gradually came to himself, "Little witch, if you have brought the monster itself here, we may have no alternative but leave. However, now it is just a phantom sealed in the spirit tool. I won't be stopped by merely a phantom!"

With a cold smile, Xuan Zhen slapped his forehead and there came a sliver torus in the size of a grown-up's fist.

"Go!" Along with the shout, the torus grew larger quickly against the wind and turned into a circle with at least a three-meter radius in seconds. It was with strong power as you could tell from the spirit flows and went directly to the ape in a rather fast speed.

"Nephews, let's move together and help Brother Xuan Zhen kill the little witch." Wang Ziyang roared in a loud voice and took the lead in waving his spirit tool towards Li Xiaoyi.

Several people around him heard his words and took out their spirit tools without hesitation. Though these people were not with high cultivation since the most powerful one among them was just at level eight of Qi Refining, their attacks together at the same time could also be a big trouble.

"Moo!" A cattle-like deep roar came out from the ape's mouth. It stopped the coming spirit tools with yellow lights released by its mouth. However, it was just a sealed phantom and only had less than ten percent of the power possessed by its physical body. Though coming attacks were stopped, it shook violently with a burst of miserable roars. At the same time, Li Xiaoyi was rather anxious as her face became enchanting with the loss of spirit power.

"Black ape phantom, explode!"

Though much unwilling, Li Xiaoyi still shouted to explode the tool.

The ape changed completely with the words. Its dark hair turned red instantly and the already red eyes grew redder. His eyes were now like pools of thick blood, nearly liquefied.

"Jesus, retreat!" Xuan Zhen's face changed upon the situation, called back his spirit tool, and retreated swiftly backwards in a light.


Though he reacted quickly, the explosion speed of the ape was still beyond his imagination. Mighty power approached his back, which turned his face pale and his blood spat.

His fellows were now even more miserable. Except Wang Ziyang who narrowly escape the explosion, others failed to get their spirit tools back. The dark ferocious spirit power arising from the explosion invalidated their spirit tools and damaged their divine senses. Lights around spirits tools were now gone. The tools fell directly to the ground and stayed still after several gentle bounces.

"Poof! Poof! Poof!"

Since spirits tools nurtured by their divine senses were greatly damaged, these people couldn't help squirting blood and were dispirited quickly. Two of them even blacked out and died after they fell to the ground.

Though several people were heavily damaged by the explosion, Xuan Zhen, whose level was at late-stage of Foundation Establishment didn't suffer from substantial damages. Plus, there was still a cultivator at early-stage of Foundation Establishment, Wang Ziyang, out there. Apparently, chances for Li Xiaoyi to win were rare. What was worse, she found that she was falling into a coma after the explosion. Now she subconsciously headed to a direction and blacked out after seeing a fuzzy figure.

Seeing the flushed face in his arms, Shiao Chen was surprised to know Li Xiaoyi was actually a girl from their conversations.

"No wonder she is not accustomed to drinking wine. She is a girl!" Shiao Chen touched his nose out of embarrassment and managed to lift corners of his mouth. Though he saw through the fact that she was a cultivator, he had no idea she was a girl. Now troubles came to him since she fell into his arms.

Lifting his head, Shiao Chen locked the coming two people with a cold face.

"Littler bastard, it is you…" A sense of ferocity arose on Wang Ziyang's face. However, his speech was stopped by Xuan Zhen with a wave of hand.

"Little brother, the one you are holding is a demon cultivator who has done all kinds of evil things. How about handing her over to us?" With hidden intention, Xuan Zhen took two steps forward and spoke in a sincere attitude. Shiao Chen frowned upon these words. He was reluctant to fight with a cultivator at Foundation Establishment if possible. However, the girl in his arms came to him and totally blacked out after seeing him for she trusted him. Now if he handed her over for personal benefits, he would definitely be haunted by inner demons, which might pose numerous hindrances in his way to a higher cultivation.

Making up his mind, Shiao Chen raised his head and glanced at the two lightly, "I'd like to see what you’ll do to me if I refuse your proposal!" Powerful strength burst from Shiao Chen's body.

Though the enemy was at late-stage of Foundation Establishment, he hadn't fought yet and it was still unknown who would win!

"A cultivator." Xuan Zhen was startled and felt strange since the power released by Shiao Chen was at Foundation Establishment while his cultivation told from his appearance was just Qi Refining.

"You got be kidding me! It's impossible for a cultivator at Qi Refining to release power of Foundation Establishment."

"Is it because that this man hides his real cultivation?" Xuan Zhen was astonished by his speculation and then observed Shiao Chen carefully. Still, he was unable to see through Shiao Chen's real cultivation and therefore misgivings arose.

"Friend, I'm Xuan Zhen from the righteous Qingling Sect. This girl is a demon cultivator who is related to the extermination of my Sect. How about you staying out of my revenge today?" Xuan Zhen came near as he spoke with power at late-stage of Foundation Establishment totally released.

"Righteous Sects?" Shiao Chen lifted his head and sneered at them, "You seemed to have hidden yourselves when gangsters came."

"Previously, you turned a deaf ear to the massacre of common people by an evil cultivator."

"Now, you take advantage of her perilous state and bully the weak."

"Hehe, well, well, you claimed you were from a righteous Sect. However, what you've done was not as forthright as a demon cultivator." Xuan Zhen turned pale hearing the accusations. Shiao Chen's words were like a slap on his face, stopping him from justifying himself.
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