Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 55: Lust Bead
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 55: Lust Bead

Translator: Flying Lines
"My little cuties. Go and enjoy your feast." A vicious smile gradually sprawled High Priest's face. He waved the flag suddenly with force and extremely cold eyes. Ghosts inside the dark flag all fought their way out and went directly to the queue.

"Help! Monsters!"

"Ghosts! Run! They knew evil magic!"

"Please spare my life, your immortal! Please! I beg you! We didn't mean to be offensive."

However, no matter how badly they begged, as long as they were caught by ghosts, they were just so overwhelmed with grief and pain that they hardly wished to live. They screamed and their faces were twisted.

"Uncle Master, let's help them. This man is apparently an evil cultivator. There's no way for us to stand by!" The youngster mentioned it again with eagerness and angry eyes. Wang Ziyang's eyes turned cold on hearing the words and said indifferently, "We are here just to kill the little witch. Be prudent in expressing your opinion, Nephew Zhang Yi." Now Wang Ziyang was considerate and composed. One could hardly imagine that just one day before, he got exasperated and acted in an innocent way.

"Brother Ziyang is right. Don't move. Lives of just hundreds can't be compared to the fulfillment of our revenge plan. Stay still. It's no big deal and I will kill the evil man for their revenge after I kill the little witch. And do remember in your hearts that killing the little witch is to save millions of common people. Weigh one thing against the other and you can clearly see which one matters!" Xuan Zhen rebuked them ruthlessly with a sullen face.

"Hem, jackasses with useless soft hearts! If it were not for the great efforts invested in training you since young, I wouldn't bother to care! Hem, after I kill the little witch, I would pass the buck and hold you accountable. It's time for you to pay me back for my upbringing." The old suddenly became vicious and exchanged glances with Wang Ziyang. However, he soon resumed a cold face.

"Having women as nourishment! Flag with ferocious ghosts in! Evil cultivator!" Shiao Chen became serious and said word by word with cold eyes. A killing intent grew rapidly within his heart.

However, a man acted in a faster speed.

"You are such a scum. It's a shame to have you among our cultivators. Now I'm taking your life!" Li Xiaoyi's face flushed with rage. Her eyes got cold and in just a blink she showed in front of the queue with a shining spirit tool in her hand. The tool then went directly to the High Priest.

"Cultivator!" Surprised by Li Xiaoyi's appearance, High Priest got panic and by instinct took out a spun gold handkerchief to defend himself.


The loud sound manifested that Li Xiaoyi's tool was with a rather high grade. Judging from its performance, it would be of top grade. Apparently, the handkerchief was no match for it. After a sharp jangle, the lights of the handkerchief were dispersed and the handkerchief fell to the ground directly.

Cold sweat burst out and after-event fear occurred to High Priest. If the attack were with 30% more strength, he would be a dead body now. Black lights flashed across his body and he retreated backwards in a rather fast speed.

"What's your name, friend? There seems to be no history between us. Why you attacked me all of a sudden?"

"Hem, you want to sacrifice hundreds of lives for your own selfish desire. I won't agree!" Li Xiaoyi's face got cold. She threw the spirit tool in the air and it turned into a dragon around sixteen meters with horns in the head and no feet under its belly. It then winded its way to High Priest.

Shaping was one of the exclusive powers of magic weapons. Since the spirit tool became a dragon, it meant that the spirit tool topped the top-grade tools and its power was comparable to that of low-grade magic weapons.

Now Li Xiaoyi attacked with rage. All her cultivation burst out completely, indicating that she reached the beginning stage of Foundation Establishment. She would even be able to fight with those who were two levels higher than him with the tool in hand.

Seeing Li Xiaoyi fought with all his power, High Priest was startled and rather scared.

"Ghost Streamer, explode!" Confronted with emergencies, High Priest was rather determined and exploded the spirit tool without hesitation even though it was nurtured by his divine sense.

The streamer was one of the best-known treasures among ghost cultivators. The original materials that made the flag were not precious at all. However, as the holder's cultivation grew and the number of detained ghosts increased, it could be upgraded with new materials and would be of enormous power. Legend had it that a nonesuch master of diabolism once bred his Ghost Streamer with millions of ghosts that could fill the sky in just a wave.

Though the flag nurtured by High priest was not good enough, still its explosion caused great damages.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Scary faces broke one after another with creepy shrieks and turned into fine Yin Qi that swept all over.

Since his spirit tool was totally destroyed, High Priest suffered from severe damage to his divine sense and spitted blood immediately. However, he was able to escape from the deadly attack with the streamer’s counterattack.

"We can talk, friend. There's no need to fight with me for several mortals. You would gain a generous reward if you show me mercy." High Priest got pale. He was merely at level seven of Qi Refining. Though he was equipped with several treasures stolen from the Sect, he would finally be killed by Li Xiaoyi. Thus, he kept begging for mercy now.

Li Xiaoyi's face also got slightly pale. The explosion was of great power and left him with a tight chest.

"Cut the crap. Today I must kill you here!"

Li Xiaoyi became impatient since the two attacks he initiated were dodged. Inputting strength several times more powerful than before, the tool was turned into a dragon more than 33 meters long after a rather low howl. It roared to High Priest as if it were alive and tried to swallow High Priest with its mouth wide open.

"Even though I would die eventually, you need to pay enough price for my death!" High Priest was cornered and became furious. He took a pink round bead out from his storage bag, "The others don't know who you really are, but I do. You can't fool me. Since you are determined to kill me, I wouldn't let you end up well."

With a sense of viciousness flashing in High Priest's eyes, he threw the bead away muttering some incantations.

"Lust Bead, explode! Explode! Explode!"


Along with the sound, the pink ball burst open and pink gases with a sweet smell were diffused instantly.

Most of the pink gases went swiftly to Li Xiaoyi and began to wrap her. And the rest continued its diffusion among crowds.

"Lust Bead!" Li Xiaoyi's face changed greatly, his eyes full of fright. Obviously, he heard of the ball before.

Retreating backwards swiftly, he kept performing hand-seals. Saffron lights were released by an inconspicuous jade pendant on him as it swayed, protecting him in an all-round way.
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